1-st International export exhibition-fair "Made in Uzbekistan 2018"

The 1-st International export exhibition-fair of industrial goods “Made in Uzbekistan 2018” will take place on dates between November 27 and November 30, 2018 in Pavilions №№3, 4, Atrium hall №2 and outdoors of  “Uzexpocenter” NEC JSS. It will organized by the Ministry of Foreign Trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Chamber of Commerce and Industry and “Uzexpocenter”  NEC JSS together with republican ministries, departments and organizations.

The aims and objectives of the exhibition-fair are to demonstrate the export-oriented industrial products of domestic enterprises, increase the country's export potential and promote the competitiveness of domestic products, as well as establish sustainable and long-term cooperation with foreign partners.

The representatives of leading foreign companies - potential importers of domestic industrial products, experts and specialists of foreign economic activity plan to attend the exhibition-fair.

The exhibition-fair displays goods and products of all sectors of the economy: buses, cars, auto parts. household appliances, elevators, transformers, machine tools, bearings, panel house layout, windows, doors, building materials, plates and stone products, radiators, heaters, furniture, shelving, carpets, home textiles, leather and haberdashery products, fabrics, cosmetics, food, etc.

Among the exhibitors are such companies as LLC "ARTEL ENGINEERING AND MANAGEMENT", State Enterprise "Navoi MMC", LLC "DSK BINOKOR", JSC "Uznefteprodukt", LLC "UZKIMYOIMPEKS", JSC "Uzmetkombinat", PE "SAM FERRE", JV JSC "UZKABEL", Chirchik Transformer Plant, LLC SPA "ELXOLDING", JV LLC "BEKTEMIR METALL KONSTRUKSIYALARI", Ozelectroapparat-Electroshield, FE LLC "Toshelectroapparat", Small businesses’ and Private entrepreneurship’s  Export Promotion  Fund under National Bank of Uzbekistan,  JSC "Ozbekiston Temir Yollari", Almalyk MMC, Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan , JV LLC "JV MAN AUTO-UZBEKISTAN", LLC "SAMAVTO", JV "METAL-POLIMER TECHNOLOGIES", LLC "UZTELMASH", LLC "TOSHKENT LAK BO'YOQ ZAVODI", LLC CCI "GAMMA COLOR SERVICE", LLC  "UzKORAM ",  LLC “MASTER HOLOD ", LLC "ASU Trading Group ",  LLC "OSCAR FURNITURE", LLC "DIGITAL GOODS", LLC "GLOBAL TRADE", LLC  "THE BEST PRODUCT ", JSC "Uzagrosanoatholding", PE "BENCH", Association "Uzcharmsanoat", LLC "GOLD HOME TEX" and others.

Details on website:

Telephones for information: + (99871) 238-56-00/26/41.


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Welcome to the Exhibition-Fair "Made in Uzbekistan 2018"!

Uzbek-Emirates business forum

The Uzbek-Emirates business forum took place in Tashkent on 3 October within the visit of the delegation of business circles of Abu Dhabi led by Ibrahim Al-Mahmoud, deputy chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the UAE.

The purpose of these events is to discuss the prospects for development of trade and economic cooperation between the two countries and to familiarize the business community of Abu Dhabi with the economic and investment potential of Uzbekistan.
The event was attended by representatives of the business community of Abu Dhabi engaged in health care, construction, education, information technology, insurance, banking, oil and gas, agriculture, as well as companies planning to invest in the economy of the republic.

The business forum was opened by the Chairman of the CCI of Uzbekistan Adham Ikramov. In his speech, he noted that the United Arab Emirates is one of the important partners of Uzbekistan in the field of trade and investment, and one of the first countries to establish diplomatic relations with Uzbekistan. Today, cooperation between our countries in many areas is developing intensively. Of course, an important part of bilateral relations is trade and economic cooperation, which is developing rapidly. Since the beginning of 2018. to date, business trips of managers of more than 60 emirates companies to Uzbekistan have taken place for bilateral negotiations with partners from Uzbekistan.

“I am convinced that the current forum will create additional opportunities for businessmen from the UAE to become more familiar with the trade and economic potential of Uzbekistan, and following the results of the bilateral meetings, agreements on the implementation of mutually beneficial projects will be reached,” said the head of the CCI of Uzbekistan.

The delegation of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the United Arab Emirates includes more than 40 representatives of such companies as VPS Healhcare, Vision Investment Services Co, International Holdings Company PJSC and others specializing in education, health, information technology, investment, agriculture farming and fishing, production of building materials, the banking sector. Also in the delegation were members of the Board of Directors of the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the UAE Business Women’s Council.

The UAE delegations presented presentations demonstrating the trade and economic potential of the republic, investment opportunities in such sectors as tourism, hydrocarbon production and processing, in-depth processing, harvesting and export of agricultural and food products.

In his speech, the Deputy Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the United Arab Emirates, Ibrahim Al-Mahmoud, praised the positive changes in the economic life of the country, especially the improvement in the investment climate and infrastructure, the creation of free economic zones for foreign investment.

“The priority areas of cooperation are the oil industry, agriculture, tourism, investment, transport and logistics,” said the Deputy Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the United Arab Emirates

It should be noted that due to the efforts of the parties in the first half of the year, the volume of trade between Uzbekistan and the UAE increased by 22.1%, reaching US$82.4 million. At the same time, the growth of exports of Uzbek products to the UAE market was 16.4%, in which increase in the share of enterprises in the regions and regions of Uzbekistan.

If we talk about investment cooperation between the business circles of the two countries, it should be said that since the beginning of this year, 10 enterprises with UAE capital were registered in Uzbekistan, which is 2 times more than the same period in 2017, reaching only 91 enterprises.

The above indicators are the results of the ongoing reforms in Uzbekistan to further liberalize the economy and ensure its openness. The country is carrying out comprehensive work to increase the investment attractiveness of the country, in particular, fundamentally new approaches in the area of currency regulation have been reviewed and formulated, the banking and financial system has been strengthened, the tax burden on business has been reduced, proposals have been prepared for introducing additional benefits and preferences for investors, including within the framework of the newly created free economic zones.

Following the results of the business forum, a number of bilateral documents in the areas of commercial and residential construction, renewable energy and investment cooperation was signed.


In accordance with the tasks identified in the "Strategy of Actions on Five priority directions of development of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2017-2021 years", have been carried out fundamentally and qualitatively new reforms in order to liberalize the economy, as well as to develop foreign trade and economic relations with foreign countries.
In order to inform the business community of foreign countries about large-scale reforms aimed to ensure openness of the economy and create a favorable investment climate in the country, the State Committee for Investment of the Republic of Uzbekistan jointly with the Khokimiyat of the Jizzakh region initiated the «First International Investment Forum» on Investment and Trade-Economic Potential of the Jizzakh region.
The Jizzakh region has a convenient geographical location with a population of 1.3 million people. The formation of GRP is dominated by the provision of services (43%), production of agricultural products and their processing (35%), industry (14%), and construction (8%). The Jizzakh region is rich in mineral and raw materials base with 30 mineral deposits (marble, onyx, cement, zinc, marble limestone, facing stone, barite, gypsum, basalt and others).
On the territory of the region, there have been newly established 2 free economic zones where participants are granted with tax and customs privileges from 3 to 10 years. Promising industries are the production of building materials, household appliances, automotive, textile, pharmaceutical industry, processing of oil products, processing of agricultural products.
I. Dates and venue.
The Investment Forum will be held at the administrative building of the Directorate of the Free Economic Zone " Jizzakh" on August 29-30, 2018 (the program of the Forum is attached).
II. Organizers.
The organizers of the Jizzakh International Investment Forum are the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Investments, the Khokimiyat of the Jizzakh region, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan abroad, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan.

III. Purpose of the event.
Familiarization of business societies and representatives of international organizations accredited in Uzbekistan with the state of social and economic development of the Jizzakh region, measures taken to improve the investment climate, and created favorable conditions and preferences for foreign investors and local business entities.
IV. Main tasks.
- wide informing of business societies of foreign countries, potential investors about measures taken to improve the business and investment climate in Uzbekistan, including in Jizzakh region.
- presentation of advantageous projects to potential investors that will be jointly realized with Uzbek companies;
- presentation of successfully operating foreign companies and joint ventures in Jizzakh region and exploring the possibility of expanding their activities;
- designing new projects with representatives of donor and international financial organizations, financing of joint projects, discussing the possibilities for developing mutual investment cooperation;
- achievement of concrete results and agreements between enterprises of Uzbekistan and foreign countries to attract foreign direct investment to the Jizzakh region.
V. Main activities.
The Jizzakh International Investment Forum will consist of:
- the plenary session, within the framework of which is planned the speech of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan, chairman of the State Committee for investment, Khokim of the Jizzakh region, and the Chairman of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan. The goal is to familiarize potential foreign investors with the trade, economic and investment potential of the Jizzakh region, as well as measures taken for the state support of foreign investors;
- thematic sectional meetings, within the framework of which is planned the presentation of the guides and experts of the sectoral ministries and departments of the Republic of Uzbekistan concerning the state of development in (1) agricultural, (2) industrial, (3) social and (4) tourism sector and the presentation of promising investment projects on above mentioned areas.
Cooperation Exchange (in the format "B2G" and "B2B") and an exhibition of products produced within the Jizzakh region and exploring the tourism potential. The goal is to presenting the export and tourist attractiveness of the region, establishing mutually beneficial contracts, developing partnership between business society of Uzbekistan and foreign countries.
Visiting enterprises.  potential foreign and domestic investors will be able to visit successful joint ventures established with foreign partners, as well as companies offering joint projects for implementation.
VI. Participants.
The total number of participant is 200 people, foreign guests (out of total) - 100 people.
- profile ministries and departments of the Republic of Uzbekistan and foreign states;
- Representatives of the Khokimiyat of the Jizzakh region;
- potential foreign investors and donors, business societies of foreign countries;
- representatives of diplomatic missions accredited in Uzbekistan;
- representatives of international organizations and financial and credit institutions;
- leading regional and global mass media;

VII. Language of the event.
The working language is mixed: Russian and English (with simultaneous interpretation).
VII. Financing.
Entrance to all events of the Jizzakh International Investment Forum is free of charge. Foreign participants are provided with free transportation services. Meals are organized at the expense of the inviting party. Travel (to Tashkent from foreign country) and accommodation - at the expense of the Forum participants' own funds.
At the same time, at the request of the participants, a free transfer will be organized in the direction of Tashkent- Jizzakh -Tashkent.

To register for the event, please click on the link below until August 10:
For additional questions, please contact us at +998909096331 or by e-mail:

Запущена система оформления и выдачи электронных въездных виз (

С 15 июля 2018 года Постановлением Президента Республики Узбекистан №3836 от 4 июля 2018 года «О дальнейших мерах по оптимизации порядка въезда иностранных граждан в Республику Узбекистан» введена система оформления и выдачи электронных въездных виз для пребывания в Узбекистане в туристических целях.
Данная система в соответствии с Положением об электронной въездной визе Республики Узбекистан предусматривает отмену процедуры обязательного обращения иностранных граждан в дипломатические представительства, консульские учреждения Республики Узбекистан за рубежом для оформления въездной туристической визы.
Электронная виза выдается иностранному гражданину для однократного пребывания на территории Республики Узбекистан сроком на 30 дней.
Электронная виза является действительной в течение 90 дней со дня её выдачи. 
Срок рассмотрения обращения на оформление и выдачу электронной визы составляет два рабочих дня без учета дня подачи обращения.
Выданная электронная виза направляется на адрес электронной почты иностранного гражданина, указанный при подаче обращения на официальный веб-портал системы «».
Подача обращения на оформление электронной визы осуществляется не менее чем за три рабочих дня до намечаемой даты поездки в Республику Узбекистан.
Размер консульского сбора за рассмотрение обращения о выдаче электронной въездной визы - 20 долларов США.
Оплата осуществляется в электронном виде посредством международных платежных систем. 
В случае отказа в выдаче электронной визы сумма консульского сбора возврату не подлежит.
Электронная виза не вклеивается в проездной документ (паспорт). При прохождении пункта пропуска через границу иностранный гражданин предоставляет электронную визу в бумажном или электронном виде.

Shavkat Mirziyoyev Emomali Rahmon bilan uchrashdi

O‘zbekiston Prezidenti Shavkat Mirziyoyev 6 iyul kuni Ostona shahrida Tojikiston Prezidenti Emomali Rahmon bilan uchrashdi. Uchrashuvda mamlakatlarimiz o‘rtasidagi hamkorlikni rivojlantirish masalalari muhokama qilindi.


29 апрель куни мамлакатимиз ижтимоий-сиёсий ҳаётида яна бир муҳим воқеа рўй беради - Президент Шавкат Мирзиёевнинг таклифига биноан, Туркия Республикаси Президенти Режеп Таййип Эрдўғон уч кунлик давлат ташрифи билан Ўзбекистонга келади.

Бу Анқаранинг мамлакатимиз билан муносабатларни ривожлантиришга катта эътибор бераётганидан далолатдир.

Энг аввало шуни алоҳида таъкидлаш керакки, Туркия Ўзбекистон мустақиллигини биринчилар қаторида тан олган эди. Икки халқ умумий кўп асрлик тарихи, тили ва дини, қадриятлари ҳамда муштарак урф-одат ва анъаналари билан бир-бирига чамбарчас боғланган. Мамлакатларимиз ўртасидаги ана шундай асослар ва дўстона ришталар устига қурилган муносабатлар бугунги кунларда изчил мустаҳкамланиб бормоқда.

2017 йил май ойида Пекиндаги “Бир макон, бир йўл” халқаро форуми чоғида Ўзбекистон ва Туркия Президентларининг учрашуви бўлиб ўтган эди. Шавкат Мирзиёев ва Режеп Таййип Эрдўғон ўша йилнинг 10 сентябрида Остонада бўлиб ўтган Ислом ҳамкорлик ташкилотининг фан ва технологиялар бўйича саммити доирасида ишончли мулоқотни давом эттирдилар. Шунингдек, икки давлат раҳбарлари сентябрь ойида Бирлашган Миллатлар Ташкилоти Бош Ассамблеясининг 72-сессияси доирасида учрашдилар. 

Мамлакатимиз Президентининг 2017 йил октябрида Туркияга буюрган давлат ташрифи ўтган йилдаги икки томонлама муносабатлардаги асосий воқеа бўлди. Ушбу ташриф чоғида икки мамлакат етакчилари Ўзбекистон – Туркия ҳамкорлигининг ҳозирги ҳолати ва истиқболларини муфассал муҳокама қилганлари баробарида тарихда биринчи марта имзолашган Қўшма баёнот ўзаро ҳамкорликнинг стратегик шериклик даражасига олиб чиқилишини мустаҳкамлаган энг муҳим ҳужжат бўлиб қолди. Шунингдек, томонлар турли соҳалардаги ўзаро алоқаларни ривожлантириш бўйича 20 дан зиёд битимларни имзолашди.

Икки мамлакат нуфузли делегацияларининг ўзаро ташрифлари ҳамда мунтазам равишда ўтказиладиган учрашув ва бизнес-форумлар кейинги пайтларда ўзаро муносабатлар тобора чуқурлашиб бораётганидан далолат беради. Масалан, 2017 йил ноябрь ойида Самарқандда бўлиб ўтган халқаро конференция доирасида Ўзбекистон Президенти Туркия иқтисодиёт вазири Нихат Зейбекчини қабул қилди. Жорий йил 27 март куни Тошкентда бўлиб ўтган Афғонистон бўйича халқаро конференцияда иштирок этган Туркия Республикаси ташқи ишлар вазири Мевлут Чавушўғлу ҳам давлатимиз раҳбари томонидан қабул қилинди.

Парламентлараро алоқалар мамлакатларимиз ўртасидаги ҳамкорликни мустаҳкамлашда муҳим ўрин эгаллайди. Ўтган йилнинг октябрида Ўзбекистон Олий Мажлисининг Туркия Республикаси Буюк Миллат Мажлиси билан ҳамкорлик бўйича парламентлараро гуруҳи тузилди. Мамлакатимиз Сенати раисининг биринчи ўринбосари С.Сафоев ушбу гуруҳга бошчилик қилмоқда.

Шу ўринда Сенат раиси Н.Йўлдошев бошчилигидаги Олий Мажлис делегацияси 2017 йил ноябрида Осиё парламент ассамблеяси Ижроия кенгашининг 2-мажлиси ва 10-ялпи сессиясида иштирок этиш учун Истамбул ва Анқарага борганини қайд этиш жоиздир. Ташриф чоғида Туркия Буюк Миллат Мажлиси спикери Исмоил Қаҳрамон билан учрашув бўлиб ўтди.  

2018 йил март ойида Туркия парламентининг “Туркия – Ўзбекистон” парламентлараро дўстлик гуруҳи раиси Ҳайдар Али Йилдиз  бошчилигидаги  Туркия  Республикаси  Буюк Миллат Мажлиси делегациясининг мамлакатимизга ташрифи бу йўналишдаги яна бир муҳим воқеа бўлди. Унинг доирасида Олий Мажлис Сенати ва Қонунчилик палатаси, Туризмни ривожлантириш давлат қўмитаси, Инвестициялар бўйича давлат қўмитаси раҳбарияти билан учрашувлар, Ўзбекистон Савдо-саноат палатасида мазкур делегация таркибидаги Туркия ишбилармон доиралари вакиллари иштирокида давра суҳбати бўлиб ўтди.

Икки мамлакат муносабатларида ўзаро манфаатли савдо-иқтисодий ҳамкорликка алоҳида эътибор қаратилмоқда. Туркия Ўзбекистоннинг йирик ва муҳим савдо шерикларидан бири ҳисобланади. Сўнгги йил мобайнида ўзаро товар алмашиш ҳажмлари сезиларли даражада ўсгани ҳолда улар 1,5 миллиард АҚШ долларини ташкил этгани ҳам бу фикрни тасдиқлайди.

Рангли металлар ва улардан тайёрланадиган буюмлар, пахта толаси ҳамда калава, мева-сабзавот маҳсулотлари, хизматлар, азот ўғитлари, нефтни қайта ишлашдан олинган маҳсулотлар мамлакатимизнинг Туркияга асосий экспорти бандларини ташкил этади. Ўз навбатида, мамлакатимиз пардоз-андоз буюмлари, турли механик ва электрон ускуналар, пластмасса ва улардан тайёрланадиган маҳсулотлар, тўқимачилик, кимё, фармацевтика маҳсулотлари, тери ошлаш ва бўяш воситаларини импорт қилади.

Савдо-иқтисодий ҳамкорлик бўйича ҳукуматлараро комиссия ҳамда Ер усти юк ташувлари тўғрисидаги келишувларга мувофиқ тузилган Халқаро автомобиль ташувлари масалалари бўйича қўшма комиссия бу йўналишдаги алоқаларнинг мустаҳкамланишига салмоқли ҳисса қўшмоқда. Ҳукуматлараро комиссиянинг сўнгги йиғилиши 2017 йил май ойида Тошкентда, қўшма комиссиянинг 4-йиғилиши эса 2016 йил Истамбулда бўлиб ўтган эди.

Ўзбекистонда 1993 йилдан буён ваколатхонаси фаолият кўрсатаётган Туркия ҳамкорлик ва мувофиқлаштириш агентлиги (ТИКА) саъй-ҳаракатлари ҳам юқори баҳога лойиқдир. Ўтган давр мобайнида ушбу агентлик тиббиёт ва таълим муассасаларининг моддий-техникавий базасини модернизациялаш, қишлоқ хўжалиги ҳамда кичик ва ўрта бизнесни ривожлантиришга йўналтирилган лойиҳаларнинг ҳаётга тадбиқ этилишида фаол қатнашди. 2017 йилга қадар бўлган даврда Туркия ҳамкорлик ва мувофиқлаштириш агентлиги томонидан бу мақсадларга 30 миллион доллардан зиёд маблағ ажратилди.  

Бугунги кунда шитоб билан ўсиб бораётган маданий-гуманитар алоқалар ҳам Ўзбекистон – Туркия муносабатларининг ажралмас қисми ҳисобланади. 2016 йил июнь ойида Анқарада Ўзбекистон маданияти кунлари бўлиб ўтди, сентябрь ойида эса ўзбек рассомлари Бодрумдаги Ҳайкалтарош ва рассомлар XIV халқаро симпозиумида иштирок этдилар. Ўша йилнинг ўзида Санъат галереясида ўн кун давомида санъат мухлислари эътиборини ўзига жалб этган ўзбек рассомлари асарларининг кўргазмаси Истамбул маданий ҳаётидаги ёрқин воқеа бўлди.  

Шуни ҳам қайд этиш жоизки, бу соҳада мамлакатларимиз ўртасида ўзгармас бўлиб қолган анъаналар мавжуддир. Турк санъат усталарининг Самарқандда ўтказиладиган “Шарқ тароналари” Халқаро мусиқа фестивалида мунтазам иштирок этиши, Туркия Давлат телерадиокомпанияси (ТРТ) Ўзбекистонда ўтказиладиган расмий тантаналарни хорижий мамлакатларга бепул ретрансляция қилиши ана шулар жумласига киради.   

Соғлиқни сақлаш – маданий-гуманитар йўналишдаги ҳамкорликнинг устунларидан бири. Мисол учун, 2002 йилдан буён ўзбек шифокорлари Туркиянинг етакчи клиникалари базасидаги малака ошириш курсларида қатнашиб келмоқда.

2009 – 2017 йиллар мобайнида Ўзбекистонда турк мутахассислари 760 нафар бемор болада жарроҳлик операцияларини ўтказдилар. 2014 йили Тошкентда Туркия ҳамкорлик ва мувофиқлаштириш агентлиги кўмагида Марказий Осиёдаги илк Суяк илиги трансплантацияси Маркази очилди, 2015 йили эса Республика Гинеколигия ва акушерлик ихтисослаштирилган илмий маркази қошида Симуляция ўқув маркази ўз фаолиятини бошлади. 2016 йили “Соғлом авлод учун”жамғармасига қишлоқ жойларда яшайдиган аҳолига тиббий ёрдам кўрсатиш учун 12 та кўчма клиника тақдим этилди.

Мамлакатларимиз ҳудудларида истиқомат қиладиган ўзбек ва турк диаспораси вакиллари ҳам икки халқнинг янада яқинлашувига ўз ҳиссаларини қўшмоқдалар. Шуни қайд этиш жоизки, Ўзбекистонда турк диаспорасининг шаклланиши 1944 йили бошланган. Бугунги кунда Ўзбекистонда миллатлараро ҳамжиҳатликни мустаҳкамлаш, ўзбек заминидаги турли халқлар ва элатлар маданиятларини ҳар томонлама ўзаро бойитиш, анъаналар, урф-одат ҳамда маданиятларни авайлаб асраш ва ривожлантириш учун 1997 йилда асос солинган Турк Миллий маркази фаолият кўрсатмоқда. Эслатиб ўтамиз: ҳозирги пайтда Туркияда 15 мингдан зиёд этник ўзбеклар истиқомат қилади.

Юқоридагилардан келиб чиққан ҳолда шуни айтиш мумкинки, Туркия Президентининг Ўзбекистонга буюражак ташрифи самарали ҳамкорликни ривожлантириш ва кенгайтириш учун янги имкониятлар эшикларини очиши баробарида бугунги кунда икки мамлакат етакчилари ҳамда икки халқ ва ишбилармон доиралар ўртасида мавжуд бўлган конструктив ва очиқ мулоқотнинг мантиқий давоми бўлади.

Замира Азизханова,

“Жаҳон” АА


Бу фикрни Ўзбекистон Республикаси Олий Мажлиси Қонунчилик палатаси депутати Қодир Жўраев Афғонистон бўйича Тошкент конференцияси матбуот марказида Ўзбекистон билан Афғонистон ўртасидаги маданий-гуманитар ва таълим соҳаларидаги ҳамкорлик масалалари муҳокамасига бағишлаб ўтказилган сессия йиғилишида билдирди. 

– Нуфузли Тошкент халқаро конференцияси қўшни Афғонистонни жаҳон ҳамжамияти ва Марказий Осиёда юз бераётган фаол жараёнларга кенг жалб қилиши кутилмоқда. Шу мақсадда анжуман арафасида минтақавий ҳамкорликнинг янги шакли сифатида “Марказий Осиё + Афғонистон” (C5+1) биринчи йиғилиши бўлиб ўтади. Мазкур формат Афғонистоннинг Марказий Осиё мамлакатлари билан савдо-иқтисодий ва инфратузилма алоқалари тизимининг муваффақиятли интеграцияси, минтақавий миқёсдаги аниқ лойиҳа ва дастурларнинг самарали амалга оширилишига хизмат қилади, – деди у. 

Маълумот ўрнида, Афғонистон бўйича нуфузли конференция якунида Тошкент декларацияси қабул қилиниши кутилмоқда. Унда Афғонистонда тинчлик ўрнатиш ва барқарор ривожланиши учун шароит яратиш, афғон халқининг минтақа ҳамда бутун дунёдаги ижобий жараёнларга жалб қилинишини таъминлашга қаратилган устувор вазифалар акс этиши айтилмоқда. 


“Ўзэкспомарказ” миллий кўргазмалар мажмуида “Қишлоқ хўжалиги – Agro World Uzbekistan – 2018” халқаро кўргазмаси иш бошлади. У ўн учинчи бор ташкил этилмоқда. 

16 мартга қадар давом этадиган нуфузли тадбир қишлоқ хўжалиги техникаси ишлаб чиқарувчиларини, деҳқон ва фермерлар, тадбиркорлар, ҳамкор тармоқлар мутахассисларини ўзига хос инновацион майдонда бирлаштирди. 

Унда Австрия, Озарбайжон, Беларусь, Бельгия, Германия, Италия, Испания, Қозоғистон, Хитой, Латвия, Жанубий Корея, Нидерландия, Россия, Туркия, Украина, Франция каби 20 га яқин мамлакатдан 100 дан ортиқ компания, маҳаллий қишлоқ хўжалиги вакиллари иштирок этмоқда. 

Кўргазма очилишида Ўзбекистон Республикаси Қишлоқ хўжалиги вазирлиги, Фермер, деҳқон хўжаликлари ва томорқа ер эгалари кенгаши, мамлакатимиздаги дипломатик корпус вакиллари, соҳага алоқадор ташкилотлар вакиллари қатнашди. 

Таъкидландики, Ўзбекистонда қишлоқ хўжалигини ривожлантиришга, тадбиркорлар, фермер ва деҳқон хўжаликлари фаолиятини қўллаб-қувватлашга алоҳида эътибор қаратилмоқда. Шу мақсадда 2017 йилда соҳа ривожига доир 5 қонун, 20 дан ортиқ фармон ва қарорлар қабул қилинди. Улар асосида қишлоқ хўжалигида кенг ислоҳотлар амалга оширилмоқда. 

“Ўзэкспомарказ” павильонларида, шунингдек, очиқ майдонда намойишга қўйилган маҳаллий ва хориж мамлакатларининг қишлоқ хўжалиги маҳсулотларини қайта ишлаш ускуналари, паррандачилик ва чорвачилик учун доривор воситалар, иссиқхоналар учун замонавий технологиялар, тезпишар ва ҳосилдор экинлар уруғлари иштирокчиларда катта қизиқиш уйғотмоқда.


Hurmatli yig‘ilish ishtirokchilari!

Barchangizga yaxshi ma’lum, mamlakatimizda O‘zbekiston Respublikasini rivojlantirish bo‘yicha Harakatlar strategiyasida belgilab berilgan ustuvor maqsad va vazifalar izchil amalga oshirilmoqda.

Bugungi kunda hayotning o‘zi barcha sohalar kabi tashqi siyosat yo‘nalishidagi faoliyatimizni ham tanqidiy qayta ko‘rib chiqishni, Tashqi ishlar vazirligi, elchixonalarimiz, butun diplomatik korpusimiz ishini yangicha tashkil qilishni talab etmoqda.

Sizlarning ko‘pchiligingiz O‘zbekiston Respublikasi Prezidentining Oliy Majlisga Murojaatnomasi bilan videokonferensiya orqali bevosita tanishdingiz. Ayrim elchilarning hisobоtlarini butun mamlakatimiz eshitdi.

Murojaatnomada O‘zbekistonning tashqi siyosat sohasidagi faoliyatini kuchaytirish va samarasini oshirish g‘oyat muhim vazifa qilib qo‘yilganidan barchangiz xabardorsiz.

Davlatimiz va xalqimiz nomidan xorijiy mamlakatlarda ish olib borayotgan vakillarimiz, ya’ni, sizlar bilan yuzma-yuz uchrashib, har biringiz bilan atroflicha gaplashib olishni anchadan buyon rejalashtirib kelayotgan edim.

Bunday uchrashuv birinchi marta o‘tkazilmoqda va juda muhim ahamiyatga ega.

Yig‘ilishimiz yil boshida tashkil etilayotgani sizlarning faoliyatingizga har tomonlama xolis baho berish va kelgusidagi rejalarni belgilab olish imkonini beradi.

Davlatimizning tashqi siyosati haqida so‘z yuritar ekanmiz, 2017 yil bu borada ko‘p jihatdan muvaffaqiyatli bo‘lganini mamnuniyat bilan qayd etish o‘rinlidir.

Biz xorijiy sheriklarimiz, avvalo, yaqin qo‘shnilarimiz bilan do‘stona munosabatlarni rivojlantirish va mustahkamlash bo‘yicha aniq natijalarga erishdik.

Ko‘p yillardan buyon yechilmay kelayotgan masalalarni birgalikda amalda hal qilishni boshladik. Bo‘lib o‘tgan ko‘plab oliy darajadagi tashrif va uchrashuvlar barcha murakkab masalalarni hal etish uchun ochiq va amaliy muloqot, o‘zaro manfaatlarni hisobga olish va oqilona murosa yo‘lini izlash muhimligini ko‘rsatdi.

2017 yilda biz qo‘shnilarimiz bilan suv resurslaridan birgalikda foydalanish, chegaralarni belgilash, o‘tish punktlarini ochish, transport qatnovini qayta tiklash va kengaytirish kabi ko‘plab nozik masalalarning yechimini topdik.

Qo‘shni davlatlar bilan tovar ayirboshlash bo‘yicha yuqori ko‘rsatkichlarga erishildi. Ilk bor mintaqalararo va chegaraoldi hududlar o‘rtasida hamkorlik yo‘lga qo‘yildi, barcha darajalarda o‘zaro aloqalarimiz faollashdi.

Yaqinda Qozog‘iston bilan muntazam avtobus qatnovi yo‘lga qo‘yildi. Kecha uzoq yillardan buyon birinchi marotaba O‘zbekiston Bosh vazirining Tojikistonga tashrifi bo‘lib o‘tdi.

Rossiya va Mustaqil Davlatlar Hamdo‘stligining boshqa mamlakatlari, Xitoy, AQSh, Janubiy Koreya, Turkiya, shuningdek, Yevropa va Osiyo qit’alaridagi bir qator davlatlar bilan hamkorligimizni sezilarli darajada mustahkamladik.

Birlashgan Millatlar Tashkiloti, Yevropada xavfsizlik va hamkorlik tashkiloti, Shanxay hamkorlik tashkiloti, Islom hamkorlik tashkiloti va boshqa nufuzli xalqaro tuzilmalar va moliyaviy institutlar bilan sherikligimiz sifat jihatdan yangi bosqichga ko‘tarildi.

Toshkent shahrida Yevropa tiklanish va taraqqiyot bankining vakolatxonasi qayta ish boshladi.

Biz Xalqaro valyuta jamg‘armasi, Jahon banki, Osiyo taraqqiyot banki, Islom taraqqiyot banki, Osiyo infrastruktura investitsiyalari banki bilan hamkorlikni yangicha asosda yo‘lga qo‘ydik.

O‘tgan yili xorijiy sheriklarimiz bilan 200 dan ortiq xalqaro shartnomalar, shuningdek, savdo-iqtisodiy va investitsiya sohalarida qiymati qariyb 60 milliard dollarlik kelishuv va bitimlar imzolandi.

Chet el mamlakatlari va xalqaro tashkilotlar bilan amaliy hamkorlikni rivojlantirish bo‘yicha 40 dan ortiq “yo‘l xaritalari” tasdiqlandi.

Ko‘rib turganingizdek, qisqa vaqt ichida juda ko‘p ishlar qilindi. Bunda Tashqi ishlar vazirligi va xorijdagi qator elchixonalarimizning ham munosib hissasi bor.

Hurmatli yig‘ilish ishtirokchilari!

2018 yilda oldimizda yanada ko‘lamli, o‘ta muhim yangi vazifalar turibdi. Bu yil, hech shubhasiz, mamlakatimiz rivojida hal qiluvchi ahamiyatga ega yil bo‘ladi.

Shu munosabat bilan o‘tgan yili oliy darajada erishilgan barcha kelishuvlar to‘liq amalga oshirilishi shart ekanini alohida ta’kidlamoqchiman. 

Bundan tashqari, joriy yilda 20 dan ortiq oliy darajadagi tashriflar va uchrashuvlarni, mamlakatimizda bir qator yirik xalqaro anjumanlarni o‘tkazish rejalashtirilgan. Bu ishlarning barchasi o‘z-o‘zidan bo‘lmaydi, albatta. Islohotlar va o‘zgarishlar jarayonida sizlar ham faol ishtirok etishingiz zarur.

Boshqacha qilib aytganda, har biringiz faoliyatingizni tanqidiy qayta ko‘rib chiqib, uni kuchaytirishingiz shart.

Orangizda kimdir ana shu o‘ta muhim jarayonlarni chetdan tomoshabin bo‘lib kuzatib turishiga va loqaydlikka berilishiga biz yo‘l qo‘ymaymiz.

Ming afsuski, bugungi kunda barcha elchi va diplomatlarimiz birdek samarali faoliyat ko‘rsatmoqda, deb aytolmaymiz.

Qayd etish kerakki, o‘z faoliyatini tubdan o‘zgartirib, yangicha ruhda ishlayotgan elchilarimiz ham yo‘q emas. Ular aniq amaliy natijalarga erishmoqda. 

Ammo faoliyati bizni qoniqtirmaydigan, o‘z lavozimida uzoq o‘tirib qolgan, “mudrab yotgan” diplomatlar ko‘pchilikni tashkil etadi. Ularni uyqudan uyg‘otishning o‘zi amrimahol. Bu meni qattiq tashvishga solmoqda.

Faqat 2017 yilning o‘zida tashabbusi va natijadorligi yo‘qligi, sustkashligi hamda yo‘l qo‘ygan xatolari uchun 10 nafar elchi, jumladan, Xitoy, Yaponiya, Turkiya, Malayziya va boshqa davlatlardagi elchilar vazifasidan ozod etildi.

Bugungi majlisimiz natijalari bo‘yicha ham o‘zgarishlar bo‘ladi.

Alohida ta’kidlash lozimki, elchi Prezidentning xorijdagi rasmiy vakilidir. U davlatimizning tashqi siyosatini samarali amalga oshirish uchun to‘liq mas’ul va javobgar.

Shuning uchun elchi barcha xodimlaridan ko‘proq ishlashi, o‘zining aql-zakovati, tashabbuskorligi va talabchanligi, bilim va salohiyati bilan boshqalarga namuna bo‘lishi lozim. U har kuni chuqur asoslangan yangi-yangi takliflar ishlab chiqib, taqdim etishi shart.

O‘zi ishlayotgan mamlakat hududlariga bevosita borib, ularning bozor siyosatini chuqur o‘rganishi, biznesmenlar bilan uchrashib, o‘zaro manfaatli hamkorlik aloqalarini tashkil etishi darkor.

O‘zbekiston Respublikasi Prezidentining vakili sifatida chet davlatlarda va elchixona xodimlari orasida obro‘-e’tibor va hurmatga sazovor bo‘lishi kerak. Barcha diplomatlar, o‘zining idoraviy mansubligidan qat’i nazar, elchining xizmat topshiriqlarini so‘zsiz bajarishga majbur.

Elchining xalq, Vatan oldidagi burchi va vazifasi, uning kasb malakasi, ma’naviy dunyosi haqida gapirganda, avvalo, bugungi o‘zbek diplomati, elchisi qanday xususiyat va fazilatlarga ega bo‘lishi kerak, degan savol tug‘iladi.

Buning uchun avvalo “elchi” degan so‘zning ma’nosiga e’tibor qaratish o‘rinli bo‘ladi. Bu so‘z elning, xalqning vakili, mamlakatlarni bir-biriga bog‘laydigan inson, degan ma’noni anglatishi o‘z-o‘zidan ko‘rinib turibdi.

Ma’lumki, bizning milliy davlatchiligimiz necha ming yillik qadimiy tarix va boy madaniyatga ega. Binobarin, diplomatik munosabatlar ham tariximizning eng chuqur qatlamlariga borib taqaladi.

Bu haqiqat nafaqat mamlakatimiz, balki dunyo olimlari tomonidan keng e’tirof etilgan.

Bizning ajdodlarimiz orasidan mashhur va mohir diplomatlar, elchilar yetishib chiqqani haqida ko‘plab tarixiy ma’lumotlar mavjud.

Dunyodagi diplomatiyaga oid eng zo‘r kitoblar ham aslida Sharqda, jumladan, bizning zaminimizda yaratilgan desak, adashmagan bo‘lamiz.

Shu o‘rinda bir misolga e’tiboringizni qaratmoqchiman. Samarqand shahridagi qadimiy Afrosiyob davlati joylashgan makondan topilgan noyob devoriy rasmlarni hammangiz yaxshi bilasiz. Ana shu rasmlarda Samarqand hukmdorining Xitoy, Koreya, Hind, Chag‘aniyon kabi davlatlardan kelgan elchilarni qabul qilish marosimi aks ettirilgan.

Janubiy Koreyaga davlat tashrifi bilan borganimda muhtaram Prezident Mun Chje In janoblari Seuldagi muzeyda shu rasmning nusxasini menga katta iftixor bilan ko‘rsatdi.

Bundan necha ming yil avval yaratilgan bu surat qadim zamonlardayoq yurtimiz zaminida diplomatik an’analar shakllanganidan, ota-bobolarimiz uzoq-yaqin mamlakatlar bilan do‘st va hamkor bo‘lib yashashga intilib kelganidan dalolat beradi.

Yoki Amir Temur bobomiz va temuriylar saltanatini oladigan bo‘lsak, ushbu sulola hukmronlik qilgan yillarda o‘lkamizda diplomatik munosabatlar naqadar yuksak darajaga ko‘tarilganiga guvoh bo‘lamiz.

Sohibqiron bobomizning Fransiya, Angliya, Ispaniya, Vizantiya, Misr, Xitoy, Hindiston, Usmoniylar imperiyasi kabi ko‘plab davlatlarning hukmdorlari bilan olib borgan diplomatik aloqalari va yozishmalari buni yaqqol tasdiqlaydi.

Amir Temur saroyiga dunyoning turli mamlakatlaridan, jumladan, Yevropa davlatlaridan o‘nlab elchilar kelgani tarixdan yaxshi ma’lum.

O‘sha davr manbalarida 1389-1398 yillar oralig‘ida, ya’ni, salkam o‘n yil ichida Amir Temur nomidan Xitoyga 9 marta elchilar borgani qayd etiladi.

Ayni vaqtda Amir Temur va temuriylar saltanati nomidan Yevropa va Osiyo mamlakatlariga vakil bo‘lib borgan, asli shahrisabzlik Muhammad Keshiy, shuningdek, Mavlono Hofiz, G‘iyosiddin Naqqosh, Abdurazzoq Samarqandiy kabi elchilarning nomlari tarix sahifalarida saqlanib qolgan. Ularning hayoti va faoliyati, afsuski, hozirgacha chuqur o‘rganilmagan va o‘z tadqiqotchilarini kutib turibdi.

Tashqi ishlar vazirligi bunga e’tibor qaratib, ushbu masalaning tarixiy ildizlari, mustaqillik davrida o‘zbek diplomatiyasining shakllanish jarayonlari haqida alohida bir kitob tayyorlab chiqarsa, bu soha xodimlari, avvalo, yosh diplomatlar uchun muhim qo‘llanma bo‘lardi.

Bu vazirlikka qancha odam rahbarlik qildi. Lekin ulardan birontasi ham bunga ahamiyat bermagani ularning faqat vaqtinchalik kayfiyat bilan ishlaganidan dalolat beradi.

Vaholanki, diplomatiya, diplomatlik – oddiy kasb emas, balki insondan juda ko‘p fazilatlarni talab etadigan noyob san’atdir.

Haqiqiy diplomat bo‘lish uchun faqat bilim va tajriba, chet tillarni bilish yetarli emas, buning uchun avvalo tug‘ma talant kerak. Eng muhimi, diplomat haqiqiy vatanparvar bo‘lishi, o‘z xalqi, o‘z yurtining chinakam fidoyisi bo‘lishi zarur.

Shu ma’noda XVII asrda yashab o‘tgan ulug‘ vatandoshimiz Xoja Samandar Termiziyning “Dastur ul-muluk” ya’ni, “Mamlakat dasturi” degan kitobida elchilik san’ati haqida shunday fikrlar bayon etilgan:

“Elchi ikki masalada nihoyatda hushyor bo‘lishi zarur. U o‘z davlatiga sadoqatini namoyon etish uchun mamlakatning obro‘si va sha’nini, shon-shuhratini, saltanatning ulug‘vorligini har jihatdan ehtiyot qilishi lozim.

Shuning bilan birga, u chet mamlakatlar bilan bo‘ladigan munosabatlarda u yerdagi do‘stlarning xayrixohligi va g‘animlarning makr-hiylasidan doimo ogoh va hushyor bo‘lib turishi darkor”.

Bu dono gaplarga hech qanday qo‘shimcha qilishning zarurati yo‘q, deb o‘ylayman.

Lekin, o‘zingiz ayting, elchi degan odam o‘zbek xalqining boy tarixini, madaniyatini, milliy qadriyatlarini, vatandoshlarining dardu tashvishlarini yaqindan bilmasa, ularni yuragidan o‘tkazmasa, qanday qilib O‘zbekistonni dunyoga tanitishi mumkin? Deylik, Alisher Navoiydan, Boburdan, Abdulla Oripov, Erkin Vohidovdan ikki qator she’r ayta olmasa, eng yomoni, ona tilimizni mukammal bilmasa, qanday qilib haqiqiy elchi bo‘lishi mumkin?

Men shu ma’noda Janubiy Koreyadagi elchimiz Vitaliy Vasilevich Fenga alohida rahmat aytishni o‘zimning burchim, deb bilaman.

Bu odam shuncha yildan buyon elchilik lavozimida samarali ishlayotgani, Janubiy Koreya bilan iqtisodiy, investitsiyaviy aloqalarni jadal rivojlantirayotgani albatta e’tiborga loyiq, lekin uning xalqimizga juda katta hurmat bildirib, o‘zbek tilida ravon gapirishi barcha elchilarimizga o‘rnak bo‘lishi kerak.

O‘zingiz ayting, O‘zbekistonning chet eldagi elchisi bo‘lsa-yu, o‘zbek tilini bilmasa, bu xalqimizga xiyonat emasmi? 

Shu nuqtai nazardan qaraganda, biz bu borada hali juda ko‘p ish qilishimiz lozim. Birinchi navbatda milliy diplomatiyamizni buyuk ajdodlarimizning bizga qoldirgan boy merosiga asoslangan holda, dunyodagi rivojlangan davlatlar tajribasi, diplomatiya fani va san’atining eng ilg‘or yutuqlari bilan boyitishimiz zarur.

Ayni paytda bugun zamon oldimizga qanday keskin talablar qo‘yayotganini hammamiz yaxshi tushunamiz.

Jahon miqyosida raqobat, qarama-qarshilik, turli manfaatlar to‘qnashuvi, geopolitik ziddiyatlar tobora kuchayib bormoqda.

Bunday g‘oyat murakkab va tahlikali sharoitda biz kuchli tashqi siyosat olib bormasdan turib, ko‘zlagan maqsadlarimizga erisholmaymiz.

Kuchli, samarali tashqi siyosat olib borish uchun esa avvalo kuchli diplomatlar korpusiga ega bo‘lishimiz kerak.

Biz xorijiy mamlakatlar bilan hamkorlik aloqalarini o‘rnatishda muhim bir masalaga e’tibor qaratishimiz kerak. Ming afsuski, ushbu masalaga biz ko‘pincha ikkinchi darajali ish, deb qarashga o‘rganib qolganmiz.

Misol uchun, agar Italiyadagi elchimiz shu mamlakat ishbilarmonlarining vakillarini yig‘ib, buyuk italyan shoiri va mutafakkiri Aligeri Dantening “Ilohiy komediya” asarini bizning ulug‘ shoirimiz Abdulla Oripov tarjima qilganini aytib, o‘zbekcha dantexonlik uyushtirsa, bilasizlarmi, nima bo‘ladi? Ularda O‘zbekistonga hurmat, qiziqish, hamkorlik qilishga intilish paydo bo‘ladimi-yo‘qmi? Men, o‘ylaymanki, albatta paydo bo‘ladi.

Men Abdulla akaning bir kitobida shunday gaplarni o‘qiganman. U kishi Italiyaga borganida “O‘zbekistondan Dantening tarjimoni kelibdi”, deb turli partiyalarning vakillari bir joyga to‘planib, shoirimiz bilan suhbatlashgan ekan.

O‘shanda bir siyosatchi Abdulla akaga:

“Hurmatli mehmon, biz aslida bir-birimizga ashaddiy raqibmiz. Partiyalarimiz, mafkuralarimiz har xil. Bir-birimiz bilan doim keskin raqobatdamiz. Lekin mana bugun buyuk Dantening hurmati, Sizning sharofatingiz bilan bir dasturxon atrofida ahil-inoq to‘planib turibmiz. Sizga katta rahmat”, degan ekan.

Mana, odamning yuragiga qanday yo‘l topish mumkin! Inson qalbini, xalq qalbini avvalo uning madaniyati, adabiyoti va san’atiga, milliy qadriyatlariga hurmat-ehtirom ko‘rsatish orqali zabt etish mumkin.

Muhtaram do‘stlar!

Mamlakatimizda faol tadbirkorlik, innovatsion g‘oyalar va texnologiyalarni qo‘llab-quvvatlash yili, deb e’lon qilingan 2018 yilda biz o‘z oldimizga nihoyatda katta maqsadlarni qo‘ydik. Bu o‘z navbatida sizlardan barcha yo‘nalishlar bo‘yicha ish samaradorligini tubdan oshirishni talab etmoqda. Shundan kelib chiqib, bizning diplomatik muassasalarimiz faoliyati avvalo quyidagi eng muhim vazifalarni hal etishga qaratilishi lozimligini alohida ta’kidlamoqchiman.

Birinchidan, eksport, eksport va yana bir bor eksport!

Gap O‘zbekistonda ishlab chiqarilayotgan mahsulotlarni xorijiy davlatlar bozorlariga eksport qilishga har jihatdan amaliy ko‘maklashish haqida bormoqda. Bugungi kunda dunyodagi ko‘plab davlatlar, xususan, rivojlangan mamlakatlarning tashqi siyosat faoliyatida aynan shu masalaga eng ustuvor ahamiyat berilishini sizlar yaxshi bilasizlar.

Ikkinchidan, mamlakatimiz sanoati va infratuzilmalarini modernizatsiya qilish va rivojlantirish uchun xorijiy investitsiyalar, ilg‘or zamonaviy texnologiyalar va ilm-fan yutuqlarini faol jalb etish zarur.

Mamlakatimizning iqtisodiy rivojlanishi ko‘p jihatdan faol investitsiya siyosatiga bog‘liq. Shu asosda davlatimizning raqobatbardoshligi va eng asosiysi, aholi farovonligi tubdan oshishi, yangi korxona va tarmoqlar, yangi ish o‘rinlari yaratilishini, o‘ylaymanki, tushuntirib o‘tirishning hojati yo‘q.

Uchinchidan, O‘zbekistonga kelayotgan sayyohlar oqimini kengaytirish bo‘yicha elchixonalarimiz ham faol va tizimli ish olib borishi lozim. Men bu haqda ilgari ham bir necha bor aytganman.

Bu borada Vazirlar Mahkamasi (A.Aripov) zarur turistik infratuzilmani yaratish bo‘yicha faol ish olib bormoqda.

Shuni alohida ta’kidlash joizki, xorijiy turistlarni mamlakatimizga jalb etish yuzasidan elchilarimizning Turizmni rivojlantirish bo‘yicha davlat qo‘mitasi raisi A.Abduhakimov va Savdo-sanoat palatasi raisi A.Ikromov bilan birgalikda tizimli ravishda qattiq ishlashi talab qilinadi.

Yana bir muhim masala. Sizlar O‘zbekiston ochiq, amaliy va o‘zaro manfaatli hamkorlikni rivojlantirishga tayyor ekanini xorijiy mamlakatlarning keng jamoatchiligiga yetkazish bo‘yicha muntazam ish olib borishingiz zarur.

Ana shu muhim vazifalarning barchasi sizlarning kundalik faoliyatingizning ustuvor yo‘nalishlari bo‘lishi darkor.

Biz mamlakatimizga chet el investitsiyalarini jalb qilishda elchilarimiz, diplomatlarimizning ishtirokini kuchaytirish haqida so‘z yuritdik.

Tarixga murojaat qiladigan bo‘lsak, bu masala Amir Temur zamonida ham kun tartibiga dolzarb vazifa sifatida qo‘yilganini ko‘rishimiz mumkin. Masalan, Sohibqiron bobomizning 1402 yilda Fransiya qiroli Karl VI ga yo‘llagan maktubida, jumladan, shunday deyiladi:

“Siz, a’lo hazratlari, o‘z savdogarlaringizni bizning mamlakatimizga yuborsangiz. Biz o‘z tomonimizdan ularning izzat-hurmatini saqlash, ularga hech kim zo‘rlik ko‘rsatib, ziyon-zahmat yetkazmasligini ta’minlaymiz. Chunki dunyo savdo ahli bilan obod va farovondir.”

Qarang, bu hikmatli so‘zlar bugungi xalqaro munosabatlarda ham o‘zining ahamiyati va qimmatini yo‘qotmagan. Ular xuddi shu bugun aytilgandek jaranglamoqda. 

Bugungi majlisga tayyorgarlik ko‘rish jarayonida men vaqtimni ayamasdan, har bir elchixona yuborgan hisobоtlarni diqqat bilan o‘rganib chiqdim.

Bu hisobоtlar juda chiroyli, silliq qilib yozilgan. Ammo amalda vaziyat butunlay boshqacha.

Mana, Tashqi savdo vazirligi, Investitsiyalar va Turizmni rivojlantirish bo‘yicha davlat qo‘mitalarining 2017 yil yakunlari bo‘yicha ma’lumotlari qo‘limda turibdi. Ularda sizlar faoliyat ko‘rsatayotgan mamlakatlarga oid amaldagi eksport
va xorijiy investitsiyalar hajmi, yurtimizga kelayotgan sayyohlar soni aniq aks ettirilgan.

Bu ma’lumotlar sizlarning hisobоtingizdagi raqamlardan butunlay farq qiladi. Haqiqiy vaziyat faoliyatingiz bo‘yicha real natijalarni yaqqol ko‘rsatib turibdi.

Ko‘pchilik elchi va diplomatlar bugun amaliy ish o‘rniga internetdan olingan, dolzarb bo‘lmagan ma’lumotlar, “tahlillar”
va hisobоtlar tayyorlash bilan shug‘ullanib o‘tiribdi. 

Bunday nomaqbul ish uslubining turlicha sabab va omillari bor, albatta.

Ayrim elchilar yengil-yelpi ish yuritishga, xalqimiz ta’biri bilan aytganda, og‘irning – ustidan, yengilning – ostidan yurishga o‘rganib qolgan. Ular davrning qat’iy talablarini hisobga olishni, o‘zini, ish uslubini o‘zgartirishni istamayapti. Biz bunday elchilar bilan xayrlashamiz. 

Tashqi ishlar vazirligi tizimida byurokratiya va ortiqcha qog‘ozbozlik bilan bog‘liq holatlar borligini ham yaxshi bilaman. Bugungi kunda hayotning o‘zi ushbu tizimni chuqur qayta ko‘rib chiqish va optimallashtirishni talab etmoqda. Bu birinchi navbatda xorijdagi elchixonalarimiz tomonidan hisobоt taqdim etish, ularni moliyalashtirish va moddiy-texnik ta’minlash masalalariga taalluqlidir.

Vazirlik va unga qarashli muassasalarda tashkiliy-shtat tuzilmasini takomillashtirish, ularning faoliyatiga zamonaviy axborot texnologiyalarini keng joriy etish zarur.

Sizlarga ma’lumki, biz Tashqi ishlar vazirligi va O‘zbekistonning xorijdagi elchixonalari faoliyatini tanqidiy o‘rganish va tubdan takomillashtirish bo‘yicha maxsus komissiya tashkil etdik. Ushbu komissiya ishiga Prezidentning Davlat maslahatchisi O.Murodov rahbarlik qilmoqda.

Komissiya Tashqi ishlar vazirligi tizimidagi har bir xodimning ishiga xolis baho berishi, mavjud kamchiliklarni tahlil qilib, ularni bartaraf etish bo‘yicha aniq takliflar kiritishi lozim.

Bugun sizlar bilan birga vazirlik va uning diplomatik muassasalarining samarali faoliyat ko‘rsatishiga to‘sqinlik qilayotgan sabab va omillarni muhokama qilib olishimiz kerak.

Shu borada e’tiboringizni quyidagi masalalarga qaratmoqchiman.

Birinchidan, biz elchixonalar faoliyatini mutlaqo yangicha asosda tashkil etamiz. Bu nafaqat elchixonalarning tashkiliy tuzilmasi, balki sizlarning kundalik amaliy faoliyatingizga ham daxldordir.

Biz har bir elchixonaga mamlakatimizning muayyan hududlari va iqtisodiyot tarmoqlari hamda yirik korxonalarni biriktirib qo‘yishga qaror qildik.

Bu o‘z navbatida eksport va turizmni rivojlantirish, investitsiya, biznes kooperatsiyani kuchaytirish bo‘yicha aniq loyihalarni amalga oshirish bilan bog‘liq masalalarni tezkor hal qilish imkonini beradi.

Shuningdek, viloyat hokimlari bir yilda kamida ikki marta tegishli mamlakatlarga xizmat safariga yuboriladi. Ular shaharsozlik va obodonlashtirish, infratuzilmani rivojlantirish, zamonaviy axborot, energiya tejaydigan texnologiyalarni joriy etish, sanoat va qishloq xo‘jaligi, ta’lim va sog‘liqni saqlash sohalaridagi ilg‘or xorijiy tajribani o‘rganib, o‘z hududlarida keng joriy qilishi lozim.

Bu ishlarning ijrosini nazorat qilish Bosh vazir A.Aripovga topshiriladi.

Ikkinchidan, elchixonalar va diplomatlarning faoliyati, ularning real ish hajmi va amaliy natijalarini sinchiklab o‘rganib, shu asosda har tomonlama puxta o‘ylangan takliflar tayyorlash kerak.

Bizning asosiy iqtisodiy hamkorlarimiz bo‘lgan Markaziy Osiyo mamlakatlari, Rossiya, Xitoy, AQSh, Janubiy Koreya, Yaponiya, Turkiya va Yevropaning yetakchi davlatlariga alohida e’tibor qaratish zarur. Ushbu mamlakatlardagi elchixonalarimizning har birida savdo va investitsiya bo‘yicha diplomat xodimlar shtatini joriy qilish va kengaytirish lozim.

Xorijiy mamlakatlardagi elchilar va diplomatik vakolatxonalarimiz faoliyatini, avvalo, ularning amaliy ish natijalari va kelgusiga mo‘ljallangan aniq rejalarini chuqur va atroflicha o‘rganish maqsadida Prezident huzuridagi Xavfsizlik kengashining sektor mudiri E.G‘aniyev hamda Strategik va mintaqalararo tadqiqotlar instituti direktori V.Norov rahbarligida komissiya tashkil etishga qaror qilindi.

Men ushbu komissiyadan aniq taklif va natijalar kutaman.

Uchinchidan, qo‘yilgan vazifalarni samarali bajarish va elchixonalar faoliyatini muvofiqlashtirish uchun Tashqi ishlar vazirligining markaziy apparati tuzilmasini qayta ko‘rib chiqish va optimallashtirish zarur.

Shu o‘rinda qiyoslash uchun bir misolga e’tiboringizni qaratmoqchiman.

Men Bosh vazir lavozimida ishlagan paytimda butun Vazirlar Mahkamasi apparati xodimlarining soni 180 kishidan iborat edi. Ana shu 180 kishi mamlakatimiz iqtisodiyotining og‘ir aravasini, har qanday qiyinchiliklarga qaramasdan, o‘z yelkasida tortar edi. Xususan, sanoat, qishloq xo‘jaligi, transport, kommunal soha, qurilish, hududlarni rivojlantirish, eksport va investitsiyalardan boshlab ta’lim, sog‘liqni saqlash, madaniyat va sport sohalarida keng qamrovli ishlar olib borilar edi.

Endi quyidagi raqamlarga e’tibor bering: hozirgi kunda Tashqi ishlar vazirligining markaziy apparatida 334 xodim, uning quyi muassasalarida 900 dan ortiq, elchixonalarimizda esa 300 kishi ishlamoqda. Jami bir yarim ming kishidan ortiq.

Lekin mana shunday yirik vazirlikning ish faoliyati bugungi kunning keskin va o‘tkir talablariga javob beryaptimi, degan tabiiy savol tug‘iladi.

Afsuski, bu savolga ijobiy javob berish qiyin.

Shu munosabat bilan Davlat maslahatchisi O.Murodov rahbarligidagi komissiya Tashqi ishlar vazirligining tarkibiy tuzilmasini tubdan qayta ko‘rib chiqish bo‘yicha aniq takliflar kiritishi zarur. 

Jumladan, vazirlik tarkibida quyidagi masalalar bo‘yicha ixtisoslashgan alohida tuzilma va boshqarmalar tashkil etilishi lozim:

- tashqi iqtisodiy aloqalarni kengaytirish, eksportni qo‘llab-quvvatlash va investitsiyalarni jalb qilish;

- savdo-iqtisodiy hamkorlik bo‘yicha hukumatlararo komissiyalar faoliyatini mas’ul kotibiyat sifatida muvofiqlashtirish;

- turizmni har tomonlama rivojlantirish;

- xorijdagi fuqarolarimiz va vatandoshlarimiz bilan tizimli ishlash.

Shu bilan birga, diplomatik xizmatni huquqiy jihatdan tartibga solishning samarali va adolatli tizimini shakllantirish lozim. Bugungi kunda Tashqi ishlar vazirligi 20 yil avval qabul qilingan hujjatlar asosida faoliyat ko‘rsatmoqda.

Bundan tashqari, vazirlikda kadrlarni rotatsiya qilishning samarali tizimini yo‘lga qo‘yish zarur. Ba’zi elchi va diplomatlarimiz xorijda 8-10 yil davomida o‘z vazifasida ishlab kelmoqda. Oqibatda ular mamlakatimizda ro‘y berayotgan siyosiy, ijtimoiy-iqtisodiy jarayonlardan uzoqlashib qolmoqda. 

Shu o‘rinda men o‘zining vakolat muddatini tugatib, yurtimizga qaytgan tajribali elchi va katta diplomatlarimizni vazirlik, idora va viloyat hokimliklaridagi mas’ul rahbarlik lavozimlariga tayinlash tartibini joriy qilish lozim, deb hisoblayman.

Mening fikrimcha, chet mamlakatda elchi bo‘lib muvaffaqiyatli ishlagan odam xizmat missiyasi tugagandan keyin davlat tizimidan uzoqlashib ketmasligi kerak.

Afsuski, bizda o‘z missiyasini bajarib qaytgan yuqori malakali diplomat xodimlarga munosib ish berish, ularga hurmat-e’tibor ko‘rsatish masalasi e’tibordan chetda qolgan, desak, buyam adolatdan bo‘ladi. Biz bundan buyon bunday noto‘g‘ri ishlarga yo‘l qo‘ymaymiz.

Shu tariqa elchi va diplomatlarimizning xorijda orttirgan boy tajriba va bilimlaridan tarmoq va hududlarimizning xalqaro aloqalarini rivojlantirish, shuningdek, eksport hajmini oshirish va investitsiyalarni jalb etishda foydalanish imkoniyati paydo bo‘ladi.

Tashqi ishlar vazirligi va elchixonalarning tegishli vazirlik va idoralar, joylardagi ijro hokimiyati organlari bilan samarali ishlashi bo‘yicha aniq va yaxlit tizimni shakllantirishga alohida e’tibor qaratish zarur. 

Bu borada mamlakatimizning yagona tashqi siyosiy va iqtisodiy faoliyatini amalga oshirish va muvofiqlashtirish vazifasi Tashqi ishlar vazirligiga yuklatiladi.

To‘rtinchidan, bugungi kunda Tashqi ishlar vazirligi va elchixonalarimiz faoliyatida tizimli va aniq maqsadga qaratilgan informatsion-targ‘ibоt ishlarini kuchaytirish lozim.

Afsuski, xorijiy sheriklarimiz mamlakatimizda amalga oshirilayotgan tub o‘zgarish va islohotlardan, ichki va tashqi siyosatimizning ustuvor jihatlari, biznes va investitsiya uchun yaratilayotgan qulay shart-sharoitlar haqida yetarlicha ma’lumotga ega emas. 

Tashqi ishlar vazirligi huzuridagi “Jahon” axborot agentligi o‘z zimmasiga yuklatilgan vazifalarni to‘liq bajara olmayapti. Shu munosabat bilan “Jahon” axborot agentligi negizida yosh, salohiyatli mutaxassislarni jalb qilgan holda, moliyalashtirish manbalari aniq bo‘lgan va eng ilg‘or texnika bilan jihozlangan zamonaviy media-markaz tashkil etish zarur, deb hisoblayman.

Bosh vazir o‘rinbosari S.Xolmurodov bu masalaga mas’ul etib belgilanadi.

Bundan tashqari, Tashqi ishlar vazirligida Jamoatchilik va ommaviy axborot vositalari bilan aloqalar bo‘yicha alohida tuzilma tashkil etish lozim. Ushbu tuzilma rahbari Tashqi ishlar vazirligining to‘laqonli rasmiy vakili, davlatimiz tashqi siyosatining “jarchisi” bo‘lishi kerak.

Beshinchidan, Tashqi ishlar vazirligining kadrlar siyosatiga ham alohida to‘xtalib o‘tmoqchiman.

Hozirgi kunda 10 ta elchi lavozimi, jumladan, Avstriya, Polsha, Birlashgan Arab Amirliklari, Singapur davlatlaridagi elchi lavozimlari ko‘p yillardan buyon vakant bo‘lib turibdi.

Tegishli qaror qabul qilingan bo‘lsa-da, O‘mon va Belarus mamlakatlarida elchixonalarimiz faoliyati hali tashkil etilmagan.

Vazirlikning markaziy apparati faoliyatida ham jiddiy muammolar mavjud. Avvalo, o‘rta bo‘g‘in rahbarlari o‘z zimmasiga yuklatilgan vazifalarni to‘liq bajara olmayapti. Keyingi yillarda vazirlikda boshqarma boshlig‘i lavozimining nufuzi tushib ketgan. Aksariyat boshqarma boshliqlarining o‘zlari ham ishlamayapti, yoshlarni ham tarbiyalamayapti. Ular faqat navbatdagi xorij safarlarini kutib o‘tiribdi.

Tashqi ishlar vazirligining markaziy apparati, shuningdek, xorijdagi muassasalar uchun istiqbolli kadrlar zaxirasini qaytadan ko‘rib chiqish kerak.

Shu paytgacha vazirlikning markaziy apparati va diplomatik vakolatxonalari rahbarlari va xodimlari faoliyatining samaradorligini baholashning yagona mezonlari ishlab chiqilmagan. Shuning uchun tegishli vazirlik va idoralar bilan birgalikda zarur me’yoriy-huquqiy hujjatlar ishlab chiqish va qabul qilish kerak.

Ayni vaqtda diplomat kadrlarni tayyorlash tizimini yanada takomillashtirishni davrning o‘zi taqozo etmoqda.

Afsuski, Jahon iqtisodiyoti va diplomatiya universiteti (A.Jumanov) chinakam istiqbolli, o‘z kasbiga sadoqatli
va professional yosh kadrlar tayyorlash bo‘yicha vazifalarni to‘laqonli bajarayotgani yo‘q. Universitet bitiruvchilarining davlat idoralariga ishga joylashishi o‘ta past darajada qolmoqda.

Misol uchun, 2017 yilda universitetni bitirgan 235 yoshlarning atigi 14 nafari Tashqi ishlar vazirligiga ishga qabul qilingan. Ular orasida xalqaro iqtisodiy munosabatlar fakultetini bitirgan bironta ham yigit-qiz yo‘q. 

Tashqi savdo vazirligi va Investitsiyalar bo‘yicha davlat qo‘mitasiga ham ushbu universitetni o‘tgan yil tamomlagan bironta yosh mutaxassis ishga olinmagan.

Shu munosabat bilan Komissiya (O.Murodov) Bosh vazir A.Aripov, Prezidentning Davlat maslahatchilari R.Qosimov, U.Ismoilov bilan birgalikda bir oy muddatda:

Tashqi ishlar vazirligida kadrlar bilan ishlashni samarali tashkil etish, avvalo, iqtidorli yosh mutaxassislarni jalb qilish bo‘yicha aniq takliflar;
Jahon iqtisodiyoti va diplomatiya universiteti faoliyatini tubdan takomillashtirish bo‘yicha O‘zbekiston Respublikasi Prezidenti qarori loyihasini tayyorlashi lozim.

Hurmatli yig‘ilish ishtirokchilari!

Bugun biz Tashqi ishlar vazirligi va elchixonalar faoliyati bilan bog‘liq kompleks masalalarni ochiqchasiga muhokama qilib, mavjud kamchiliklarni bartaraf etish bo‘yicha atroflicha fikrlashib oldik. 

Fursatdan foydalanib, davlatimiz manfaatlarini himoya qilayotgan, tashqi siyosatimizni amalga oshirishda muhim o‘rin egallaydigan, mamlakatimizning xalqaro maydondagi yuzi bo‘lgan siz, hurmatli diplomatlarning mas’uliyatli mehnatingizni yuksak qadrlashimizni qayd etmoqchiman.

Yana bir bor ta’kidlayman, diplomatlar – bu jamiyatning eng yetuk vakillaridir. O‘zbekiston manfaatlarini xalqaro miqyosda qat’iy himoya qilish va uni ilgari surish borasida sizlarning alohida o‘rningiz va ta’siringiz bor.

Lekin, tan olib aytishimiz kerak, biz Tashqi ishlar vazirligi va uning tizimidagi xodimlarni har tomonlama qo‘llab-quvvatlash, ularning mehnatini rag‘batlantirish bo‘yicha hali ko‘p ish qilishimiz zarur. 

Shu munosabat bilan Bosh vazir A.Aripov, Davlat maslahatchisi O.Murodov, Toshkent shahar hokimi R.Usmonov va tashqi ishlar vaziri A.Komilov ikki oy muddatda Tashqi ishlar vazirligining faoliyatini takomillashtirish bo‘yicha Prezident qarori loyihasini tayyorlab, tasdiqlash uchun kiritsin.

Bunda, jumladan, Toshkent shahrida vazirlik tizimidagi xodimlar, chet ellarda ishlab kelgan diplomatlarimiz uchun imtiyozli ipoteka kreditlari asosida ko‘p qavatli uylar qurish masalasi ham ko‘zda tutilsin.

Hurmatli yig‘ilish qatnashchilari!

Barchamizga ayonki, tashqi va ichki siyosat sohalarida oldimizda turgan muhim va ulkan vazifalarni hech kim chetdan kelib hal qilib bermaydi. Faqat o‘zimizning kuch va imkoniyatlarimizga ishonishimiz, o‘z salohiyatimizga tayanishimiz zarur.

Agar biz o‘zimiz o‘zimizga xiyonat qilmasak, o‘zimiz o‘zimizni aldamasak, vijdonan mehnat qilsak, ko‘zlagan yuksak marralarimizga – O‘zbekistonni izchil rivojlantirish, xalqimiz turmush darajasi va farovonligini tubdan oshirishga albatta erishamiz.

Ishonchim komilki, sizlar bu yuksak vazifalarni sharaf bilan ado etasiz.

Ana shu ezgu maqsad yo‘lida barchangizga sihat-salomatlik, yangi muvaffaqiyatlar, baxt va omad tilayman.


Aziz va muhtaram vatandoshlar!

 Qadrli do’stlar!

 Jonajon Vatanimizga Yangi – 2018 yil kirib kelmoqda.

 Siz azizlarni, mo’'tabar nuroniylar, mehribon opa-singillarimizni, azmu shijoatli yoshlarimizni, ko’p millatli butun xalqimizni ushbu qutlug’ ayyom bilan samimiy tabriklayman.

  Barchangizga sihat-salomatlik, tinchlik-xotirjamlik, baxtu saodat va farovonlik tilayman.

  Ming shukrki, turli muammo va qiyinchiliklarga qaramasdan, 2017 yil mamlakatimiz uchun tinch, har tomonlama omadli va barakali bo’ldi.

 Biz taraqqiyotimizning yangi davri, yangi bosqichiga qadam qo’ydik. Xalq bilan muloqot va inson manfaatlari yilida belgilangan vazifalarni bajarishga bor kuch va imkoniyatlarimizni safarbar etdik.

  Xalqimizning fidokorona mehnati bilan 2017 yilni barcha sohalarda yorug’ yuz bilan yakunlashga erishdik.

  Eng muhimi, davlatning xalqqa munosabati o’zgarmoqda. Xalq degan tushunchaning qadri yuksalmoqda. El-yurtga xizmat qilish hayotimiz mazmuniga aylanmoqda.

  Bularning barchasi odamlarimizning kundalik hayotida o’z amaliy ifodasini topmoqda. Ularning ertangi kunga ishonchi yanada mustahkam bo’lmoqda.

  Tashqi siyosat sohasidagi faoliyatimiz ham, aytish mumkinki, g’oyatda samarali bo’ldi. Ayniqsa, qo’shni davlatlar bilan munosabatlarimiz yangicha ruh va mazmun kasb etmoqda.

 Bu esa mintaqamizda o’zaro ishonch, do’stlik va hamkorlik muhitini yanada kuchaytirish uchun mustahkam zamin bo’lmoqda. Biz bu strategik yo’lni 2018 yilda ham izchil va faol davom ettiramiz.

  Fursatdan foydalanib, uzoq va yaqin barcha mamlakatlar xalqlarini ham, Yangi yil bayrami bilan tabriklab, ularga tinchlik va ravnaq tilaymiz.

  Aziz yurtdoshlar!

  Biz Yangi – 2018 yilga Faol tadbirkorlik, innovatsion g’oyalar va texnologiyalarni qo’llab-quvvatlash yili, deb nom berdik.

  Biz buyuk kelajagimizni aynan mana shunday yuksak maqsad va g’oyalar asosida barpo etamiz.

  Xalqaro maydonda keskin raqobat kuchayib borayotgan hozirgi vaqtda bu eng to’g’ri va samarali yo’ldir.

  Shu ma'noda, 2018 yil O’zbekiston taraqqiyotida hal qiluvchi yil bo’ladi, deb aytishga barcha asoslarimiz bor.

  Yangi yilda ham xalqimiz hayot darajasi va sifatini, barcha toifadagi aholimiz daromadlarini oshirishga alohida ahamiyat beramiz.

  Yurtimizda tinchlik va barqarorlik, millatlar va elatlar o’rtasidagi totuvlik, o’zaro hurmat va mehr-oqibatni mustahkamlash asosiy vazifamiz bo’lib qoladi.

  Chet ellardagi vatandoshlarimiz bilan aloqalarni kengaytirishga yanada katta e'tibor qaratamiz.

   Ishonaman, 2018 yilda barchamiz birgalikda, o’zimizni ayamasdan mehnat qilib, o’z oldimizga qo’ygan vazifalarni bajarishga albatta erishamiz.

  Aziz va muhtaram vatandoshlarim!

  Mana shu nurafshon daqiqalarda hammamiz ezgu orzu-umidlar bilan Yangi – 2018 yilga qadam qo’ymoqdamiz.

  Mening niyatim, tilagim shuki, har bir oila, har bir inson murod-maqsadiga yetsin!

  Barchangizga dunyodagi eng katta baxt – oilaviy xotirjamlik, farzandlar, nabiralar baxtu kamolini ko’rish nasib etsin!

  Yurtimiz tinch, xalqimiz omon bo’lsin!

  Yangi yil barchamizga muborak bo’lsin!


2017-yilning 18-dekabr kuni O‘zbekiston Respublikasi Tashqi ishlar vazir Abdulaziz Kamilov Turkiya hamkorlik va muvofiqlashtirish agerntligi Prezidenti Serdar Cham boshchiligidagi delegatsiyani qabul qildi.

Suhbat davomida O‘zbekiston-Turkiya moluqotida kuzatilayotgan ijobiy dinamika qayd etildi.

Ta’kidlanganidek, ikki davlat prezidentlarining Pekin, Ostona, Nyu-York shaharlaridagi samarali uchrashuvlari o‘zaro manfaatli hamkorlikni, avvalo savdo-iqtisodiy va investitsion sohalardagi aloqalarni jadallashtirish imkonini yaratdi.

Muzokaralarda mamlakatimiz Prezidentining 2017-yil 25-26-oktabr kunlari bo‘lib o‘tgan Turkiyaga davlat tashrifi ikki tomon munosabatlarida yangi sahifa ochgani qayd etildi.

Oliy darajada erishilgan kelishivlar, xususan O‘zbekistonning Turkiya agentligi bilan hamkorligini faollashtirish bo‘yicha bitimlarni tadbiq etishning amaliy masalalari muhokama qilindi.

Uchrashuvda Turkiya Elchisi Ahmet Bashar Shen ishtirok etdi.

President of Uzbekistan met with the Prime Minister of the Republic of Korea

The President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev, during the state visit to South Korea, met with the Prime Minister of the Republic of Korea Lee Nak-yon. 

In recent years, cooperation between Uzbekistan and South Korea has acquired a wide scale. During the state visit of the President of our country to this country, agreements were reached on cooperation in the spheres of trade, fuel and energy, chemical, transport and transport-communications, logistics, automotive, mining, light and food industries, agriculture, information technologies and telecommunications, medicine, tourism, science, education and culture. 

During the meeting, Shavkat Mirziyoyev and Lee Nak-yon discussed issues of consistent implementation of the reached agreements, further improvement of joint activity on new projects.

Shavkat Mirziyoyev met with Ban Ki-moon

On November 24, President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev received the former Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon, in Seoul. 

At the meeting, held in the spirit of a sincere and open exchange of views, the Head of our state recalled fruitful joint projects between Uzbekistan and the UN that were implemented during the period of activity of Ban Ki-moon as Secretary-General of the United Nations. 

Ban Ki-moon highly appreciated the state visit of the President of our country Shavkat Mirziyoyev to the Republic of Korea and noted that this will become an important step towards further development of cooperation of the two countries based on traditional friendship and mutual trust. 

The relevance of the issues raised at the international conference on “Central Asia: one past and a common future, cooperation for sustainable development and mutual prosperity” held in Tashkent on November 10 this year, the importance of initiatives of Uzbekistan for transforming the Central Asia into a stable, economically developed and prosperous region were noted. 

Ban Ki-moon expressed gratitude to Shavkat Mirziyoyev for his contribution to strengthening Uzbekistan – South Korea relations.

I Tashkent International Festival of Decorative and Applied Arts

Organizers: Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan
Date: November 6-11, 2017 
Main venues: Central Exhibition Hall, Art Gallery of Uzbekistan, Tashkent House of Photography, Ikuo Hirayama International Caravanserai of Culture, KamoliddinBehzod Memorial Park-Museum.
Goals and objectives:
Promotion of decorative and applied arts of various regions of Uzbekistan and other countries;
Support of talented masters of arts and crafts and popularization of their creativity;
Opening of new names, new forms and types of decorative and applied arts 
Continuity and preservation of traditions;
Engagement of masters (artists) in cooperation with the leading experts of culture and figures of art of different countries of the world;
Development of international relations, strengthening of the dialogue of cultures, traditions, achievements of different countries in the field of applied and decorative arts. 
The participation is open to:

Professional masters, artists engaged in traditional applied arts (textiles, embroidery, traditional dress, carpet weaving, ceramics, carving, artistic metal, etc.)

Professional masters, artists and designers engaged in contemporary decorative and applied arts (art glass, non-traditional ceramics, tapestry, batik, stained glass, etc.), and in the art industry.

The projects of one author or a team of authors, temporary or permanent exhibition projects by different authors and teams with common topic or common specific concept;

Museums, galleries, supervisors, who specialize in contemporary decorative and applied arts.

The agenda of the I Tashkent International Festival of Decorative and Applied Arts includes a round table discussion on relevant problems of the current state of traditional and non-traditional crafts with the participation of masters and art critics; master classes and presentations of personalities and exhibition projects. 
Terms and requirements for works:
The participants are required to submit their works by October 15, 2017, under the following conditions:
The works should be performed at a highly professional level
The Festival accepts author's works on free topics, created within the past five years.
The number of works, their size, topics and techniques are not regulated.
Each work should be completely ready for exhibiting: a label on the reverse side of the work should specify the country, author, technique, year of creation, size. The work should be provided with fastening tools to hand up on)
The exhibits are accepted with the mandatory enclosure of an application, resume and a list of works (the information can be provided in electronic form on CD/DVD, flash cards or in print form) 
All submitted works must be signed in Russian or English;
The participants send applications personally or through their representatives (at the first stage), and works (at the second stage) to Tashkent (address: 40, Sh.Rashidov Str., Tashkent, 100029).
There is also an opportunity of provisional admission of the works on the basis of selection and consultations with the Applications Department (photos of works and applications). In this case, you are welcome to send  them by e-mail to
* The works can be delivered to the Festival Directorate after confirmation only.

Deadline for applications for participation in the Festival: until September 20, 2017
Terms of delivery of works: until October 15, 2017.
* Address, terms and hours of reception of works should be confirmed with the Festival Directorate

Additional Information
The Festival Directorate reserves the right to select works for participation.
The participation is free of charge. 
The participation in the festival automatically assumes that the author gives permission for photo and video shooting of his works as part of the Festival promotion.
The organizers do not cover travel costs upon arrival in Tashkent and back.
The organizers cover the costs of stay of foreign participants in Tashkent (hotel accommodation, meals, cultural program, visa support) for the period November 6-11.
Delivery of works to the Festival. A participant is allowed to carry them in his/her luggage (up to 30 kg), in case if he/she flies with Uzbekistan Airways.
The participant can also send his works (under 50 kg, size 100x100, 120x120) by diplomatic mail through the Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan in his/her home country. If the works are sent by diplomatic mail, the organizers carry out a return shipment also through the diplomatic corps with the assistance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan, embassies and representative offices of foreign states.
The works sent by cash on delivery or as cargo will not be accepted.

The participants will be presented with certificates of the First Tashkent International Festival of Decorative and Applied Arts.

Directorate of the I Tashkent International Festival of Decorative and Applied Arts is available at:
Address: 40, Sh.Rashidov Str., Tashkent, 100029
Tel: +99871 256-51-46
Curators: GulnaraIshmuratova, Lobar Mirzabaeva

Конкурс "Самая лучшая научно-популярная статья, посвященная памяти Ислама Каримова"

В целях увековечения памяти Первого Президента Республики Узбекистан и исторической роли Ислама Каримова, его огромного вклада в обретение независимости, построение национальной государственности, а также популяризации его наследия проводится конкурс “Самая лучшая научно-популярная статья, посвященная памяти Ислама Каримова”. 
Организаторы конкурса – Национальная телерадиокомпания Узбекистана, Республиканский центр пропаганды духовности, Научно-практический центр национальной идеи и идеологии, Академия государственного управления при Президенте Республики Узбекистан, Министерство культуры Республики Узбекистан, Министерство высшего и среднего специального образования Республики Узбекистан, Академия наук Узбекистана, Союз молодежи Узбекистана, Фонд поддержки общественной деятельности ветеранов Узбекистана “Нуроний”, Республиканский благотворительный общественный фонд “Махалла”, Агентство по печати и информации Узбекистана, Национальное информационное агентство Узбекистана, Информационное агентство “Жахон”, Научно-просветительский мемориальный комплекс имени Первого Президента Республики Узбекистан Ислама Каримова при Президенте Республики Узбекистан. 
Конкурс проводится в один этап в преддверии 80-летия Ислама Каримова. 
На конкурс до 15 декабря 2017 года принимаются материалы, опубликованные в 2016-2017 годах в республиканских и зарубежных газетах и журналах, интернет-изданиях. 
Для победителей конкурса учреждены следующие награды: 
Победитель конкурса “Самая лучшая научно-популярная статья, посвященная памяти Ислама Каримова” награждается специальным дипломом и денежной премией в размере 100-кратной минимальной заработной платы, установленной в Республике Узбекистан. 
Два участника, занявших второе место, награждаются специальным дипломом и денежной премией в размере 75-кратной минимальной заработной платы, установленной в Республике Узбекистан. 
Три участника, занявших третье место, награждаются специальным дипломом и денежной премией в размере 50-кратной минимальной заработной платы, установленной в Республике Узбекистан. 
Наряду с этим организаторы конкурса учредили и поощрительные призы. 

Условия конкурса: 
на конкурс принимаются работы, опубликованные в национальных и зарубежных газетах и журналах, интернет-изданиях. 
При оценке представленных на конкурс научно-популярных статей применяются следующие критерии: 
раскрытие огромного вклада, исторической роли Первого Президента Республики Узбекистан Ислама Каримова в обретении независимости, построении национальной государственности; 
описание жизни и раскрытие многогранной деятельности Ислама Каримова в качестве выдающейся личности, основателя и строителя свободного гражданского общества и демократического государства, основанного на рыночной экономике; 
раскрытие истории становления и укрепления Узбекистана в качестве независимого государства под руководством Ислама Каримова; 
соответствие исторической действительности; 
широкое использование научных источников; 
написание на высоком научном, художественном уровне; 
предназначенность для широкого читателя. 

К материалам, направленным на конкурс, должны быть приложены: 
справка (объективка) об авторе; 
сведения о месте жительства, номерах домашнего и рабочего телефонов автора; 
копия паспорта автора. 
Торжественное награждение победителей конкурса проводится 30 января 2018 года – в день рождения Ислама Каримова. 

Diqqat: 2017-yil 5-iyul kuni O‘zbekiston tashqi ishlar vaziri hamyurtlarimiz bilan to‘g‘ridan-to‘gri muloqot o‘tkazadi

O‘zbekiston Respublikasi Prezidenti Shavkat Mirziyoyev tomonidan e’lon qilingan “Xalq bilan muloqot va inson manfaatlari yili”da belgilangan topshiriqlarni amalga oshirish doirasida 2017-yilning 5-iyul kuni Toshkent vaqti bilan soat 14.00 dan 16.00 ga qadar tashqi ishlar vaziri Abdulaziz Kamilov O‘zbekistondagi va xorijdagi hamyurtlar bilan uchrashuv o‘tkazadi va ularning savollariga javob beradi. Videokonferensiya shaklida bo‘lib o‘tadigan tadbirda O‘zbekistonning xorijdagi elchixonalari va bosh konsulxonalari rahbarlari ishtirok etadi.
Muloqot doirasida O‘zbekiston va chet el ommaviy axborot vositalari vakillari qarshisida vatandoshlarimizning TIV faoliyati bilan bog‘liq dolzarb muammolari ko‘rib chiqiladi.
Tashqi ishlar vazirligiga to‘g‘ridan to‘g‘ri murojaat qilish imkoniga ega bo‘lmagan O‘zbekiston fuqarolari matn, audio va video ko‘rinishdagi o‘z savollarini Vazirning virtual qabulxonasiga, rasmiy elektron manziliga, shuningdek TIVning “Facebook”dagi rasmiy sahifasi va “Telegram”dagi kanalga oldindan jo‘natishlari mumkin.
Shu o‘rinda ma’lum qilamizki, anonim xatlar, odobsizlik mazmunidagi murojaatlar (uyatsiz yoxud haqoratli iboralar, mantiq va ma’nosi bo‘lmagan takliflar va boshqalar), murojaat matnida tushunarsiz qisqartirishlar mavjud bo‘lgan, tarkibida aniq arizalar, shikoyatlar yoki takliflar bo‘lmagan murojatlar ko‘rib chiqilmaydi.
Murojaatlar ushbu e’lon chop etilgan vaqtdan tadbir yakunlanganiga qadar – 2017-yilning 5-iyul kuni Toshkent vaqti bilan soat 16.00 gacha qabul qilinadi.

Внимание: 5 июля 2017 года прямой диалог министра иностранных дел с согражданами

В рамках реализации задач провозглашённого Президентом Республики Узбекистан Шавкатом Мирзиёевым «Года диалога с народом и интересов человека» 5 июля 2017 года с 14.00 до 16.00 по ташкентскому времени министр иностранных дел Абдулазиз Камилов проведет встречу и ответит на вопросы находящихся за рубежом и в Узбекистане сограждан. В мероприятии в формате видеоконференции примут участие главы посольств и генконсульств Узбекистана за рубежом.
В рамках диалога министр в присутствии представителей узбекских и зарубежных СМИ рассмотрит насущные для наших соотечественников вопросы, связанные с деятельностью МИД.
Граждане Узбекистана, не имеющие возможности прямо обратиться в МИД, могут заблаговременно прислать вопросы в текстовой, аудио- и видеоформатах в Виртуальную приёмную министра, на официальную электронную почту, а также через официальную страницу МИД в «Facebook» и канал в «Telegram».
При этом сообщаем, что не будут рассматриваться обращения в случае анонимности, некорректного содержания (употребление нецензурных, либо оскорбительных выражений, предложения, лишенные логики и смысла, и т.д.), а также если текст будет содержать непонятные сокращения, в нем нет конкретных заявлений, жалоб или предложений.
Обращения будут приниматься с момента публикации объявления и вплоть до завершения мероприятия - 16.00 по ташкентскому времени 5 июля 2017 года.

The 16th traditional festival "Silk and Spices"

The 16th traditional festival "Silk and Spices" will be held on May 26-28, 2017 in Bukhara. Its goal is to preserve the existing cultural heritage with all its specific features and level of artistic skill, as well as to support folk crafts such as gold embroidery, hand weaving, carving, carpet weaving, building craftsmanship, fine arts.
The program of the festival includes performances of folklore ensembles from the regions of the country, national games and amusements, master classes, tasting of Uzbek pilaf at the event "Palov Sayli", fashion show from young designers of Uzbekistan.
The atmosphere of the eastern fairy tale will always recreate the colorful procession that will bring the guests of the festival thousands of years ago, when caravans loaded with silk and spices passed from China to Europe, passing through mountain passes and lifeless deserts and stopped in blossoming oases.
For anyone interested master classes on pottery, blacksmithing, gold embroidery, carpet weaving, coin aging and much more will be held.
The organizers of the event will be the Khokimiyat of Bukhara region, the Bukhara regional branch of the State Committee for Tourism and the association of artisans "Hunarmand".

"Atlas Bairami" Festival

"Atlas Bairami" festival will be held from 15 to 17 September in the city of Margilan. The festival is held from 2015.
"Atlas Bairami" festival contributes to the further development and popularization of national handicraft and tourism, the expansion of cooperation between artisans.
Leading masters of traditional textile and clothing design, artisans, art scientists, art managers, specialists in the field of traditional crafts management take part in the festival.
During the festival master classes and trainings for young artisans on traditional embroidery, natural dyeing, design using traditional textiles, as well as marketing and communication are held.
The program of the event also includes folk festivities, performances of folklore musical groups, performances of darvoz rope walkers, kurash competitions, plov competition and puppet show.
For the festival a small town of craftsmen is created, where the fair of applied arts of Uzbekistan will be presented. It is planned that about 120 masters from all regions of the country will come to Margilan.

6th International exposition & fair «Leather, Shoes, Clothing and Accessories»

Dear ladies and gentlemen!

We would like to present our compliments and inform you that Association of Leather and Footwear Producers of Uzbekistan “Uzbekcharmpoyabzali” is holding the 6th International Exhibition & Fair «Leather, Shoes, Clothing and Accessories” on April 4-6, 2017. Venue – the Palace of Youth Creatitvity, Tashkent.

The exhibition is a unique business event in leather industry oriented on manufacturers and distributors of leather, footwear and leather accessories as well as retailers and traders of Central Asia, Europe and CIS.

Exhibition Sections:


ladies’ shoes
men’s shoes
children’s shoes
shoes for home, casual shoes
sports shoes
rubber and felt footwear
specific and orthopaedic footwear
designer shoes collections

Leather Products:

leather accessories (bags, belts, suitcases)
sports goods
car upholstery and accessories
technical products
book covers

Fur and Sheepskin:

Fur coats, mantles, cloaks, boas, waistcoats
Fur hats
Fur gloves, mittens
Sheepskin coats

Leather materials;

Garniture and accessories;

Care products for shoes, leather, fur and sheepskin

Personnel protective equipment:

protective clothing
protective fabrics and materials
protective footwear
protective accessories (height fall, eyes, lungs, nose, ears etc.)

To ensure wide attendance we are performing a comprehensive advertising campaign. It will include direct free invitations mailing, national newspapers, TV and radio publicity, outdoor advertising on the high streets of Tashkent, outbound telemarketing and other.

Tashkent is the capital of Uzbekistan, the most populous country in Central Asia, and appears as the largest city with more than 3 billion inhabitants. Therefore, this exhibition might significantly stimulate the business relationship and greatly increase the trade exchange of leather and footwear manufacturers and traders in the region. Furthermore, the event gives a unique opportunity for modern Uzbek producers to leave a strong impression on the international market

We are happy to welcome your participation on the 6th International Exhibition & Fair «Leather, Shoes, Clothing and Accessories”


O‘zbekiston Respublikasi Prezidentining qarori
Mamlakatimizda mo‘tabar ayol zotiga munosib hurmat-ehtirom ko‘rsatish, ularning jamiyatimizdagi o‘rni va nufuzini oshirish, sog‘lom va barkamol avlodni voyaga yetkazish, o‘zining iqtidori va ibratli faoliyati bilan yoshlarga o‘rnak bo‘lib kelayotgan qizlarni rag‘batlantirish maqsadida hamda O‘zbekiston Respublikasi Prezidentining 1999-yil 10-iyundagi «Zulfiya nomidagi Davlat mukofotini ta’sis etish bo‘yicha takliflarni qo‘llab-quvvatlash to‘g‘risida»gi Farmoniga asosan: 

1. O‘zbekiston Xotin-qizlar qo‘mitasi huzuridagi Zulfiya nomidagi Davlat mukofoti komissiyasining Qoraqalpog‘iston Respublikasi, viloyatlar va Toshkent shahrining iqtidorli qizlarini a’lo xulqi, noyob iste’dodi, zukkoligi, tashabbuskorligi, o‘qishdagi muvaffaqiyatlari hamda adabiyot, madaniyat, san’at, ta’lim va sport sohalaridagi alohida yutuqlari uchun Zulfiya nomidagi Davlat mukofoti bilan taqdirlash to‘g‘risidagi takliflari ilovadagi ro‘yxatga muvofiq ma’qullansin. 

2. Zulfiya nomidagi Davlat mukofoti bo‘yicha ko‘zda tutilgan 14 ta mukofot o‘rniga 2017-yil uchun istisno tariqasida Qoraqalpog‘iston Respublikasining 2 nafar, viloyatlar va Toshkent shahrining 1 nafardan vakilalariga – jami 15 ta mukofot berilishi belgilansin. 

3. Zulfiya nomidagi Davlat mukofoti bilan taqdirlanganlarga 8-mart – Xalqaro xotin-qizlar bayramiga bag‘ishlab o‘tkaziladigan tantanalarda sovrindorlik diplomlari va ko‘krak nishonlari topshirilsin. 

4. O‘zbekiston Respublikasi Moliya vazirligi Zulfiya nomidagi Davlat mukofoti sovrindorlarining har biriga eng kam oylik ish haqining 50 baravari miqdorida pul mukofoti berilishini ta’minlasin. 

5. O‘zbekiston Milliy teleradiokompaniyasi hamda O‘zbekiston Milliy axborot agentligiga Zulfiya nomidagi Davlat mukofoti sohibalarining ibratli faoliyati, ularning noyob iste’dodi va erishgan yutuqlarini keng yoritib borish tavsiya etilsin. 

6. Mazkur qarorning bajarilishini nazorat qilish O‘zbekiston Respublikasi Bosh vazirining o‘rinbosari T.Norboyeva zimmasiga yuklansin. 

O‘zbekiston Respublikasi Prezidenti                                       Sh.Mirziyoyev

Toshkent shahri, 2017-yil 3-mart

Festive Greeting of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Festive Greeting
of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan
to the Defenders of Homeland on the Occasion
of the 25th Anniversary of Establishment of
the Armed Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Dear soldiers and sergeants, officers and generals, veterans of the Armed Forces! 

Esteemed compatriots!

I sincerely and from the bottom of my heart congratulate you - the patriots, who have devoted themselves to the greatest and noblest cause of defending the Homeland, and all our compatriots on the landmark date in the life of our country – the Day of Defenders of Motherland and the 25th anniversary of establishment of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan!

Today, in this festive day I cannot but pay a due respect to the bright memory of the great statesman and outstanding politician – the First President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Abdughanievich Karimov. Everything we have achieved for over the past 25 years along the path of building our Armed Forces is inalienably linked with his name!

In the early days of Uzbekistan’s Independence, thanks to a principle position taken by Islam Abdughanievich and his political will, on January 14, 1992 all military formations stationed in the territory of our country were placed under the jurisdiction of the Republic of Uzbekistan. It was this very date which became a benchmark for formation of the national army of Uzbekistan and was inscribed with golden letters to the annals of history of our Independence.

At that difficult period our First President confidently said that “the people of Uzbekistan, who are the worthy inheritors of their great ancestors and history, will be able to build an army capable to ensure the security of the country”.

And today we see that our Armed Forces fully justify this high trust.

In other words, today we have all grounds to declare that during historically short period we have created the national army capable to reliably protect the Independence, territorial integrity of the country, inviolability of its borders, peaceful and tranquil life of our people.

In uneasy conditions of formation of our state, when various armed conflicts and confrontations took place practically in the entire post-Soviet area, establishment of the Armed Forces of Uzbekistan served as a reliable guarantee of Independence of our Homeland, peaceful and tranquil life of the people, as well as successful implementation of reforms. Certainly, at the onset of Independence there were many acute problems in the military sphere as much as in other spheres of our life. Above all, the system of material and technical provision of troops didn’t meet the requirements, their structure and operational strength didn’t correspond to security threats. There was a shortage of qualified cadres due to which we had to elaborate the comprehensively thought-out and long-term strategy of consistent building and reforming the national army.

During a quarter of century based on this strategy and the National Security Concept and Defense Doctrine, as well as taking into account the real assessment of peculiarities of the possible theater of war and advanced foreign experience we have formed a compact, mobile and well-equipped national army with a high combat spirit.

In the short span of time we have formed the military districts, border regions, as well as the mission capable contingents of troops, in the first instance, the Interior Troops Corps and Special Operation Forces able to tackle the complex combat tasks. The effective system of military management, the mechanism of coordination and interaction of various types of troops and branches of Armed Forces is functioning.

The system of training, retraining and raising of qualification of military cadres acquired a principally new basis. In the early years of Independence the national officer cadres made up just 0.6 percent of the total number of servicemen in the ranks of our army and training of officers was carried out only at the three military schools on three military specialties. As a result of the accomplished work, three more military educational institutions were created and the education of cadets has been made multidisciplinary.

The Academy of Armed Forces established in 1995 took a special place in addressing the most important tasks in terms of training the higher command level officers, conducting the science research and development in the sphere of defense.

A significant attention was also paid to forming the sergeant corps as a basis of our army. Their training is conducted on 26 directions and specialties at the sergeant schools established in 2001 on the best world standards.

Dear friends!

After gaining Independence a significant work was also accomplished in the sphere of reforming the system of calling up citizens for active military service. As a result, we have been able to cardinally change the attitude of society to the army.

Thus, in the early years of establishment of the national army there were the serious problems in terms of filling up its ranks with conscripts. It was required to overcome and eliminate the vestiges of the army of the old regime – the non-statutory relations which brought about extremely unhealthy moral and psychological situation in the military units.

In order to tackle these issues, for several years we carried out a consistent work on eliminating these negative phenomena. The term of active military service was reduced to one year. The social and communal conditions and food ratio of servicemen was radically improved. The system of benefits was introduced to the discharged servicemen in their employment and applying to higher educational institutions. All of this has encouraged a healthy moral atmosphere in the military units and raising the prestige of service in the army among youth.

The creation of the system for citizens to serve in the mobilization conscription reserve – the unique of its kind – became a logical continuation of these reforms. The young men not only go through necessary military training, receive spiritual and physical upbringing, but also raise their civic responsibility and get imbibed with an in-depth comprehension of their military duty as a defender of Homeland.

Today, we can speak with confidence that mothers see off their sons to the army not with tears in their eyes and not with alarm in their hearts, but with a feeling of pride and confidence in their formation as real and reliable defenders of Motherland.

Dear compatriots!

As the national army develops, we have also been implementing the measures in terms of supplying it with armament and hardware. The troops are receiving the latest and modernized infantry and group armament, helicopters, aircraft, air defense systems, motorized and armored vehicles, and communication tools.

A special attention is being paid to social protection of servicemen and members of their families, establishing the modern social and communal conditions at the military towns. The set of programs in this sphere are being realized to provide the families of more than 15 thousand servicemen with housing. The systemic work in this direction will be continued.

During the years of Independence the effective mechanism of civil control over the Armed Forces has been elaborated. It provides for an transparency of their activity, broad involvement of civil institutions and public organizations to drafting and realization of the policy of military construction, upbringing servicemen and conscripts. The defense committees of both chambers of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan, as well as the Public Council at the Ministry of Defense established in 2012 actively interact with the Armed Forces.

All of the aforementioned serves to such an important goal as uniting our army with the people and the people – with the national army. Taking this opportunity, I would like to express a deep gratitude to all servicemen and compatriots who have made a commendable contribution with their diligent labor to the noble cause of creating the Armed Forces and consolidating their combat strength.

Dear friends!

The rapidly changing military and political situation in the region and the world, growing threats and challenges to our security, and finally, the life itself require us not to stop with what we have achieved. Based on deep and critical analysis of all our achievements and mistakes it is important to continue the well thought-out and consistent efforts in terms of further development and improvement of our national army.

First, raising efficiency of legislative regulation of such an important sphere as the national security is among our priorities. Most of the documents in this sphere don’t correspond to modern realities.

We objectively need to form a clear state system of strategic planning to ensure the national security. The National Security Concept, which is regularly renewed as and when necessary, must take a central place in this system. The principle of flexibility and openness of Uzbekistan’s foreign policy, the priority of development of constructive relations with our closest neighbors must be placed in the Concept. Along with this, it is necessary to firmly maintain a guideline to preserve the sovereignty and independence of Homeland, as well as cultural and civilization identity of our people. 

In this regard, it will be appropriate to declare once again that commitment to the course of non-alignment to any military and political blocs, prevention of stationing of foreign military bases and facilities in the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan and non-participation of servicemen in peacemaking operations abroad remains the principle position of our country.

Taking into account the dynamics of development of the situation in the world and the region, the need to adequately react to emerging threats and challenges, as well as our priorities and capacities, there is a need to revise the Defense Doctrine of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Only such a systemic approach will allow us to develop a unified, coordinated and consistent strategy in the sphere of national security, direct available resources and means to achievement of priority objectives, prevent their scattering and distraction to secondary tasks. 

Second, the system of organizational structure of the Armed Forces needs to be further improved. Based on the experience of development of military capability accumulated by us, the structure and tasks of each military district need to be clarified paying a special attention to its purpose, specifics of the use of troops and the peculiarities of line of operations. The task of strengthening the potential of our “air shield” – the Air Defense and the Air Force also needs a profound attention and concentration of resources. Their organizational structure, command and control system need to be improved in the short period of time along with implementation of the set of measures in terms of supplying them with modern equipment and armament. 

Third, we need to develop a new approach to planning the training of troops, which primarily must correspond to the tasks assigned to the units, the level of their preparedness and availability of equipment. In the final outcome, the major criterion for us in this work must be the practical outcome, focus on the real increase of combat capabilities and combat-readiness of the Armed Forces, as well as the high level of coordination and effective interaction.

Fourth, improvement of the system of training of professional military cadres of all levels must remain in the focus of our attention. 
In this regard, our first step will be establishment of a brand-new Armed Forces Academy. It will combine the glorious military traditions of the Tashkent Higher Command Combined Arms Military School and the experience accumulated by the present Academy and leading scientific and educational institutions of the country. The Academy will take a truly major place in the unified system of military education and become a real center of military science. It will continue training lieutenants, retraining the active-duty officers and provide special training to commanding cadres of our army. 
In the course of implementation of this task, we must introduce the latest methods and technologies to the education process, provide classrooms with modern simulators, teaching, laboratory and computer equipment, create favorable conditions for raising the awareness of attendees, their leisure and engaging in sports. 
Meanwhile, the requirements to the selection of candidates should be raised to identify the worthy young men capable to study at a military school and who possess high intellect and leadership skills. With this purpose, the two or three colleges and lyceums must be defined in each region which along with their main functions will provide an in-depth training of candidates for enrollment at higher military educational institutions.
Besides, it is expedient to use more broadly the opportunities for training the teaching personnel of all our military schools, including at the leading foreign educational institutions. 
Fifth, re-supplying of troops with modern types of armament and military equipment is our crucial task for today and the future.

Unfortunately, this issue is not being implemented at a required pace.

In this regard, as a primary task we must develop the Comprehensive program for 2017-2021 which envisages specific activities on procurement of military goods, repair and modernization of available military equipment ensuring their purposeful financing. 

I believe that it is a high time to start creating our own military industry. In this regard, we need to explore the issue of establishment under the supervision of the First Deputy Prime Minister A.Ramatov of a relevant state body responsible for pursuing an integrated policy in the sphere of defense industry and placing all repair plants of the Ministry of Defense, the Chirchik Aviation Repair Plant, as well as “Vostok” Scientific Production Association State Enterprise under its jurisdiction.

In the future, along with raising the efficiency of their activity, we need to focus on establishing the scientific-production basis, service centers and joint ventures, as well as localization of production of specific types of military goods at the leading enterprises of the country. 

Sixth, we need to concentrate on raising the efficiency of measures on social protection of servicemen. Today, we have come across with an objective necessity to develop the new mechanisms of implementation of the state programs in this sphere. 

With these goals, it is important to accelerate the development of much-needed regulatory and legal  acts aimed at improvement of the procedure of active duty, logistics, housing and medical support of servicemen.  The Law “On pension coverage of persons who served in the military, interior bodies, customs and their family members” must be adopted.

The new system of allocation of long-term soft mortgage loans for construction of individual housing, which has positively recommended itself, should be more broadly introduced into the system of providing servicemen with housing.  This year alone, in all regions of the country, we will start the construction of 56 three-storied apartment buildings for the families of servicemen with allocation of soft mortgage loans. 

Seventh, the continuous work on patriotic upbringing of our youth is urgently significant for us. It is an open secret that patriotism is a moral basis of sustainability of any state and stands as an important mobilizing resource for comprehensive development of society. Therefore indeed, we must take specific steps to nurture a firm immunity among our citizens against negative impact of alien ideas and strengthen the feeling of responsibility for the fate of Motherland. Young people, who have passed the army school of courage, steadfastness and stalwart devotion to Motherland, may become a reliable buttress in this challenging work. In this regard, the departments and divisions for defense affairs must maintain continuous links with them. It is important to broaden their authorities in this work and interaction with local state authorities. Another step would be the establishment under the supervision of the Prime Minister A.Aripov of the Republican commission for employment of citizens, who served in the military and mobile conscription reserve, as well as the relevant commissions under regional, municipal and district administrations directly headed by governors and mayors.

Taking into account the successes achieved by the Public Council under the Ministry of Defense in the issues of patriotic upbringing of youth, its capacities should be broadened by establishment of regional subdivisions of the Council in the structure of regional administrations, whose work must be organized in close interaction with the command of military districts.

Dear friends!
The persistent and planned implementation of all aforementioned tasks requires from us the full mobilization of capacities to continue and deepen the systemic work in terms of further reforming the national army, increasing its potential and combat capability. Therefore indeed, this direction, along with other spheres of socio-political life of our country, will go into the Strategy of Actions of Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan for 2017-2021 which is now being developed.

In accordance with this most important document, a set of specific measures will be adopted and implemented aimed at improvement of the legal framework in the sphere of defense, raising the efficiency of organizational forming-up, operational strength of contingents of troops, systems of manning and training of military cadres, supplying the troops with modern types of armament and hardware, as well as improving the issues of their comprehensive support.

Dear compatriots!

In this festive day, I would like to express the words of sincere gratitude to mothers and fathers of those, who are serving with dedication in the Armed Forces and commendably fulfilling their honorable, noble and responsible duty on the protection of Motherland!

I congratulate you once again, my dear compatriots, your loved ones on the Day of Defenders of Homeland and the 25th Anniversary of establishment of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan! I wish all of you a sound health, many successes in your service, happiness and well-being, strength and energy in serving Motherland!

Shavkat Mirziyoev,
President of the Republic of Uzbekistan,
Supreme Commander-in-Chief 
of the Armed Forces


Aziz va muhtaram vatandoshlar! 

Betakror diyorimizga yangi – 2017-yil kirib kelmoqda. 

Siz, muhtaram otaxon va onaxonlar, mehribon opa-singillarimiz, navqiron yoshlarimiz, butun xalqimizni yangi yil bayrami bilan chin qalbimdan tabriklayman. 

Barchangizga sihat-salomatlik, baxt va quvonch tilayman. 

Poyoniga yetayotgan 2016-yilda yurtimiz hayotida yaxshi kunlar, ulkan yutuq va marralar ko‘p bo‘ldi. Shu bilan birga, afsuski, boshimizga og‘ir tashvish va sinovlar ham tushdi. 

Lekin bu sinovlar el-yurtimizni yanada birlashtirdi. Mard xalqimizning matonati tufayli biz bu sinovlardan ham munosib o‘tdik. 

Yakuniga yetayotgan yil avvalo mustaqil Vatanimiz 25 yoshga to‘lgan yil sifatida tariximizda o‘chmas iz qoldirmoqda. 

O‘tayotgan yilni dehqon va fermerlarimiz, ishchi va quruvchilar, o‘qituvchi va shifokorlar, jasur harbiylarimiz, olimlar, ijodkor ziyolilar – barcha kasb egalari o‘z sohalari bo‘yicha yorug‘ yuz bilan yakunladilar. 

Ayniqsa, yurtimiz sportchilari Olimpiada va Paralimpiya o‘yinlarida erishgan beqiyos yutuqlar mamlakatimiz shuhratini butun dunyoda yanada yuksaltirdi. 

Bir so‘z bilan aytganda, o‘tib borayotgan yildan rozi bo‘lib, har qancha shukrona aytsak arziydi. 

Qadrli do‘stlar! 

Biz kirib kelayotgan 2017-yilga “Xalq bilan muloqot va inson manfaatlari yili” deb nom berdik. 

Buning negizida “Inson manfaatlari hamma narsadan ulug‘” degan olijanob maqsad va vazifalar yotibdi. 

Yangi yilda bu boradagi dasturiy vazifalarni amalga oshirishda barchamizning, avvalo, rahbar va yetakchilarning bir jonu bir tan bo‘lib, astoydil mehnat qilishlariga ishonaman. 

Yurtimizda tinchlik va barqarorlik, taraqqiyot, o‘zaro hurmat va mehr-oqibatni mustahkamlash bundan buyon ham asosiy vazifamiz bo‘lib qoladi. 

Aziz vatandoshlarim, qadrdonlarim! 

Mana shu quvonchli damlarda barchangizni Yangi yil bayrami bilan samimiy muborakbod etaman. 

Yurtimizdagi har bir oilaga tinchlik-xotirjamlik, baxt va omad hamda farovonlik tilayman. 

Yangi – 2017-yilning qadami jonajon Vatanimizga qutlug‘ va barakali kelsin! 

Yangi yil barchamizga muborak bo‘lsin!

Attention to companies executives and organizations!

Announces tender for the supply of socially important medicines and medical products

The tender is open to native wholesale and wholesale-retail companies fulfilled the conditions imposed for participation in the tender, having the license for pharmaceutical activity and experience of supplying respective volumes purchased by tender of medicines and medical products.
1. Name and address of the interdepartmental working body of the tender commission:
"Uzbekekspertiza" JSC under MFERIT the Republic of Uzbekistan.
The Republic of Uzbekistan, 100007 Tashkent, Parkent st., 51.
Phone: (998 71) 268-05-84, 230-23-64, fax: (998 71) 140-09-20,
e- mail:,, website:
2. Subject of the tender: The tender №1 «Supply of medicines and medical products," according to the list approved by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan from 31.10.2016 № 2647 "On measures to further improve the provision of population with medical supplies pharmaceuticals" is reflected in the tender documents.
3. Terms of payment and the highest prices for the purchasing of goods are included in the information on tenders and tender documents.
4. Delivery conditions (according to Incoterms 2010): CIP Tashkent.
5. Delivery time: reflected in the information about tenders and tender documentation.
6. The qualifying select of candidates will be held before tender starts by tender commission. 
7. The cost of the tender documents is set at 10 times the minimum wage established in Uzbekistan.
8. The deadline for acceptance of tender requests is January 16, 2017 to 15.00 Tashkent time.
9. For additional information on the conditions of the tenders please contact the «Uzbekekspertiza» JSC on the above details.


Профессиональные союзы выражают и защищают социально-экономические права и интересы работников. 

Из статьи 59 Конституции Республики Узбекистан.

В Совете Федерации профсоюзов Узбекистана состоялось духовно-просветительское мероприятие, посвященное 24-летию принятия Конституции Республики Узбекистан. 

На мероприятии отмечалось, что проводимая в стране работа по обеспечению права каждого человека на труд, свободный выбор профессии, работу в благоприятных условиях труда дает позитивные результаты. 

Закрепленные Основным Законом демократические принципы – гуманизм, справедливость – служат основным фактором обеспечения прав и интересов граждан, создания для них достойных условий жизни и труда, повышения творческо-интеллектуального потенциала. 

Закрепленные в Конституции нормы играют важную роль в совершенствовании направлений деятельности профсоюзов. В частности, с целью усиления защиты социально-экономических интересов и прав работников различных сфер в сфере труда на основе социального партнерства в ряд важных документов внесены положения о льготах и гарантиях по усилению защиты интересов женщин и молодежи. В результате проведения системных мероприятий по предотвращению трудовых травм и профессиональных заболеваний на основе коллективных договоров и соглашений в этом направлении достигаются позитивные показатели. 

В трудовых коллективах первичными профсоюзными комитетами в системном порядке проводятся “Часы духовности”, способствующие повышению правовой культуры молодежи, ее активности, защите от духовных угроз. 

На мероприятии участники получили ответы на вопросы о трудовых отношениях. 

International fruit and vegetable fair

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

It is our honor to inviteyouto participateat the «International fruit and vegetable fair»,which will be held inTashkent on November 8-10,2016.
The main purpose of the fair is:
- wide acquaintance of vegetables, fruits, grapes and melons with unique qualities, as well as processed products produced in Uzbekistan to foreign partners.
- Establishing long-term and reciprocal partnership relations between the fruits and vegetables producers, processing enterprises and foreign companies-importers;
Also, within the framework of the fair will be held the round tables and bilateral negotiations between the Uzbek fruits and vegetables exporters and consumers, as well as presentation of investment opportunities in agriculture and food industry of Uzbekistan.
Organizers of this fair are«Uzbekoziqovqatxolding» Holding Company, «Uzagroexport» JSC and «Directorate of the International fruit and vegetable fair» Ltd.
The participation at “International fruit and vegetable fair” is free of charge.
On-line registration of  participants will be available until 5th November via web

Feel free to contactus for, or by phone: (+99871) 246 13 51.

Yours faithfully,

Organizing Committee
Of the International fruit and vegetable fair

I Международная плодоовощная ярмарка в Ташкенте

С 8 по 10 ноября 2016г. в г.Ташкенте в Национальном выставочном комплексе «Узэкспоцентр» состоится I Международная плодоовощная ярмарка. Организаторами мероприятия являются ХК «Узбекозиковкатхолдинг», ХК “Узвиносаноат-холдинг”, Ассоциация “Узбекозиковкатзахира”, АО «Узагроэкспорт» и «Дирекция Международной плодоовощной ярмарки».
Ярмарка позволит узбекским компаниям представить свою продукцию, расширить географию экспорта, рынок сбыта сельхозпродукции и найти новых иностранных партнёров, а зарубежным участникам – найти партнёров для налаживания поставок плодоовощной продукции на рынки своих стран.
На Международной плодоовощной ярмарке ожидается участие более 150 отечественных поставщиков и переработчиков плодоовощной продукции из всех регионов республики, представителей профильных министерств, ведомств и организаций, которые представят свою продукцию, а также необходимую экспортерам и зарубежным покупателям информацию.
В частности, в выставочных павильонах будут представлены производимые в Узбекистане свежие, сушёные и переработанные фрукты, овощи, бахчевые и бобовые культуры, а также специи.
Сегодня большой интерес для местных производителей плодоовощной продукции представляют зарубежные перерабатывающие и ритейл-компании.
В целях налаживания кооперационных связей между местными производителями и зарубежными участниками, в павильонах национального выставочного комплекса «Узэкспоцентр» будут работать переговорные зоны, где поставщики смогут провести прямые переговоры с представителями зарубежных торговых компаний, в частности со специалистами, принимающими решения о закупках.
Для зарубежных участников ярмарки будет также организован специальный тур на предприятия по переработке плодоовощной продукции, холодильные комплексы, а также интенсивные сады.
Основными задачами ярмарки являются знакомство зарубежных партнеров с потенциалом Республики Узбекистан в сфере поставок плодоовощной продукции, установление долгосрочных, перспективных и взаимовыгодных отношений между производителями, перерабатывающими предприятиями и зарубежными торговыми компаниями-импортерами, а также заключение взаимовыгодных контрактов.
В адрес Оргкомитета ярмарки (Дирекция Международной плодоовощной ярмарки) поступают заявки от представителей зарубежных перерабатывающих предприятий, ритейл-компаний, торговых и логистических центров на участие в работе предстоящей ярмарки.
Подробная информация о предстоящем событии размещена на сайте Дирекции МПЯ по адресу
Регистрация участников продолжится до 5 ноября 2016 года.

ИА «Жахон»


Toshkent moliya institutida “Ona va bola sog‘lom bo‘lsa, oila baxtli, oila baxtli bo‘lsa, jamiyat mustahkam bo‘ladi” mavzuida ma’naviy-ma’rifiy tadbir bo‘lib o‘tdi. 
Respublika Ma’naviyat targ‘ibоt markazi tomonidan Toshkent moliya instituti bilan hamkorlikda “Sog‘lom ona va bola yili” Davlat dasturi doirasida tashkil etilgan tadbirda ma’naviyat targ‘ibоtchilari, professor-o‘qituvchilar, talaba-yoshlar ishtirok etdi. 
O‘zbekiston Respublikasining Birinchi Prezidenti Islom Karimov rahnamoligida mamlakatimizda oila, onalik va bolalikni himoya qilish masalalari davlat siyosatining ustuvor yo‘nalishlaridan biri etib belgilanganligi va bu borada keng ko‘lamli dasturlar ishlab chiqilganligi ta’kidlandi. 
Mamlakatimiz tibbiyotida mutlaqo yangi tizim bo‘lgan perinatal, skrining xizmatlari, reproduktiv salomatlik markazlari faoliyati yo‘lga qo‘yildi. Zamonaviy tibbiy jihoz va uskunalar bilan ta’minlangan tug‘ruq majmualari barpo etildi. Qishloq vrachlik punktlari va oilaviy poliklinikalarda o‘smir qizlar, tug‘ruq yoshidagi va homilador ayollar, yosh onalarning salomatligini doimiy nazorat qilib borish, ularni o‘z vaqtida tibbiy ko‘rikdan o‘tkazish uchun zarur sharoit va imkoniyatlar yaratilgan. Bugun bu ulkan ishlar xalqaro miqyosda tan olinib, keng e’tirof etilmoqda. 
“Sog‘lom ona va bola yili” Davlat dasturi bu boradagi ishlar ko‘lamini yanada kengaytirdi. 
Respublika Ma’naviyat targ‘ibоt markazi hamda uning viloyat, shahar va tuman bo‘limlari ta’lim muassasalari va fuqarolar yig‘inlarida “Oila – mahalla – ta’lim muassasasi hamkorligi”, “Sog‘lom onadan sog‘lom farzandlar dunyoga keladi”, “Sog‘ tanda – sog‘lom aql”, “Farzandning ota-ona oldidagi burchi va vazifalari”, “Sog‘lom oila – sog‘lom jamiyat”, “Sog‘lom ona va bola davlat e’tibori va e’zozida”, “Sport – inson salomatligi garovi” kabi mavzularda uch mingga yaqin ma’naviy-ma’rifiy tadbir, davra suhbati va uchrashuvlar o‘tkazdi. 
– Ushbu tadbirlar mamlakatimizda kamol topayotgan yosh avlodni tarbiyalash masalalarida oila instituti va fuqarolarning o‘zini-o‘zi boshqarish organlarining ta’lim muassasalari bilan hamkorligini yanada mustahkamlashda muhim ahamiyat kasb etadi, – deydi Ma’naviyat targ‘ibоt markazining Yunusobod tumani bo‘limi bosh mutaxassisi Muattar Eshbadalova. – Mamlakatimizda tibbiyot, ta’lim va sport sohalari bir-biriga uyg‘un rivojlantirilayotgani o‘g‘il-qizlarni har jihatdan sog‘lom tarbiyalashda muhim omil bo‘lmoqda. 
Tadbirda yoshlar o‘zlarini qiziqtirgan savollarga mutaxassislardan javob oldi. 


2016-yilning 6-oktabr kuni O‘zbekiston Respublikasi Markaziy saylov komissiyasida Yevropada xavfsizlik va hamkorlik tashkilotining (EXHT) mamlakatimizdagi loyihalari koordinatori Jon Makgregor bilan uchrashuv bo‘lib o‘tdi. 
O‘zbekiston Respublikasi Markaziy saylov komissiyasi raisi M.Abdusalomov Markaziy va okrug saylov komissiyalari tomonidan joriy yilning 4-dekabr kuni bo‘lib o‘tadigan O‘zbekiston Respublikasi Prezidenti sayloviga tayyorgarlik ko‘rish va uni o‘tkazish bo‘yicha asosiy tadbirlar dasturi doirasida amalga oshirilayotgan ishlar haqida qisqacha axborot berdi. 
Markaziy saylov komissiyasi va YeXHT o‘rtasidagi hamkorlik izchil rivojlanmoqda. YeXHT loyihalar koordinatorining Toshkentdagi ofisi “O‘zbekiston Respublikasi saylov amaliyotini takomillashtirishga ko‘maklashish” qo‘shma loyihasi doirasida mamlakatimizda saylov amaliyotini yanada demokratlashtirishning turli masalalariga bag‘ishlangan xalqaro tadbir, anjuman va seminarlarni tashkil qilish hamda o‘tkazishda faol ishtirok etdi. Ularning ishida YeXHTga a’zo mamlakatlar vakillari, YeXHT Demokratik institutlar va inson huquqlari bo‘yicha byurosi ekspertlari ishtirok etdi. 

District Election Commissions Convene for First Sessions

District commissions for elections of President of the Republic of Uzbekistan convened for their first sessions September 25-27 in the Republic of Karakalpakstan, provinces and the city of Tashkent.
During the meetings, members of the commissions discussed the objectives arising from the requirements of the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On Elections of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan” and the Program of Main Activities for Preparations and Holding of Elections of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan that was approved by the Central Election Commission.
Worth reminding is that the electoral campaign for the presidential ballot officially began on September 9. The Central Election Commission has set up constituencies and approved the individual composition of district electoral commissions.
In accordance with the Program of Main Activities for Preparations and Holding of Elections of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, district electoral commissions approved at their sessions action plans designed to prepare for the forthcoming vote. In addition, members of the commissions distributed individual missions among themselves.
It was stressed during the sessions that all the activities related to the preparations and holding of elections are carried out openly and publicly, in full compliance with the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On Elections of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan”. Due decisions have been made on the establishment of press centers of district electoral commissions.
The session participants also discussed important challenges facing the members of district electoral commissions, including those concerning the establishment of polling stations for the presidential ballot.
Following the meetings, district electoral commissions briefed the mass media on the outcomes of their sessions.

Republican Press Center on Covering
the Elections of President of the Republic of Uzbekistan
27September 2016


Chilonzor Oqtepa archaeological monument has been opened in the capital after the completion of beautification works.

This hill is a unique archaeological site, which has more than 2 thousand years history. The hill has several cultural layers. Some scholars suggest that the Zoroastrian temple was located here in due time.

The last excavations on this monument were carried out in 40s of the last century. Since then it has remained untouched and miraculously survived in rapidly developing urban infrastructure. Recently, it drew attention again. This was facilitated by the road reconstruction got started on the Oqtepa Square.  

At the initiative of the Madaniy Meros organization, engaged in the protection of monuments, the ruins of the ancient buildings have been surrounded by a fence. It is planned to erect a canopy that will protect them from further destruction.

Archaeologists have decided to continue the study of the monument.


From 22 to 27 November the Youth Creativity Palace, Library named after Alisher Navoi and Tashkent Institute of Textile and Light Industry will host Tashkent Fashion Week.
The following events will take place in the framework of Tashkent Fashion Week:
• "National dress" festival;
• Be Young (fashion show of young designers);
• Local and foreign designers fashion shows;
• Closing Gala fashion show;
• Workshops and seminars from leading foreign and local designers;
• Exhibition of Uzbek fabrics and works of applied art;
• Scientific-practical conference.
Fashion Week will bring together talented, successful masters, specialists and designers. Particular attention will be paid to the design and the saturation of the internal market with luxury finished products with further access to the international market.
Representatives of the Italian, Korean fashion industries will be special guests of the event. In general, Tashkent Fashion Week promises to be an unforgettable event and a colorful festival of modern and national costume.
Fashion Week is a special annual event in the fashion industry of Uzbekistan, which has proven itself among local and foreign designers, fashion houses, representatives of industry, business and the media. The main goal of Tashkent Fashion Week is to promote and further develop the industry, "the Uzbek fashion" in the country, promote creative potential and open broad prospects to all designers, revealing new names. All the events within the frameworks Fashion Week arefocused on the formation of the professional environment and the establishment of international cooperation in the global fashion industry.


Triumphant for Uzbekistan, the Summer Olympic Games in August in Brazil have demonstrated that national sports have reached a new, higher quality and higher level of development, and Uzbekistan is turning into a regional sports nation.
Representatives of Uzbekistan returned from Rio de Janeiro with four gold, two silver and seven bronze medals, which is an absolute record for all 25 years of independent development.
The brilliant performance of athletes at the Olympic Games brought Uzbekistan to the 21st place in the overall medal standings among 207 countries. Now we rank the fourth in Asia, second in the CIS and the first in Central Asia! On average, every fifth compatriot, who went to Rio de Janeiro, returned to homeland with the Olympic prize.
Step by step, stage by stage, we moved toward the sensational victory. Since the first years of independence, Uzbekistan has become an active participant of the international Olympic movement, and members of the national team decently represented their young state.
Rates of establishment of the Olympic movement in the country and promotion of its ideas have earned high recognition of international sports organizations. The first President of Uzbekistan was awarded the highest award of International Olympic Committee, Olympic Council of Asia, Association of National Olympic Committees for outstanding achievements in this field.
National Olympic Committee of Uzbekistan has been actively promoting the development of physical culture and sports, cultivation of healthy lifestyles in the society, ensuring participation of Uzbek athletes in four-year games. Our athletes won six gold, five silver and ten bronze medals since 1996 in the Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Sydney, Athens, Beijing, London, and since 1994 - in the Winter Games in Lillehammer, Nagano, Salt Lake City, Turin, Vancouver, Sochi. The delegations of Uzbekistan decently perform in the continental games, Junior Olympic Games, World University Games, world championships.
A huge work has been done in this direction in recent years. For example, founded under the National Olympic Committee in 2013, the Olympians Support Foundation of Uzbekistan invested billions soums for reconstruction and equipping of sports facilities and centers, enhancement of professional skills and financial incentives for athletes, social support of distinguished and talented athletes and coaches. 14 high sports schools for world-class athletes will be opened under a specially developed program in 2016 in the capital and all the regions.
Summing up the failure at the Olympics in London in 2012, Uzbekistan built specific plans. In particular, a targeted action program envisaged preparations at different levels, ranging from the construction of training arenas and conduct of competitions and training camps abroad, to a new system of incentives for athletes and their coaches, and creation of unique medical and psychological support systems.
All the abovementioned measures have brought to success in 2015, when Uzbek athletes won 15 medals in the world championships in various disciplines. For example, in recent years, our taekwondo athletes won in 118 prestigious tournaments. 2015 was particularly rich in awards: Dmitry Shokin became a world champion in the weight category over 87 kg for the first time in the history of Uzbekistan, and won the gold at the World Student Games. There are many of such examples.
The question that has to be answered is what is backed by the success at the Olympic and world arenas? The answer is obvious: it all comes to the great attention to the development of sports, and children’s sports in particular.
Children's Sports Development Fund of Uzbekistan was established 13 years ago. Over the years, it has turned into the key structure that contributes to raising a healthy generation. More than 1,700 sports facilities have been built over the period of its operation. Having such a huge amount of work done behind its belt, the unique structure confidently reaches its goals through a comprehensive approach to the development of sports, ranging from the construction and equipping of sports facilities in all regions to promotion of healthy lifestyles and raising champions.
Sports have become an integral part of life of our families, gaining a foothold in the minds of people. Today, parents bring their children to sports clubs by themselves. Involved in sports, boys and girls grow up healthy, strong and resolute, changing their outlook.
Targeted programs for 2016 have scheduled to build and renovate 221 sports facilities - sports centers, gyms at general schools, swimming pools at the expense of the Fund. The future champions are offered training facilities with the latest kinds of inventory and tools for their full-scale training. It is also envisaged to replace the worn-out and obsolete equipment in 337 sports complexes and 3,774 school gyms, which were commissioned in previous years. The Fund has already signed contracts of delivery with domestic manufacturers of sports equipment.
Active physical training, participation in competitions from an early age cultivate perseverance, the ability to concentrate, sports passion and desire to surpass oneself, develop the psychology of a winner. Good health and persistent leadership will constantly accompany a child in his life.
Competition is obviously the best training. Following this truth, regional branches of the Children's Sports Development Fund make the agenda of competitions in a way that the maximum number of young athletes could try themselves.
SCDF branches organized nearly 10,000 sports competitions in different kinds of sports, 80% of which were held in rural areas. The number of young participants exceeded 2 million, including more than 820,000 girls, mostly rural, who also fought for awards. Initiated by SCDF, the competitions are also important in terms of revealing and selection of talented, promising candidates for adolescent district, municipal, provincial and national teams. Besides, specialists of sports federations, as well as famous athletes hold master classes. They shared valuable guidance and advice with over 265,000 children.
The participation of young athletes in 44 international tournaments in various sports is ensured by the schedule for the current year. Uzbek athletes have won 274 awards, including 125 gold, 75 silver and 74 bronze medals. These victories are essential in terms of promotion of sports. Looking at champions, their peers, dream of reaching a high pedestal, and multiply the glory of the motherland in the sports arena.
According to experts, the development of sport and physical education has a so-called delayed effect. The lack of proper attention is sure to ‘backfire’ in 8-10 years, if deprived of stadiums, swimming pools and coaches, a generation comes into maturity.
As doctors say, children get healthier after a few months of regular exercise: lung capacity increases, the cardiovascular system develops correctly, the enhanced blood circulation improves brain activity. As a result of large-scale measures that have been practically embodied in the physical development of the younger generation, the children involved in sports are an average of 50% less likely to get sick with colds and viral illnesses, their posture and physical parameters have improved. Today, the 14 year boys correspond to World Health Organization standards in growth indicators. Their average growth has increased by 2.8 cm over the past decade.
The professionalism of coaches also contributes to the achievement high results. The approach to training of highly qualified coaches has been revised, specific resolutions have been approved, a new effective system of stimulating their work was introduced, the prestige of the profession has significantly grown. Over the previous decade, the number of sports mentors and coaches has increased by one and a half times as much, and representatives of the fair half of humanity - by 3,8 times.
The ongoing targeted programs on the development of children's sport that focus on engaging each child in regular classes, shape consciousness of the younger generation, helping to strengthen the faith in their own power. A fiendly atmosphere in sports clubs and complexes, good conditions, as well as a frequent opportunity of training side by side with famous athletes also produce a favorable effect on future champions. By communicating with them, they realize that taking pains and improving themselves they will also be able to hit the world pedestals.
The international recognition of records and victories of Uzbek athletes, the culture of a healthy and active lifestyle in the population, a unique infrastructure that provides access to training for millions of willing people across the country, suggest that sports in Uzbekistan are mass and prestigeous, and of high performance.
The progress of Uzbekistan is studied by different countries, experts conduct research and exchange with experience. There is a global response on the achievements of the country, and especially of women's sport.
Over the past quarter of a century, Uzbekistan has made a significant breakthrough in this field. Over the years of independence, the public opinion about women's sports was positioned as the basis of harmonious education, preservation and strengthening of children’s health, and the nation as a whole. The work done can be perfectly exeplmified by the fact that 52 Uzbek atheltes took part in the Olympic Games prior to independence, while 333 our compatriots, including 82 - female athletes, performed in five Olympic Games since 1996. The rapid growth of women's sports capacity is also clearly reflected by the fact that 567 women participated in 165 international competitions last year out of a total of 1,668 Uzbek athletes.
Sports infrastructure has been streamlined year by year. The measures on ensuring the comprehensive development of the younger generation under national programs have been expanding accessibility of sports, promoting its relevance in society and prestige of women’s sports education. The number of female entrants at the Uzbek State Institute of Physical Culture and physical education departments in regions has been growing. This was largely contributed by the opening of women's sports direction at the Uzbek State Institute of Physical Culture.
Every year, UZSIPC enrolls 200 girls from different regions of the country under the quota. They are offered an excellent academic building, well equipped gyms and playgrounds, an information and resource center. There are many members of national teams of the republic among the girls studying at UZSIPC.
The fact of a stable demand for female coaches is worth of mentioning. It reflects the dynamic development of women's sports around the country. 24% of urban girls and 22% rural girls attended regular sports in 2005, while by 2015 their number has doubled, amounting to 47% and 44.7% respectively. The number of female coaches has increased by 3.8 times against 2005. The institution of 15% of monthly allowances to tariff rates was a powerful incentive for their motivation.
All kinds of sports have been dynamically developing in Uzbekistan. A whole galaxy of champions has grown as a result of strong public support. Each district runs its own youth sports school. Sport is available for almost all the children, even in remote rural areas. They are offered modern conditions, and a chance to grow to the professional level. Numerous Children and Youth Sports Schools are attended thousands of young men and women. Yesterday’s timid newcomers grow into renowned athletes there. Specialized schools that apply the latest methods of organizing the training process, training a reserve and high class athletes for national teams of Uzbekistan, distinguish from common sports schools.
For instance, the Specialized Children and Youth Sports School of Olympic Reserve № 4 in Mirzo-Ulugbek district of the capital ranks among the foundries of future champions for the national team in gymnastics, trampoline and acrobatics. It provides decent conditions for high-level training. Athletes are trained by skilled coaches. SCYSSOR cooperates with sports federations, and daily trains about three hundred people. Classes are held accurately by schedule. The gym with a capacity of 120 people is always full.
National high sports schools have been considerably contributing in training of national team members. There is an ongoing targeted work to streamline their activity, strengthen their logistical capacity, and train highly qualified coaches.
In conclusion, it is worth to mention a sociological study, which was conducted by the Public Opinion Research Center Ijtimoiy Fikr. Its specislists found out what do citizens think on the results of performance of Uzbek athletes in Rio.
More than 99% of respondents noted that sports have entered a new, high level, and the outstanding achievements of athletes at the Olympics is the result of changes in the years of independence.
The study also showed that Uzbeks followed the Olympic competitions with great excitement and believe that the country's national team performed excellently at the games in Rio and achieved an outstanding progress. 99.3% said that our Olympians have surpassed all the darest expectations of their fans and sports fans.
When asked about the feelings caused by the brilliant results of the Olympians of Uzbekistan, the majority answered that "their heart was overfilled with pride and joy of victories" and that they "were satisfied with the performance of our athletes and happy for the worthy representation of independent Uzbekistan."
Making It to the World Cup Finals
Ravshan Irmatov, a FIFA referee:
Development of sports ranks among the priorities in Uzbekistan. The policy has been producing positive results. More and more of our athletes defend the honor of Uzbekistan at the Asian and  World Championships, at the Olympic Games. Colleges of Olympic Reserve and sports schools have been opened in all regions in order to promote healthy lifestyles, and grow a physically and spiritually strong generation. The annuall three-stage sports games Umid Nihollari, Barkamol Avlod and the Universiade have been demonstrating the advance in the skills of our athletes, and the relevance of sports among children and youth.
Football evolves rapidly and effectively. In the current world championship cycle, the national team is determined to make a long-term dream of its fans true and get into the World Cup finals.
Involving Youth
Dilorom Fayzieva,
member of the Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis:
Adopted in 2015, the Law ‘On physical culture and sports’ in the new edition stipulates measures on broad involvement of young people in sports, establishment of the system of training related specialists and effective sport infrastructure, and creation of appropriate conditions for training of high-class athletes and reserve.
The act contains regulations on national sports and folk games of Uzbekistan. They are a part of the national culture, and our rich heritage. The involvement of youth in sports and games will not just contribute to their physical and mental establishment, but will also foster a sense of respect for the origins, and love for the homeland.
The popular national sports Kurash, Belbogli Kurash, turon, Uzbek jang san'ati, and others have been popular bоth in our country and globally. Experts have been working on attaching international importance to them. This is also reflected in the law.
Powerful State Support
Rishod Sabirov
An Olympic medalist:
I have been doing Judo for almost twenty years. This sport has been strongly supported by the government. He has turned a truly massive: thousands of children all over the country are engaged in Judo.
Impressive achievements of athletes of Uzbekistan in Rio is a breakthrough, the result of deep reforms for 25 years.
The progress is based on the favorable environment for the development of all kinds of sports. Hundreds of new objects have appeared on the map owing to the Children's Sports Development Fund. The three-stage sports competitions among children and youth are unparalleled in the world.
They contribute to revealing the potential of young people, open their way into the world of professional sports. Through them, the local athletes are recognizable in the world.
A Plenty to Choose From
Nodirbek Kambarov, a coach at Namangan regional Barkamol Avlod sports complex:
Uzbekistan has been attaching huge importance to physical development of the growing generation. The construction of large sports complexes is underway. Our complex was built in 2009 and ranks among the region’s largest with its swimming pool, stadium, gyms for calisthenics and wrestling, and 14 sports clubs.
Many coaches keep in close contact with the federations. Through such cooperation, a few years ago I was able to initiate the development of aikido. I studied aikido in the Federation of Aikido in Tashkent, and now I teach this sport for girls and boys in Namangan.
I had so many visitors that I could not manage them all, so the Federation helped me with young coaches. Now, this kind of sports is developing not only in the regional center, but also in the districts.
Never Yield
Dmitry Shokin,
WTF Taekwondo Champion:
Owing to the attention of the country's leadership, the boys who want to cast their lot with sports enjoy all the conditions. There are excellent gyms. Clubs operate even in the remotest areas. Backed by such a care, one can hardly resist devoting all the strength to winning the international arena. It is very important that thousands of young men and women decided to go in for sports after the triumphant performance of our Olympians in Rio de Janeiro. This suggests that Uzbek athletes will not yield to anyone in the next Olympics. 


The republican morality propagation centre has conducted an event at the Tashkent state economics university on issues of ensuring peace and calm. 

The event was attended by representatives of such spheres as culture and art, poets and writers, scholars and students. 

The university’s prorector, M.Komilov, and others have said that thanks to the most priceless blessing – peace and calm, great achievements have been made in all the spheres in the country and that the people’s living standards are rising. 

Cherishing this blessing and working to make sure that tomorrow is even better should be everyone’s good goal. 

It was noted that the aim of the event was to make sure that everyone is clear about their first priority that’s to counteract various information attacks. It is important to explain to young people that information security is a guarantee of stability and peace. 

It was emphasized that that there were a need for young people to have an even deeper understanding of such concepts as unity and accord, and a need for more projects serving to form an objective opinion in them on life and on events happening around the region. 


Hurmatli Spiker!
Hurmatli Senat raisi!
Muhtaram deputatlar va senatorlar!
Qadrli qo‘shma majlis ishtirokchilari! 
Shu kunlarda barchamiz birgalikda yuragimizda chuqur dard bilan, o‘rnini to‘ldirib bo‘lmaydigan og‘ir judolikni boshimizdan kechirmoqdamiz. Nuroniy oqsoqollarimiz, mo‘tabar onalarimiz va opa-singillarimiz, yosh yigit va qizlarimiz, 32 millionli butun O‘zbekiston xalqi, xorijiy mamlakatlardagi ko‘psonli do‘stlarimiz buyuk davlat va siyosat arbobi, mamlakatimizning Birinchi Prezidenti Islom Abdug‘aniyevich Karimovni cheksiz qayg‘u bilan so‘nggi yo‘lga kuzatdilar. 
Shu fursatdan foydalanib, aziz Islom Abdug‘aniyevichning rafiqasi – hurmatli Tatyana Akbarovnaga, qizi – Lola Islomovnaga va yaqinlariga barchamizning nomimizdan yana bir bor chuqur ta’ziya bildirishga ruxsat bergaysiz. 
Vaqt va hayotning o‘zi Islom Abdug‘aniyevich Karimovning zamonamizning ulug‘ siyosatchisi, uzoqni ko‘radigan va strategik fikr yuritadigan shaxs, dunyoda va turli mintaqalarda yuz berayotgan o‘ta murakkab voqea-hodisalarning mohiyatini davlatchilik nuqtai nazaridan ko‘ra bilish qobiliyatiga ega bo‘lgan, o‘z yurti va xalqi uchun, har bir vatandoshimizning taqdiri uchun ulkan mas’uliyat tuyg‘usini chuqur his qiladigan atoqli rahbar ekanligini har tomonlama tasdiqladi. 
Milliy tariximizning eng keskin va tahlikali davrida, millatlararo to‘qnashuvlar va boshqa ziddiyatlar avj olgan, mamlakatimizda fuqarolar urushi xavfi yuzaga kelgan, iqtisodiyot chuqur inqirozga uchragan, bir so‘z bilan aytganda, eski zamonning umri tugab, yangi zamon boshlanayotgan bir paytda Islom Abdug‘aniyevichning respublika rahbari etib saylanishi Yaratganning xalqimizga bebaho marhamati bo‘lgan edi. 
Islom Abdug‘aniyevichga xos bo‘lgan bukilmas iroda, fidoyilik, mardlik va vatanparvarlik, insoniylik va adolatparvarlik, samimiylik va mehribonlik kabi olijanob fazilatlar barchamiz uchun yorqin ibrat namunasi bo‘lib qoldi. 
Zamonaviy O‘zbekistonning tarixi – bu mamlakatimizning haqiqiy mustaqillikka erishish yo‘lida Islom Abdug‘aniyevich Karimov rahnamoligida olib borilgan o‘ta murakkab va og‘ir kurashlar tarixidir. Buyuk Yo‘lboshchimiz haqli ravishda demokratik talablar va xalqaro mezonlarga to‘liq javob beradigan O‘zbekiston Respublikasi Konstitutsiyasining ham asosiy muallifi edilar. 
Mamlakatimiz totalitar tizimdan voz kechib, mustaqil taraqqiyot yo‘lini tanladi, ko‘plab qiyinchilik va sinovlardan o‘tib, tarixan qisqa davrda jahon hamjamiyatida o‘ziga munosib o‘rin egalladi. 
Konstitutsiya va uning negizida yaratilgan puxta qonunlar, shuningdek, Mamlakatimizda demokratik islohotlarni yanada chuqurlashtirish va fuqarolik jamiyatini rivojlantirish konsepsiyasi hokimiyat institutlarini shakllantirishni va ularning to‘laqonli faoliyat ko‘rsatishini, fuqarolarning huquq va erkinliklarini himoya qilish, mulkchilikning barcha turlarini, fuqarolarning davlat boshqaruvidagi faol ishtirokini ta’minladi. 
Islom Abdug‘aniyevich “Iqtisodiy mustaqillikka erishmasdan siyosiy mustaqillikni ta’minlab bo‘lmaydi” degan tamoyil va eng muhim ustuvor vazifani amalga oshirishni strategik masala deb hisoblar edilar. 
Davlatimiz rahbari tomonidan ishlab chiqilgan iqtisodiy dasturlarning amalga oshirilishi mamlakatimizning izchil va barqaror rivojlanishini ta’minladi. 
Mustaqillik yillarida O‘zbekiston iqtisodiyoti qariyb 6-marta o‘sdi. Unda sanoatning ulushi 14 foizdan 34 foizga oshdi. Oxirgi 11-yil davomida yalpi ichki mahsulotning o‘rtacha yillik o‘sish sur’ati 8 foizdan kam bo‘lmagan darajada saqlanmoqda. Faol investitsiya siyosati amalga oshirilmoqda. 
Mutlaqo yangi, yuqori texnologiyalarga asoslangan sanoat tarmoqlari, xususan, neft-kimyo, kimyo, avtomobilsozlik sanoati, qishloq xo‘jaligi va temir yo‘l mashinasozligi, farmatsevtika, elektrotexnika, to‘qimachilik sanoati, zamonaviy qurilish materiallari ishlab chiqarish va boshqa sohalar izchil rivojlanmoqda. 
Bugun O‘zbekiston iqtisodiyoti jadal rivojlanayotgan dunyodagi beshta davlat qatoriga kiradi. Buning yaqqol isbоti sifatida mamlakatimizda qurilgan va o‘z ko‘lami bo‘yicha jahon miqyosida ham yirik va noyob hisoblangan sanoat obyektlari, xususan, Ustyurt va Sho‘rtan gaz-kimyo komplekslari, Buxoro neftni qayta ishlash zavodi, Qo‘ng‘irot soda zavodi, Dehqonobod kaliy o‘g‘itlari zavodi, Andijon, Samarqand, Toshkent va Xorazm viloyatlaridagi avtomobilsozlik zavodlarini misol qilib keltirish mumkin. 
Respublikamizda jadal sur’atlar bilan zamonaviy yo‘l-transport va muhandislik-kommunikatsiya infratuzilmasi tashkil qilinmoqda. Jumladan, Qamchiq dovonidan o‘tadigan, noyob tog‘ tunnelini o‘z ichiga olgan Angren-Pop temir yo‘l tarmog‘i, Toshguzar-Boysun-Qumqo‘rg‘on temir yo‘li qurildi. Toshkentdan Samarqand, Qarshi va Buxoroga yo‘lovchi tashiydigan yuqori tezlikdagi temir yo‘l qatnovi ochildi. Xalqaro aeroportlar modernizatsiya qilindi, Navoiy aeroporti negizida xalqaro logistika markazi tashkil qilindi va O‘zbekiston milliy avtomagistrali barpo etildi. 
Qishloq xo‘jaligida tub tarkibiy islohotlar amalga oshirildi. Barchamiz yaxshi eslaymiz, yaqin o‘tmishda O‘zbekistonni paxta monopoliyasi hukmronlik qiladigan agrar bir mamlakat deb bilishar edi. Misol uchun, 1990-yilda aholining oziq-ovqat mahsulotlariga bo‘lgan ehtiyoji, asosan, chetdan olib kelinadigan import hisobidan qondirilar edi. 
Islom Abdug‘aniyevich Karimovning tashabbusi bilan yer va suv resurslaridan samarali va oqilona foydalanish, ekin maydonlarini optimallashtirish va yangi, ilg‘or agrotexnologiyalarni joriy etish, qayta ishlaydigan zamonaviy korxonalarni tashkil etish bo‘yicha keng chora-tadbirlar kompleksi ishlab chiqildi va amalga oshirildi. Haqiqiy mulkdorlarning yangi sinfi bo‘lgan fermerlik harakati shakllantirildi. 
Aholi jon boshiga asosiy oziq-ovqat mahsulotlarini o‘rtacha iste’mol qilish darajasi ko‘paydi: go‘sht, sut va ulardan tayyorlangan mahsulotlar – 1,5 barobar, sabzavot – 2,6 barobar, meva – 6,3 barobar oshdi. 
Mamlakatimizda xususiy mulkchilik va tadbirkorlik, kichik biznesni rivojlantirish uchun keng imkoniyatlar va qulay shart-sharoitlar yaratildi. Kichik biznes va xususiy tadbirkorlikning yalpi ichki mahsulotdagi ulushi 56,5 foizga yetdi. Bu sohada ish bilan band aholining 78 foizi mehnat qilmoqda va ular mamlakatimizning gullab-yashnashi uchun munosib hissa qo‘shmoqda. 
Davlatimiz rahbari tomonidan ilgari surilgan “Islohot – islohot uchun emas, avvalo inson uchun” degan ezgu g‘oyani amalga oshirish, ijtimoiy yo‘naltirilgan bozor iqtisodiyotini shakllantirish bo‘yicha ko‘rilgan chora-tadbirlar aholining hayot darajasi va sifatini sezilarli darajada yaxshilashni ta’minladi. 
Bugungi kunda Davlat byudjetining qariyb 60 foizi ijtimoiy sohani rivojlantirishga yo‘naltirilmoqda. 1991-yilga taqqoslaganda, aholining real daromadlari 12 barobardan ziyod ko‘paydi, ish haqi, pensiya va ijtimoiy nafaqalar salmoqli darajada oshdi. Iste’mol tovarlari ishlab chiqarishni jadal sur’atlar bilan oshirish va aholining ularga bo‘lgan talabini qondirish ta’minlanmoqda. 
Mamlakatimiz rahbari siyosiy, iqtisodiy va ijtimoiy jihatdan strategik ahamiyatga ega bo‘lgan masalalarni yechish bilan bir qatorda, jamiyatimiz hayotini, fuqarolarimizning ongu tafakkuri va dunyoqarashini tubdan o‘zgartirishga qaratilgan ko‘pqirrali vazifalarga doimo katta e’tibor qaratar edilar. 
“Farzandlarimiz bizdan ko‘ra kuchli, bilimli, dono va albatta baxtli bo‘lishlari shart” degan chuqur ma’noli fikrlari hammamizning qalbimizda muhrlanib qolgan.
Yurtboshimiz mamlakatimizning bugungi va ertangi kunini hal qiluvchi kuch bo‘lib maydonga chiqayotgan yoshlarimizning tafakkuri va dunyoqarashini keskin o‘zgartirgan, mutlaqo yangi ta’lim va tarbiya tizimini yaratish va hayotga tatbiq qilish ishlariga bevosita mualliflik va rahbarlik qildilar. 
Yurtimizda ilm-fan, sog‘liqni saqlash, madaniyat va san’at, sport kabi muhim sohalar faol tarzda rivojlanmoqda. 
Davlatimiz rahbari xalqimizning ma’naviy qadriyatlariga ehtirom bilan munosabatda bo‘lish, muqaddas dinimiz, an’ana va urf-odatlarimiz, bebaho tarixiy merosimizni saqlab qolish va rivojlantirishni davlat siyosati darajasiga ko‘tardi. 
Fuqarolik jamiyati institutlarini shakllantirish, ayniqsa, davlat va jamiyat boshqaruvida mahallaning nufuzini oshirish, uning huquq va vakolatlarini kengaytirish borasida ulkan ishlarni amalga oshirdi. 
Yurtboshimiz keksa avlod vakillariga, muhtaram faxriylarimizga hurmat-ehtirom va amaliy g‘amxo‘rlik ko‘rsatishni o‘ta muhim vazifa deb hisoblar edilar. 
Oliy Bosh Qo‘mondon sifatida Islom Abdug‘aniyevich Karimov Qurolli Kuchlarimizni tubdan isloh qilish, jangovar qobiliyatini kuchaytirish va shu asosda O‘zbekiston Respublikasining hududiy yaxlitligini va mustaqilligini himoyalash, sarhadlarining daxlsizligini, xalqimizning tinch va osuda hayotini ta’minlash uchun beqiyos xizmat ko‘rsatdilar. 
U kishining tashabbuslari bilan tinchlikparvarlik, boshqa davlatlarning ichki ishlariga aralashmaslik va yuzaga kelayotgan qarama-qarshilik va ziddiyatlarni faqat va faqat tinch, siyosiy yo‘l bilan hal etishga asoslangan O‘zbekiston Respublikasining tashqi siyosiy faoliyati konsepsiyasi ishlab chiqildi va amalga oshirilmoqda. 

Hurmatli deputat va senatorlar! 
Biz oxirgi 25-yil davomida juda ko‘plab muhim anjuman va yig‘ilishlarni o‘tkazdik. Ularning barchasiga muhtaram Prezidentimiz Islom Abdug‘aniyevich Karimov boshchilik qilganlaridan yaxshi xabardorsiz. Bugun esa tariximizda birinchi marta bunday muhim yig‘ilishni aziz rahbarimizning ishtirokisiz o‘tkazmoqdamiz. Go‘yoki xayolimizda u kishi hozir zalga kirib keladigandek. 
O‘ylaymanki, bugungi majlisda qatnashayotgan har bir inson shu zalda buyuk Yo‘lboshchimizning ruhi va nafasini sezib turibdi. O‘zbekiston Respublikasi Birinchi Prezidentining o‘lmas g‘oyalari, fikr, ko‘rsatmalari bizning qalbimiz va ongimizga shunday chuqur singib ketganki, ular bizning kelajak sari qat’iyat bilan borishimizda barchamizga doimo tayanch va suyanch bo‘lishi muqarrar. 
Shu munosabat bilan, biz dunyodagi hozirgi murakkab va keskin sharoitni har tomonlama hisobga olgan holda, o‘zimizning birinchi darajali vazifalarimizni birgalikda belgilab olishimiz darkor. 
Bugun biz xalqimizni ishontirib, baland ovoz bilan aytishimiz zarurki, buyuk ustozimizning siyosiy merosi, ya’ni, u kishi belgilab bergan taraqqiyotimizning asosiy tamoyillari, ustuvor yo‘nalishlar, maqsad va vazifalarni so‘zsiz va to‘liq amalga oshirish biz uchun ham qarz, ham farzdir. 
Birinchidan, biz har doim Islom Abdug‘aniyevich Karimovning chuqur ma’noli o‘gitlarini, ayniqsa, “Bizga tinchlik va omonlik kerak!” degan so‘zlarini hech qachon esdan chiqarmasligimiz lozim. 
Turli xavf-xatarlar kuchayib borayotgan bugungi tahlikali vaziyatda bebaho boyligimiz bo‘lgan tinchlik va osoyishtalikni ko‘z qorachig‘idek saqlashimiz, yurtimizdagi millatlar va dinlararo hamjihatlik, o‘zaro hurmat va mehr-oqibat muhitini yanada mustahkamlashimiz kerak. 
Shu bilan birga, jamiyatimizda qonun ustuvorligi, tartib-intizom, fuqarolarning huquq va erkinliklarini ta’minlashimiz zarur. Barchamizga ma’lumki, Islom Abdug‘aniyevich Karimov “Odamlarhamma narsaga chidashi mumkin, lekin adolatsizlikka chiday olmaydi”, deb ko‘p-ko‘p ta’kidlar edilar. Biz barpo etayotgan huquqiy davlatda adolatsizlikning hech qanday shaklda ustun bo‘lishiga yo‘l qo‘ymasligimiz zarur. Bu hokimiyatning barcha tarmoqlari, eng avvalo, davlat boshqaruvi organlarining va ayniqsa huquqni muhofaza qilish organlarining birinchi darajali vazifasidir. Biz xalqimizning, bugungi zamonning ana shu muhim talabi so‘zsiz bajarilishini ta’minlashimiz shart. 
Ikkinchidan, davlatimiz xavfsizligini har tomonlama mustahkamlashimiz, har bir fuqaroning tinchligi va osoyishtaligini ta’minlashimiz lozim. Vaziyatni izdan chiqarish, nifoq solish, dushmanlik urug‘ini sepish, turli mojarolarni keltirib chiqarish va hatto qon to‘kilishini istayotgan kuchlar ham mavjudligi hech kimga sir emas. 
Ochiq tan olish kerak, biz notinch zamonda, notinch bir mintaqada yashamoqdamiz. Shu sababli Vatanimiz himoyasini ishonchli kafolatlayotgan, mudofaa qobiliyatimizni mustahkamlayotgan va davlat chegaralarimiz daxlsizligini ta’minlayotgan tizimli chora-tadbirlar kompleksini joriy etishni qat’iyat bilan davom ettirishimiz zarur. 
Biz Qurolli Kuchlarimiz va huquq-tartibоt organlarimizni bundan keyin ham har tomonlama mustahkamlab boramiz. Hech kimda zarracha ham shubha bo‘lmasligi kerak – mamlakatimiz suvereniteti va mustaqilligiga xavf tug‘diradigan ichki va tashqi kuchlarning har qanday harakatlariga, har qanday urinishlariga qat’iy va munosib zarba beriladi. 
Bizning yana bir eng muhim ustuvor vazifamiz – Islom Abdug‘aniyevich Karimov tomonidan ishlab chiqilgan “o‘zbek modeli”ning asosi bo‘lmish besh tamoyilni amalga oshirish asosida iqtisodiyotda tarkibiy o‘zgarishlarni davom ettirish va uning raqobatdoshligini ta’minlashdan iborat. 
Mamlakatimizning kelgusi rivoji, xalqimiz farovonligi, uning turmush darajasi va sifatini yuksaltirish aynan shu masalaga bog‘liq. 
Jahon iqtisodiyotida o‘sish sur’atlari sekinlashib, eng muhim eksport tovarlarimizga tashqi talab kamayib, dunyo bozorida ularning narxi pasayib borayotgan sharoitda Islom Abdug‘aniyevich Karimov tomonidan iqtisodiyotimizni isloh qilishni chuqurlashtirish bo‘yicha belgilab berilgan ustuvor vazifalarni bajarishga qaratilgan ishlarimizni yanada kuchaytirishimiz kerak. 
Shu bilan birga, Oliy Majlis palatalarining 2015-yil yanvar oyidagi qo‘shma majlisida taklif etilgan Vazirlar Mahkamasining Harakat dasturini amalda bajarishni davom ettirish zarur. Bu borada iqtisodiy islohotlarni chuqurlashtirishni davom ettirish, xususiy mulkni rivojlantirishni jadallashtirish, davlatning iqtisodiyotdagi ulushini kamaytirish va tarkibiy o‘zgartirishlarni jadallashtirishga qaratilgan ishlarni izchil amalga oshirish muhim ahamiyatga egadir. 
Yuqorida aytilgan fikrlardan kelib chiqqan holda, asosiy diqqat-e’tiborni quyidagi ustuvor vazifalarga qaratish zarur, deb hisoblaymiz. 
Birinchidan, makroiqtisodiy barqarorlikni yanada mustahkamlash va keyingi yillardagi iqtisodiy o‘sish sur’atlarini saqlab qolish zarur. Milliy valyutamiz barqarorligini ta’minlash, bank tizimini mustahkamlash, mamlakatimizda va mahalliy darajada byudjet barqarorligini ta’minlash bo‘yicha qo‘shimcha kompleks chora-tadbirlarni amalga oshirish kerak. 
Bunda chetdan qarz olish bo‘yicha konservativ yondashuv siyosatini davom ettirish, davlatning tashqi qarzi haddan ziyod oshib ketishiga yo‘l qo‘ymaslik muhim ahamiyat kasb etadi. Bularning barchasi Islom Abdug‘aniyevich Karimovning avvalo o‘zimizning kuch va imkoniyatlarimizga tayanish zarurligi haqidagi uzoqni ko‘zlagan strategiyasini davom ettirish bilan bog‘liq. 
Ikkinchidan, nodir va qimmatbaho metallarni chuqur qayta ishlash, oziq-ovqat va kimyo sanoatini rivojlantirish bo‘yicha qabul qilingan dasturlarni amalga oshirishimiz zarur. 
Uchinchidan, tashqi bozorlarda raqobat va beqarorlik kuchayib borayotgan sharoitda iqtisodiyotning real tarmoqlari bilan bir qatorda mamlakatimiz hududlarida ham raqobatdosh mahsulotlar ishlab chiqarishni ko‘paytirish va eksport salohiyatini oshirish alohida ahamiyatga ega. 
Ana shu maqsadda kichik biznes va xususiy tadbirkorlik subyektlari, shuningdek, fermer xo‘jaliklarining eksportda ishtirok etishini yanada rag‘batlantirish bo‘yicha qo‘shimcha kompleks chora-tadbirlarni amalga oshirish zarur. Bu iqtisodiy o‘sish, tarmoqlar va hududlarni rivojlantirish, aholining mehnat bilan bandligini ta’minlash va moddiy farovonligini oshirishning asosiy lokomotivi bo‘lishi kerak. 
To‘rtinchidan, Islom Abdug‘aniyevich Karimovning xususiy tadbirkorlik va kichik biznes subyektlari manfaatlarini mustahkam himoya qilish to‘g‘risidagi talab va topshiriqlari ijrosini izchil davom ettirish darkor. Turli byurokratik to‘siqlar va asossiz tekshiruvlarni bundan keyin ham qat’iyat bilan cheklash zarur. 
Beshinchidan, eng muhim ijtimoiy-iqtisodiy vazifa – Oliy Majlis palatalari tomonidan tasdiqlangan Aholining mehnat bilan bandligini oshirish dasturini bajarishdan iborat. Yil oxiriga qadar bir milliondan ziyod yangi ish o‘rinlarini tashkil etishimiz zarur. Kasb-hunar kollejlarining 480 ming nafar bitiruvchisini ishga joylashtirish masalasi alohida nazoratni talab qiladi. 
Biz jamiyatning ijtimoiy tabaqalanish darajasini pasaytirish, mamlakatimizda o‘ta boylar ham, o‘ta kambag‘allar ham bo‘lmasligi bo‘yicha Islom Abdug‘aniyevich tomonidan belgilab berilgan siyosatni qat’iy davom ettiramiz. 
Oltinchidan, xalqaro kommunikatsiya tarmoqlariga ulangan zamonaviy yo‘l-transport va muhandislik infratuzilmasini shakllantirish, shuningdek, milliy axborot-kommunikatsiya tizimlarini rivojlantirish bo‘yicha O‘zbekiston Respublikasi Prezidenti tomonidan puxta o‘ylangan va ishlab chiqilgan strategiyani amalga oshirishni davom ettiramiz. 
Bugungi sharoitda eng ilg‘or axborot-kommunikatsiya texnologiyalarini keng joriy etish ustuvor ahamiyat kasb etmoqda. Bu sohada qabul qilingan Milliy dasturga muvofiq, telekommunikatsiya texnologiyalarini, aloqa tizimlari va infratuzilmasini yanada rivojlantirish, informatsion tizimlar komplekslari va “Elektron hukumat” axborot bazasini shakllantirishimiz kerak. 
Mamlakatimiz hududlarini kompleks rivojlantirish sohasidagi ishlarni davom ettirib, Qarshi, Shahrisabz, Toshkent, Termiz, Namangan va Urganch shaharlarini obodonlashtirish bo‘yicha mamlakatimiz Prezidenti tomonidan qabul qilingan qarorlarning amalda bajarilishini ta’minlash kerak.
Qishloq xo‘jaligini yanada isloh qilish va rivojlantirish bo‘yicha birinchi navbatdagi vazifa – ko‘p tarmoqli fermerlikni rivojlantirish, har bir fermer xo‘jaligining iqtisodiy samaradorligi va moliyaviy barqarorligini ta’minlashdir. Bu masalani biz mamlakatimiz oziq-ovqat xavfsizligini ta’minlashning garovi deb hisoblaymiz. 
Islom Abdug‘aniyevich Karimov tashabbuskori bo‘lgan qishloqlarimiz qiyofasini tubdan o‘zgartirish, qishloq aholisi uchun shahar darajasidagi turmush sharoitini ta’minlaydigan namunaviy uy-joylarni va tegishli infratuzilmani qurish bo‘yicha dasturni faol davom ettiramiz. 
Ta’lim va tarbiya, ilm-fan, sog‘liqni saqlash, madaniyat va san’at, sportni rivojlantirish masalalari, yoshlarimizning chuqur bilimga ega bo‘lishi, chet tillarini va zamonaviy axborot-kommunikatsiya texnologiyalarini puxta egallashini ta’minlash doimiy ustuvor vazifamiz bo‘lib qoladi. 
Eng muhim yo‘nalishlardan yana biri – jamiyatimizda demokratik jarayonlarni chuqurlashtirish, fuqarolik institutlari rivojlanishini qo‘llab-quvvatlash, siyosiy partiyalarning obro‘-e’tibori va ta’sirini oshirish, saylovchilarning ovozi uchun raqobatni kuchaytirishdan iborat. 

Hurmatli do‘stlar! 
Biz bundan buyon ham barcha xorijiy mamlakatlar, jahon hamjamiyati bilan samarali hamkorligimizni davom ettiramiz. 
Bu borada O‘zbekistonning xalqaro miqyosdagi obro‘-e’tibori va pozitsiyasini yanada kuchaytirish maqsadida O‘zbekiston Respublikasining Tashqi siyosiy faoliyati konsepsiyasi faol amalga oshiriladi. 
Hech qanday harbiy-siyosiy bloklarga qo‘shilmaslik, boshqa davlatlarning harbiy bazalari va obyektlari O‘zbekiston hududida joylashishiga, shuningdek, harbiy xizmatchilarimizning mamlakatimiz hududidan tashqarida bo‘lishiga yo‘l qo‘ymaslik, ilgarigidek, davlatimizning qat’iy siyosiy pozitsiyasi bo‘lib qoladi. 
Mamlakatimizning milliy manfaatlarini ta’minlashda muhim ahamiyatga ega bo‘lgan Markaziy Osiyo mintaqasi O‘zbekiston tashqi siyosiy faoliyatining asosiy ustuvor yo‘nalishi hisoblanadi. Biz o‘zimizning yaqin qo‘shnilarimiz Turkmaniston, Qozog‘iston, Tojikiston va Qirg‘iziston bilan ochiq, do‘stona va pragmatik siyosat olib borishga sodiq qolamiz. 
Tashqi siyosatimizning ustuvor yo‘nalishi bu – Mustaqil Davlatlar Hamdo‘stligi mamlakatlari bilan aloqalarimizni mustahkamlashdan iborat. Birinchi navbatda, Rossiya Federatsiyasi bilan Strategik sheriklik, Ittifoqchilik munosabatlari to‘g‘risidagi shartnomalar va boshqa muhim kelishuvlar asosida do‘stona aloqalarni izchil rivojlantirish va kuchaytirish ikki mamlakat manfaatlariga javob beradi va mintaqada barqarorlik va xavfsizlikni mustahkamlashga xizmat qiladi. 
Amerika Qo‘shma Shtatlari bilan o‘zaro manfaatli va konstruktiv hamkorlikni har tomonlama rivojlantirish bizning tashqi siyosatimizda ustuvor ahamiyatga ega bo‘lib qoladi. 
O‘zbekiston mintaqadagi yaqin qo‘shnimiz hamda global va mintaqaviy muammolarni yechishda muhim rol o‘ynaydigan Xitoy Xalq Respublikasi bilan har tomonlama strategik hamkorlikni yanada mustahkamlashdan manfaatdordir. 
Osiyo va Tinch okeani mintaqasida biz Yaponiya, Koreya Respublikasi va boshqa davlatlar bilan iqtisodiyot, investitsiyalar, fan va texnologiyalar, ta’lim, sog‘liqni saqlash va turizm sohalarida hamkorlik munosabatlarini yanada rivojlantirishga ustuvor darajada ahamiyat beramiz. 
O‘zbekiston uchun Yevropaning yetakchi davlatlari, avvalambor Germaniya, Fransiya va Buyuk Britaniya, Markaziy va Sharqiy Yevropa davlatlari bilan o‘zaro manfaatli hamkorlikni rivojlantirish muhim ahamiyat kasb etadi. 
Biz Hindiston, Pokiston va Janubiy Osiyoning boshqa davlatlari bilan siyosiy, savdo-iqtisodiy, transport-kommunikatsiya va madaniy-gumanitar sohalarda hamkorlikni yanada rivojlantirish tarafdorimiz. 
O‘zbekiston Afg‘onistonga nisbatan an’anaviy ravishda yaqin qo‘shnichilik va do‘stona siyosat olib boradi. 
Biz Yaqin va O‘rta Sharq davlatlari bilan o‘zaro manfaatli va keng qirrali munosabatlarni rivojlantirish va mustahkamlashni davom ettiramiz. 
Lotin Amerikasi va Karib mintaqasi, Afrika qit’asining yetakchi davlatlari bilan aloqalarni kengaytirish va mustahkamlash O‘zbekistonning milliy manfaatlariga javob beradi. 
Birlashgan Millatlar Tashkiloti, Shanxay hamkorlik tashkiloti, Mustaqil Davlatlar Hamdo‘stligi, Islom hamkorlik tashkiloti va boshqa xalqaro tashkilotlar bilan faol munosabatlar va hamkorlik olib borish O‘zbekistonning milliy manfaatlariga xizmat qiladi. 
Biz Jahon banki, Osiyo taraqqiyot banki, Islom taraqqiyot banki, Xalqaro valyuta jamg‘armasi, boshqa xalqaro moliya va iqtisodiy tashkilotlar bilan davlatimiz iqtisodiyotida amalga oshirilayotgan tarkibiy islohotlarni qo‘llab-quvvatlashga qaratilgan hamkorlikni yanada rivojlantiramiz. 

Hurmatli qo‘shma majlis ishtirokchilari! 
Iqtisodiy va ijtimoiy islohotlarning ustuvor vazifalarini muvaffaqiyatli ado etish, birinchi navbatda, Oliy Majlis palatalari, Vazirlar Mahkamasi, barcha darajadagi hokimliklar, davlat va xo‘jalik boshqaruv idoralari, butun xalqimizning O‘zbekiston Respublikasining Birinchi Prezidenti g‘oyalari atrofida jipslashib, bir yoqadan bosh chiqarib, hamjihatlik bilan bor kuch va imkoniyatlarini safarbar etishiga bog‘liq ekanini hammamiz yaxshi tushunamiz. 
Mana shu ezgu maqsad yo‘lida – Vatanimiz mustaqilligini har tomonlama mustahkamlash, mamlakatimizning barqaror iqtisodiy va ijtimoiy rivojlanishini, xalqimiz farovonligini ta’minlashga qaratilgan ishlarimizda buyuk Yurtboshimiz Islom Abdug‘aniyevich Karimovning “Ona Vatanimiz va xalqimizga sadoqat bilan xizmat qilish – oliy saodatdir” degan so‘zlari doimo bizga kuch-quvvat va g‘ayrat bag‘ishlaydi, deb ishonaman. 
E’tiboringiz uchun rahmat.


Aziz vatandoshlar! 

Mamlakatimizning ko‘p asrlik tarixida mutlaqo yangi sahifa ochgan, el-yurtimizni mustabid tuzum kishanlaridan ozod qilib, erkin va farovon hayot qurish yo‘lini ochib bergan O‘zbekiston davlat mustaqilligining 25-yillik bayrami bilan barchangizni, butun xalqimizni chin qalbimdan tabriklayman. 

Qadrli do‘stlar! 
Barchamizga ayonki, mustaqillik hech qaysi xalq, hech qaysi millat tarixida osonlik bilan qo‘lga kiritilgan emas. Bu haqiqatni chuqur anglaydigan xalqimiz shu kurashda fidoyilik ko‘rsatgan, qurbon bo‘lgan ota-bobolarimizning xotirasini qalbida abadiy saqlaydi. 
Ayni shu kunlarda o‘zini oqlamagan eski tuzumdan yangi tizimga o‘tish davrini eslar ekanmiz, boshimizdan kechirgan mashaqqatli kunlar va og‘ir sinovlar beixtiyor ko‘z o‘ngimizdan o‘tadi. 
Ayniqsa, sobiq tuzum asoratlari tufayli respublikamizda ahvol naqadar xatarli tus olganini avvalo ta’minot masalasi butunlay izdan chiqib, xalqimizni boqish uchun bor-yo‘g‘i bir hafta-o‘n kunga yetadigan un zaxirasi qolgani, tartib-intizom bo‘shashib, turli qo‘poruvchi va g‘alamis kuchlar bosh ko‘tarib, yurtimiz deyarli jar yoqasiga kelib qolgani misolida tasavvur qilish qiyin emas. 
Ana shunday o‘ta tahlikali vaziyatda ham biz o‘z tanlagan yo‘limizdan – mustaqillik yo‘lidan qaytmadik. Chunki biz yaxshi tushunardik – hayot-mamotimiz hal bo‘layotgan ayni shunday damlarda qiyinchilik va to‘siqlar oldida bo‘sh kelish – bu hozirgi va kelajak avlodlar oldida xiyonat qilish bilan barobar bo‘lur edi. 
Ayni shu paytlarda xalqimiz o‘zining qat’iyati va matonatini amalda namoyish etib, O‘zbekistonimizning yorug‘ va buyuk kelajagiga ishonchini yo‘qotgani yo‘q va inshoollo, hech qachon yo‘qotmaydi. 
Haqiqatan ham, mustaqillikning birinchi kunlaridanoq, ahvolimiz qanday og‘ir va xavf-xatarli bo‘lmasin, har qadamda paydo bo‘layotgan to‘siq va g‘ovlarni, turli muammolarni yechish bilan band bo‘lishdan qat’i nazar, mamlakatimizning bugungi kuni va istiqboliga javob beradigan, chuqur o‘ylangan strategiyamiz ustida ishimizni to‘xtatganimiz yo‘q. 
Biz oldimizga qo‘ygan buyuk maqsadlarga erishishda – erkin, demokratik davlat qurish, bozor iqtisodiyotiga o‘tish, fuqarolik jamiyatini barpo etishda, mamlakatimizni taraqqiy topgan davlatlar qatoriga ko‘tarish yo‘lida shoshma-shosharlik va pala-partish ishlarga yo‘l qo‘ymadik, jahondagi ilg‘or tajribalarni o‘rganib, lekin kimdandir ko‘r-ko‘rona nusxa olganimiz yo‘q. Bu borada chuqur ma’noga ega bo‘lgan “Islohot – islohot uchun emas, avvalo inson uchun” degan g‘oya asosida el-yurtimizga xos xususiyatlar, shart-sharoitlarga mos bo‘lgan, xalqaro maydonda “o‘zbek modeli” deb tan olingan, uzoqni ko‘zlagan yo‘lni o‘zimizga ma’qul topdik va uni amalga oshirishga kirishdik. 
Biz tanlagan yo‘l – mashhur besh prinsipga asoslangan taraqqiyot strategiyasi naqadar to‘g‘ri ekanini, og‘ir sinovlardan o‘tib, mamlakatimiz rivoji uchun mustahkam zamin bo‘lib qolganini hayotimizning o‘zi isbоtlab bermoqda. Buning tasdig‘ini mustaqillikka erishganimizning dastlabki kunlaridan boshlab eng o‘tkir va hal qiluvchi masala – zamon talabiga javob beradigan yangi avlod kadrlarini tayyorlash vazifasi misolida yaqqol kuzatish mumkin. 
Agarki biz 19-yil oldin eski qolip va asoratlardan voz kechib, Kadrlar tayyorlash milliy dasturi va uning uzviy davomi bo‘lgan Maktab ta’limini rivojlantirish umummilliy dasturini qabul qilib, ta’lim-tarbiya tizimini tubdan o‘zgartirmasak, buning uchun davlatimiz va butun jamoatchiligimizning kuch va imkoniyatlarini safarbar etmasak, bugungi ahvolimiz qay darajada bo‘lishini tasavvur qilish qiyin emas. 
Hech ikkilanmasdan aytishga barcha asoslarimiz bor – hozirgi kunda litsey va kollejlarni, oliy o‘quv yurtlarini bitirib chiqayotgan, hayotga yangicha qaraydigan ming-minglab yoshlarimiz biz uchun, kelajagimiz uchun tog‘dek tayanch bo‘lib, mamlakatimizda olib borilayotgan barcha islohotlarning tashabbuskori va ijrochisi bo‘lib maydonga chiqmoqda. 
Vatanimizning kelajagi va taqdirini o‘z qo‘liga olishga qodir bo‘lgan bunday yangi avlodni tarbiyalashga qaratilgan dasturlarni o‘z vaqtida qabul qilganimiz va davlat siyosati darajasiga ko‘targanimiz yangi jamiyat qurishimizda haqiqatan ham hal qiluvchi rol o‘ynamoqda. 
Tarixan qisqa davrda O‘zbekiston ilgarigi o‘zini boqishga, o‘zini himoya qilishga qurbi yetmagan, iqtisodiyoti biryoqlama rivojlangan, paxta yakkahokimligi halokatli tus olib, aholining hayot darajasi g‘oyat achinarli ahvolga tushib qolgan qoloq respublikadan bugungi kunda tez va barqaror sur’atlar bilan taraqqiy etib borayotgan, jahon hamjamiyatida o‘ziga munosib o‘rin egallagan, qudratli davlatga aylanib bormoqda, desak, ayni haqiqatni aytgan bo‘lamiz. 
Mustaqillik yillarida iqtisodiyotimiz qariyb 6 barobar o‘sdi, uning tarkibida sanoatning ulushi 14 foizdan 34 foizga yetdi, jahon miqyosidagi global moliyaviy-iqtisodiy inqiroz davom etayotganiga qaramasdan, yalpi ichki mahsulotimizning o‘sish sur’atlari oxirgi 11-yil davomida kamdan-kam davlatlar qatorida 8 foizdan kam bo‘lmasdan kelmoqda. Aytish kerak, 2016-yilning birinchi yarmi yakunlari bo‘yicha hisob-kitoblar shuni ko‘rsatmoqdaki, joriy yilda ham o‘sish sur’atlarimiz bundan past bo‘lmaydi. 
Eng muhimi, o‘tgan davr mobaynida odamlarimizning salomatligi mustahkamlanib, onalar o‘limi 3,2 barobar, bolalar o‘limi 3,4 barobar kamaygani, o‘rtacha umr ko‘rish darajasi 66 yoshdan 73,5 yoshga, ayollar o‘rtasida 76 yoshga uzaygani, aholimizning soni 2016-yilning oxirigacha 32 milliondan oshib ketishi, ya’ni mustaqillik yillarida xalqimiz 12 millionga ko‘paygani bizning qanday katta yuksalish yo‘lini bosib o‘tganimizni, el-yurtimizning hayot sifati va farovonligi o‘sib borayotganini yaqqol tasdiqlaydi. 
Bularning barchasi avvalo mard va matonatli xalqimizning qahramonona mehnati evaziga amalga oshirilmoqda va mamlakatimiz o‘zining barqaror rivojlanish sur’atlari bilan xalqaro jamoatchilikni hayratda qoldirmoqda. 

Muhtaram yurtdoshlar! 
Barchamiz yaxshi tushunamiz – biz erishayotgan ulkan marra va natijalar ko‘zlagan maqsadlarimizning faqat ma’lum bir qismini tashkil etadi. 
Hozirgi vaqtda tez sur’atlar bilan o‘zgarib borayotgan davr, dunyo bozorlarida noaniqlik, beqarorlik va inqiroz davom etayotgani, raqobat kuchayib, shafqatsiz tus olayotgani, xomashyo narxining pasayib borayotgani – bunday holatlar barchamizdan, avvalo, rahbarlik va yetakchi lavozimlarda o‘tirgan shaxslardan eski qarash va yondashuvlardan, ish uslublaridan butunlay voz kechib, yangicha fikrlashni, ishni tashkil qilish va boshqaruv tizimini zamon talablari darajasiga ko‘tarishni taqozo etmoqda. 
Eng avvalo, mamlakatimizni demokratik yangilash, modernizatsiya qilish, uning raqobatdoshligini oshirish yo‘lida boshlagan islohotlarimizni davom ettirish, iqtisodiyotimizda tarkibiy o‘zgarishlarni chuqurlashtirish va unda davlat ishtirokini kamaytirish, xususiy mulkning ulushini kengaytirish va uning ustuvorligini ta’minlash vazifalari hal qiluvchi o‘rin tutishi zarur. Shular qatorida xususiy tadbirkorlik va kichik biznes samarasini oshirish, xorijiy investitsiyalar hajmini ko‘paytirish, zamonaviy, yuqori texnologiyalarni joriy etish maqsadida mamlakatimizda yaratilgan imtiyozlarni yanada kengaytirish vazifalari doimo e’tiborimiz markazida turishi darkor. 
Bugungi kunda yaqin va uzoq atrofimizda qarama-qarshilik va ziddiyatlar kuchayib, turli mojaro va qon to‘kishlar davom etayotgani, terrorizm, ekstremizm va narkotrafik xavfi tobora keskinlashib borayotgani har birimizni tashvishga solmasdan qo‘ymaydi va barchamizdan hamisha hushyor va ogoh bo‘lib yashashni talab etadi. 
Vujudga kelayotgan mana shunday murakkab sharoitda O‘zbekistonimizning xavfsizligini, chegaralarimiz daxlsizligini ta’minlash, turli balo-qazolarni ostonamizga yo‘latmaslik, yurtimizda hukm surayotgan millatlar va fuqarolararo hamjihatlik, o‘zaro hurmat, mehr-oqibat muhitini ko‘z qorachig‘idek saqlash, “Bizga tinchlik va omonlik kerak” degan ezgu da’vatni barchamizning burchimiz va ustuvor vazifamiz sifatida amalga oshirishimiz zarur. 
O‘zbekistonda olib borilayotgan tashqi siyosatning asosiy yo‘nalishlari sifatida biz boshqa davlatlarning ichki ishlariga aralashmaslik va paydo bo‘layotgan qarama-qarshilik va ziddiyatlarni tinch, siyosiy kelishuvlar yo‘li bilan yechish tarafdorimiz. 
Turli harbiy-siyosiy blok va alyanslarga qo‘shilmaslik, yurtimiz hududida chet davlatlarning harbiy bazalari joylashtirilishiga va harbiylarimizning chegaralarimizdan tashqaridagi hududlarda bo‘lishiga yo‘l qo‘ymaslikni o‘zimiz uchun ma’qul, deb bilamiz. 
Biz mustaqillik yillarida yaqin va uzoq qo‘shnilarimiz bilan o‘zaro hurmat, o‘zaro manfaatlarni tan olish asosida olib borayotgan aloqalarimizni, avvalo hamkorlik va hamjihatlik munosabatlarini mustahkamlashga harakat qilib kelganmiz va ayni shunday siyosatni davom ettirishga tayyormiz. 

Aziz vatandoshlar! 
Shu kunlarda butun xalqimiz Braziliyaning Rio-de-Janeyro shahrida bo‘lib o‘tgan XXXI yozgi Olimpiada o‘yinlarida 4 ta oltin, 2 ta kumush, 7 ta bronza medalini qo‘lga kiritib, buyuk g‘alabaga erishgan sportchi yoshlarimizni qizg‘in qutlamoqda. Dunyodagi 206 ta mamlakatdan kelgan manaman degan sportchilar bilan bo‘lgan keskin bellashuvlarda o‘g‘lonlarimizning ko‘rsatgan mardligi va fidoyiligi, mahorati va matonati, ona Vatanimizga muhabbati ming-minglab yoshlarimiz uchun haqiqiy ibrat namunasi bo‘ldi, deb g‘urur va iftixor bilan baralla aytishga barchamiz haqlimiz. 
Vatanimiz bayrog‘ini baland ko‘tarib, O‘zbekiston yoshlarining dunyoda hech kimdan kam emasligini butun jahonga namoyish etgan mohir sportchilarimizga, ularning ota-onalari, ustoz-murabbiylariga, milliy olimpiya terma jamoamizning barcha a’zolariga chin qalbimdan chuqur minnatdorlik bildiraman. 
Siz, yoshlarimizga, mening aziz farzandlarimga qaratib aytmoqchiman: bo‘sh kelmang, azizlarim, davr bizniki, marra bizniki! 

Qadrli va muhtaram vatandoshlarim! 
Sizlarni, butun xalqimizni Mustaqillik kuni bilan yana bir bor tabriklab, barchangizga tinchlik-omonlik, baxtu saodat, xonadonlaringizga, el-yurtimizga fayzu baraka tilayman. 
Barcha ezgu ishlarimizda Yaratganning o‘zi qo‘llasin, o‘zi madadkor bo‘lsin! 

Yurtimiz tinch, osmonimiz musaffo, xalqimiz omon bo‘lsin! 

Mustaqilligimiz abadiy bo‘lsin! 

Islom Karimov,
O‘zbekiston Respublikasi Prezidenti

Фестиваль традиционного текстиля «Атлас байрами»

С 6 по 10 сентября 2016 г. в Маргилане состоится 2-ой Фестиваль традиционного текстиля «Атлас байрами» («Праздник атласа»).
Фестиваль организован Ферганским областным хокимиятом и городским хокимиятом г. Маргилан в тесном сотрудничестве с рядом местных и международных партнёров – Маргиланским центром развития ремёсел, Представительством ЮНЕСКО в Узбекистане, Национальной комиссией Республики Узбекистан по делам ЮНЕСКО, DVV Интернэшэнэл, Ассоциацией ремесленников «Хунарманд», Министерством по делам культуры и спорта Республики Узбекистан, Академией художеств Узбекистана, Национальной компанией «Узбектуризм» и Ассоциацией поваров Узбекистана.
В мероприятии, наряду с ведущими мастерами традиционного текстиля и дизайна одежды, примут участие ремесленники, представляющие и другие виды прикладного искусства Узбекистана, ученые-искусствоведы, арт-менеджеры, специалисты в области управления традиционными ремёслами, заинтересованные партнеры и спонсоры, местное руководство и сообщество.
Цель фестиваля «Атлас байрами» - поддержка процесса сохранения и возрождения традиционных ремёсел, создание условий для развития качественного ремесленничества и использования ремёсел в создании экономически выгодных возможностей, особенно, для женщин. В рамках мероприятия пройдут практические занятия – тренинги для молодых ремесленников по традиционной вышивке, натуральному крашению и дизайну с использованием традиционного текстиля,  состоится заседание «круглого стола», выставка традиционного текстиля и образцов дизайна одежды в этностиле, персональная выставка латвийской художницы по гобелену Иветы Веценане, ярмарка изделий прикладного искусства, шоу-дефиле узбекских модельеров, будут организованы народные гуляния, выступления народных музыкальных коллективов, выставка детского рисунка, традиционная борьба кураш, представления дарвозов–канатоходцев, конкурс плова «Дев-зира».

Пресс-служба НК «Узбектуризм»

Центр ремесленничества и школа «Уста-шогирд»

25 августа т.г. в караван-сарае «Аллакулихан»,  расположенном на территории государственного музея-заповедника «Ичан Кала» в Хиве,  состоялась церемония открытия Центра ремесленничества,  в котором разместились выставочные стенды традиционных национальных изделий, сувенирный магазин с работами местных ремесленников, а также школа-мастерская «Уста-шогирд».
Скульптуры из дерева, керамика, куклы из папье-маше, традиционные картины из соломы, миниатюры, текстиль, ювелирные изделия и многое другое, чем славятся хивинские мастера на протяжении уже нескольких веков, - все это представлено в Центре.

Пресс-служба НК «Узбектуризм»


A presentation of “10 Reasons to Visit Uzbekistan book” was held in Tashkent on 17 June 2016.
Prepared to print in English and Russian languages, the eye-catching de luxe edition is designed to further attract the attention of international audience to the tourism potential of Uzbekistan.
On 304 highly visual pages the book presents masterpieces of photography some specially made for the project, others taken from the 15 years long archives. More than 250 works of the prominent photographer Ernest Kurtveliev reflect an extraordinary atmosphere, picturesque nature and marvellous architecture of the country, as well as authentic lifestyle of openhearted people.
The publication is expected to be interesting not only to international audience, but also to Uzbek citizen, as it contains rare photographs from all over the country, bоth famous and less-known itineraries, events and ideas.
In addition to 10 reasons to visit Uzbekistan, the book includes a calendar of events, offering hundreds of reasons to start a journey at any time of the year. Virtually every page attracts to an exciting discovery, adventure and cognition.
Combining creativity and world experience in luxury publishing, the team of young publishing company – Dinara & Co has developed this project during the last six months. Along with the talented professionals from Uzbekistan, international editors and consultants from the United States, Great Britain and France have contributed to the preparation of the book.
According to international experts, the result is on a par with the top international publications and reflects the best what the country has to offer in terms of unique heritage and contemporary life. Thus, the book can be a unique gift for VIP guests, tourists and all those who feel special about the country.
Uniting talented content-makers, designers, photographers and experts, the company is planning to publish a series of such luxury editions dedicated to various areas of development of Uzbekistan. Architecture, conceptual art and crafts, gastronomy and lifestyle, industry and local business, investment potential of Uzbekistan will be presented in a new perspective, on colourful and splendid pages in the collection of publications by Dinara & Co. The team will focus on innovative technologies and remain open to new and interesting ideas while working on every project.

“Voices of Motherland” Second International Contest

Cabinet of Ministers
of the Republic of Uzbekistan

“Voices of Motherland” Second International Contest
This charter regulates the organization of the Second International Contest “Voices of Motherland” (Contest), which is being conducted according to the Resolution of the President of Republic of Uzbekistan №2435 of November 20, 2015 “About further improving the activity of arts and music schools for children” and Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan №226 of October 13, 2008 “About awarding and  financial support of talented youth”.

Chapter 1. General conditions.
1.The Contest shall be held on November 14-19, 2016 in Tashkent with participation of teachers from arts and music schools and lyceums of Uzbekistan and abroad.
2.Responsibility of choosing proper participants for the Contest shall be imposed to the various ministries and their regional offices.
3.All organizational measures in connection with the organizational events shall be carried out by the Contest organizing committee (hereinafter referred to as the Organizing Committee).

Chapter 2. The purpose of the Contest.
4. The main objectives of the Contest shall be:
to demonstrate participants’ talents and creative ability;
to raise pupils’ interest in a chosen profession;
to further develop the performance skills, talents and creative capability of the Contest participants;
to create favorable conditions for Uzbek and other nations’ melodies;
to promote a higher level of musical culture of the Uzbek nation, take it to the world arena, discover and promote creativity of talented young people.

Chapter 3. The procedure for participation in the Contest.
5. Contest participants shall submit the following documents to the Committee by October 15, 2016:
a) A copy of the candidate's birth of certificate (passport);
b) The candidate’s artistic characteristics issued by educational institution;
c) The candidate's autobiography;
g) 4 color photos (2 x 3x4 cm in front and 2 x 9x12 cm resolution);
d) The application for the candidate's desire expressed to participate in the Contest.
6. Documents applied after deadline shall be rejected.
7. The applications of the candidates for participation in the competition shall be considered within a week by the Organization committee, and shall be sent a formal letter of response.
8. In order to participate in the competition candidates shall pay a paid tutorial fee in the amount of 50 US dollars.
9. The citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan, who express  desire to participate in the Contest, shall pay a fee in a national currency on the value on the day of launch according to the rate of a foreign currency against national soum as established by the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan. 
10. Tutorial fee shall go to the account of the Uspensky Republican Specialized Music Academic Lyceum and shall be approved by the payment report (payment receipt).
11 Plays shall be demonstrated by heart.
12. The order of performance participants shall be determined by casting lots.

Chapter 4. Terms of organizing and conducting the Contest.
13. According to one’s age, participants shall be divided into the following two groups:
a) junior group (12-15 year-old participants);
b) senior group (16-19 year-old participants).
14. Contest shall take place on the following directions:
a) wind instruments (flute, whistle, fifes and others);
b) percussion instruments (dust, law, dulcimer, and others);
c) bowed string instruments (rubob, Afghan rubob, the dombra and others);
d) string instruments (the dutar, balalaika, dombra, and others);
g) bowed string instruments (gijjak, contrabass and others);
e) drum and percussion instruments (doira, vibrafon and others).

15 Junior group of contestants shall participate in the following order:
a) Participants on the type of wind instruments perform the following works:
1st  Stage – three works (the first work - the work of one’s nation, the latter work - work of master, the third - large work concert, sonata, fantasy, rhapsody, poem and variation.
2nd  Stage – S.Rakhmatov’s «Waltz», N.Ruziev, F.Alimov’s «flow» (orchestra performed).
For the first stage of three pieces participants shall be given 20 minutes, in the second stage one of two works shall be performed according to the musical instrument;
b) Participants on the type of percussion instruments perform the following works:
1st  Stage – three works (the first work - the work of one’s nation, the latter work - work of master, the third - large work concert, sonata, fantasy, rhapsody, poem and variation.
2nd  Stage –  G.Kodirov’s «Suite» section 1 (orchestra). 
For the first stage of three pieces participants shall be given 20 minutes, in the second stage an indicated work shall be performed;
c) Participants on the type of bowed string instruments perform the following works:
1st  Stage – three works (the first work - the work of one’s nation, the latter work - work of master, the third - large work concert, sonata, fantasy, rhapsody, poem and variation.
2nd  Stage –  X.Khasanova’s «flight of fancy», Sh.Sobirov’s «Play» (orchestra).
For the first stage of three pieces participants shall be given 20 minutes, in the second stage one of two works shall be performed according to the musical instrument;
d) Participants on the type of string instruments perform the following works:
1st  Stage – three works (the first work - the work of one’s nation, the latter work - work of master, the third - large work concert, sonata, fantasy, rhapsody, poem and variation.
2nd  Stage –  C.Jalil’s «Concert play» (the band shall play jurligidad). 
For the first stage of three pieces participants shall be given 20 minutes, in the second stage an indicated work shall be performed;
g) Participants on the type of bowed string instruments perform the following works:
1st  Stage – three works (the first work - the work of one’s nation, the latter work - work of master, the third - large work concert, sonata, fantasy, rhapsody, poem and variation.
2nd  Stage –  O.Xolmukhamedov’s «Dance», M.Ashrafi’s «Song with no words».
For the first stage of three pieces participants shall be given 20 minutes, in the second stage one of two works shall be performed according to the musical instrument;
e) Participants on the type of drum and percussion instruments perform the following works:
1st  Stage – three works (the first work - the work of one’s nation, the latter work - work of master, the third - large work concert, sonata, fantasy, rhapsody, poem and variation.
2nd  Stage – A.Mayasurov’s «Yangra doira», G’.Kodirov’s «Suite» 3-part; 
M.Otazhonov’s «Yogdular» shall be played by Bayan and accordion. 
For the first stage of three pieces participants shall be given 20 minutes, in the second stage one of two works shall be performed according to the musical instrument;
Participants with bayan and accordion instruments shall perform an indicated work.

16. Senior group of contestants shall participate in the following order:
a) Participants on the type of wind instruments perform the following works:
1st  Stage – three works (the first work - the work of one’s nation, the latter work - work of master, the third - large work concert, sonata, fantasy, rhapsody, poem and variation.
2nd  Stage –  M.Makhmudov’s «Concert play», «I.Raximov’s «Sabo».
For the first stage of three pieces participants shall be given 20 minutes, in the second stage one of two works shall be performed according to the musical instrument;
b) Participants on the type of percussion instruments perform the following works:
1st  Stage – three works (the first work - the work of one’s nation, the latter work - work of master, the third - large work concert, sonata, fantasy, rhapsody, poem and variation"
2nd  Stage –  O.Abdullaeva’s «Bayram uforisi».
For the first stage of three pieces participants shall be given 20 minutes, in the second stage an indicated work shall be performed;
c) Participants on the type of bowed string instruments perform the following works:
1st  Stage – three works (the first work - the work of one’s nation, the latter work - work of master, the third - large work concert, sonata, fantasy, rhapsody, poem and variation.
2nd  Stage –  N.Norxujaev’s «Navruz uforisi», R.Glier, T.Sodikov’s «Dance». 
For the first stage of three pieces participants shall be given 20 minutes, in the second stage one of two works shall be performed according to the musical instrument;
d) Participants on the type of string instruments perform the following works:
1st  Stage – three works (the first work - the work of one’s nation, the latter work - work of master, the third - large work concert, sonata, fantasy, rhapsody, poem and variation.
2nd  Stage –  F.Nazarov’s «Tones of Dutar» (Fantasy)
For the first stage of the three pieces participants shall be given 20 minutes, in the second stage an indicated work shall be performed;
g) Participants on the type of bowed string instruments perform the following works:
1st  Stage – three works (the first work - the work of one’s nation, the latter work - work of master, the third - large work concert, sonata, fantasy, rhapsody, poem and variation.
2nd  Stage –  M.Bafoev’s «Youth song», E.Nalbandov’s «Poema».
For the first stage of three pieces participants shall be given 20 minutes, in the second stage one of two works shall be performed according to the musical instrument;
e) Participants on the type of drum and percussion instruments perform the following works:
1st  Stage – three works (the first work - the work of one’s nation, the latter work - work of master, the third - large work concert, sonata, fantasy, rhapsody, poem and variation.
2nd  Stage –  F.Alimov’s «Party», F.Nazarov’s «Uzbek skertso».
For Bayan and accordion S.Yudakov «Ferghana Radek».
For the first stage of three pieces participants shall be given 20 minutes, in the second stage one of two works shall be performed according to the musical instrument; participants with bayan and accordion instruments shall perform an indicated work.

Chapter 5. Evaluation of Contest participants.
17. Contest shall be held in two stages, in every stage a participant shall be assessed by a 25-point system by each member of the board individually. 
18. 50 percent of participants to have gained high points shall secure the right to participate in the second stage. To go to second stage, the participants should gain at least 65 percent of the highest point.
The participants' total scores shall be comprised of the score of the first and second stages. The board shall choose the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners for each direction among those who gain the most points. 
19. The final results of the Board decision shall be established by the Resolution.
20. Resolution of Board decision is final, and cannot be reviewed again.

Chapter 6. Financing and stimulating the participants of the Contest.
21. The expenses for travel, food and accommodation shall be covered by a sending party. All expenses of foreign participants, but for an international travel shall be covered by the Ministry of Public Education of Uzbekistan.
22. Following expenses related to the Contest, shall be borne by the Ministry of Public Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan:
- prize money for the winners;
- diplomas,
- the bouquet for winners;
- printing and stationery goods;
- wages for Board members;
- all expenses of foreign jury members, as well as their food and accommodation expenses;
- costs for decorating the places of Contest;
- wages for the orchestra teams taking part in the second stage.
23. It shall possible to involve individuals and corporate bodies in sponsorship donations within the provisions established by law, to finance the Contest.
24. The Contest winners and their teachers and accompaniments shall be awarded with diplomas, certificates and cash prizes by the Ministry of Public Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Ministry of Culture and Sports, "For Healthy generation" International Fund and the Association of Composers of Uzbekistan.

Chapter 7. Final provisions.
25. Disputes arising in terms of process of holding the Contest should be resolved in the order established by law.

Peace and tranquility are the foundation of all our achievements

At the initiative of President Islam Karimov, May 9 – the Day of Remembrance and Honor is widely celebrated in our country as a national holiday.
Honoring the memory of ancestors, continuing their noble deeds, paying distinctive respect and attention to the representatives of the older generation, who have made a worthy contribution to the peace and development of the country remain one of our national values. The Day of Remembrance and Honor, widely celebrated by the initiative of the head of our state, also embodies these magnanimous principles. 
On this holiday we remember once again, at the expense of which challenges and difficulties we achieved peaceful and quiet life, well-being and prosperity. We bow before millions of our countrymen, passed away in this thorny road and are more deeply aware of the importance of independence, peace and tranquility prevailing in our country. 
Securing a prosperous life of the seniors, strengthening their health, creating the necessary conditions are in the focus of constant attention of our state. Decree of the President Islam Karimov "On rewards to the participants of World War II" dated April 18 this year, is another sign of honoring the veterans. In accordance with this decree, war veterans were handed cash rewards and holiday gifts in a solemn atmosphere. 
May 8. The metropolitan Memory square is crowded more than ever. Veterans of war and labor, senators and deputies, members of the government, military servicemen, members of the public are gathered on the square. 
Quiet melody sounds over a square. 
9:00. The President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov walks into the square. 
The head of state laid a wreath at the monument of "Grieving mother" to the sounds of military orchestra.
President of Uzbekistan honored the memory of our compatriots who perished in World War II. 
- In these days, in all the cities and villages of our country, in every family, everyone, all of our fellow citizens widely celebrate May 9 – the Day of Remembrance and Honor, the 71st anniversary of the Victory over fascism in the Great Patriotic War, Islam Karimov said in an interview with the media. - It gives me a great pleasure to congratulate our veterans who have shown courage and heroism in attaining this great victory, our compatriots, who selflessly worked in the home front, and wish them health and long life. 
It is a duty and honor for all of us to pay tribute to those, who in the name of the current peaceful life and a clear sky fell on the battlefield. 
Today, being present in this Memory square, which has become a sacred place for our people marking the Victory Day, reached in the bloodiest war in the whole history of the world, which led to innumerable victims, griefs and suffering, it should be emphasized that while many years have passed, there is no person in our country who has forgotten the brutal war and its consequences. 
This date, which will remain in history as a memorable day, the fact that among the thousands and thousands of people of different nationalities, who have shown courage and perseverance in the conquest of the victory over fascism, there were many of our fellow citizens, our fathers and grandfathers, many of whom have not returned from the war, 338 of our compatriots were awarded the title of hero, thousands - were awarded military orders and medals - all of this, of course, fills our hearts with pride. 
However, when it comes to the contribution of our people in the struggle against fascism, we are reminded again and again to the immeasurable loss that will always remain an open wound in our hearts. 
In this regard, I think it is appropriate to cite the following figures. 
Uzbekistan had a population of about 6.5 million people at the beginning of the war, of which 1.5 million participated in the war. If we consider that more than 500 thousand of them were killed on the battlefields, many returned as disabled, and many were missing, it is self-evident how expensive was the cost of the victory for us, the President of our country noted. 
Magnanimity, generosity and humanism of any people are tested not only in relation to their loved ones, but also to other people, on whose lot sorrows and suffering have fallen, obviously revealed in an effort to provide them help and care. 
Compassion and mercy are the most noble qualities of our people. Our compatriots have taken nearly one million evacuated children, women and old people. They shared with them the last piece of bread and shelter, demonstrated goodness and mercy to them, saying, "You are not an orphan", which was a high expression of the best human qualities of generosity and nobility of our people. 
No doubt, a person, the people are alive and eternal thanks to the historical memory, Islam Karimov said. To honor the memory of fallen heroes, give them a tribute are inherent quality of our people. We are indebted to the people, who fell on the battlefield in the name of Motherland, for the sake of bright days of future generations, especially in front of the veterans who are still alive, who are worthy of all respect and reverence. 
In its foundation, history is remembrance, veneration of the glorious deeds of ancestors, their heroism, the ability to draw the right conclusions from the past. 
Given all this, 17 years ago, in our country we announced May 9 as a Day of Remembrance and Honor, built Memory squares in our capital Tashkent, the Republic of Karakalpakstan, regions and districts, mounted in these squares monuments of Grieving Mother. In other words, this is a bright reflection of the two noble inextricably linked concepts like remembrance and reverence, complementing each other. 
Over time, life itself has confirmed how right our decision was. It has become a good tradition of our people to visit these places, providing respect for memory of the fallen. These areas become truly sacred places of worship, have enriched our spiritual life its deepest meaning and content, the head of our state said. 
Our people, experiencing all the hardships and sufferings of the most terrible and cruel war in the human history, always lived with one thought: let this evil never happen again. Our compatriots are always asking the God for only one thing: we need peace and tranquility. 
This desire is deeply rooted in the minds of our people, who have seen a lot in this life, and each of us is clearly aware of the nature, importance and value of peace and tranquility. 
Meanwhile, contradictions and confrontations more and more exacerbate in the world, bloody clashes in the near and far abroad are an extremely serious threat and a danger to the peace and stability, which disturbs our people.
In neighboring Afghanistan there has been an unstable situation for over 35 years. The growing threats such as extremism, terrorism is a concern of our fellow citizens. 
Such a complex and dangerous situation, difficult times, of course, require all of us to be vigilant and careful, said the President of our country. The motto "Take care of your home!" today is relevant more than ever. To avoid still encountered indifference and carelessness, more importantly, to live with a sense of belonging to the events taking place around is our duty. 
Such a difficult time requires from our state and our society to strengthen security, prevent any aggression against our country, to take necessary measures to ensure the integrity of our borders, to protect the peaceful life of our people. 
In this regard, we believe the best decision in the current difficult situation are further enhancing the capacity of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan and recent legislative endorsement of the non-aligned policy of Uzbekistan to any military blocs, disallowance of placement military bases of other countries on the territory of our country, sending our troops outside of the country, Islam Karimov said. 
Time is nearing towards a wide and solemn celebration of the 25th anniversary of independence of our country.
Uzbekistan in this historically short period of time, despite the challenges and hardships, has reached high growth rates, has achieved enormous successes and milestones that are gaining recognition worldwide and are admired by many, and it pleases us all, awakens in our hearts a sense of pride. 
The decisive factor in increasing Uzbekistan's authority in the international arena are impressive results, selfless work of our brave and persistent people, their rising political and social activity, changing attitude towards life. 
Modern houses on standard designs, being built in rural areas, further enhance the quality of life of our people. As a result of these measures and actions, villages are developed and modernized, modern information technologies gain a firm place in the daily lives of our people. This creative work will be continued consistently. 
Once again, I appeal to our younger generation, my children: always be motivated, dare, tomorrow, the future is for you! Who will come to replace us tomorrow? This will be our sons and daughters, thinking in a new way, who have mastered contemporary knowledge and professions, capable to take responsibility for tomorrow, to show their potential and opportunities, Islam Karimov said. 
Long-term goals and objectives, set by us today, including a double increase of our country’s GDP by 2030, reinforces our confidence in the future. And, of course, we in no way give in to most developed countries, the nations, living freely and safely in prosperity and improving the quality of life of the people. 
Taking this opportunity, I once again sincerely congratulate our esteemed veterans, all of our people on this remarkable holiday and wish you all health, happiness and prosperity to your homes. Let there always be peace and tranquility, pure heaven in our country, let the Almighty protects our people from all troubles and misfortunes, the President of our country said. 
* * *
The Monument of "the Grieving Mother" was filled with flowers this day. Representatives of ministries and agencies, public organizations laid wreaths to the monument. 
The Memory square till the evening was filled with people, who came to pay tribute to compatriots who sacrificed their lives for peace and freedom of the motherland, the bright future of the descendants.

State University of Uzbek language and literature to be established in Uzbekistan

The President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov on 13 May, 2016, signed a Decree "On establishment of the Tashkent State University of Uzbek language and literature named after Alisher Navoi”.
According to the document, the native language and literature are the embodiment of national consciousness, the basis of cultural and spiritual development of any nation.
The Uzbek language has an ancient and rich history, and its formation, as evidenced by scientific facts, was influenced by Bactrians, Sogdians, Khorezmians, and other ethnic groups and nations, who once lived on the territory of the region BC and the early centuries of our era.
Hereby, it is worth to note the important role of ancient Turkic language in the formation and comprehensive development of the Uzbek literary language.
Our great ancestors – prominent figures of science and literature of different times and eras, such as Yusuf Hos Hozhib, Ahmad Yugnaki, Atoi, Lutfi, Babur, Agakhi, Mashrab, Mukimi, Furkat and other well-known educators, having vividly reflected the richness of vocabulary, artistic ability, beauty and elegance of our language in their creative works, made an invaluable contribution in this direction.
Immortal works of the great poet and thinker Alisher Navoi, which are today included in the Treasury of world culture were created in our native language, extending its glory throughout the world.
As emphasized in the Decree of the head of our state, we, as the inheritors of this priceless wealth, should preserve the native language, to constantly work on its enrichment, to further enhance the role and importance, bearing it as our top priority, and this issue will always be at the center of our attention.
In this regard, it should be noted, that on the basis of the Law “On state language”, adopted in 1989, the Uzbek language was given the status of a state, and this legal norm is enshrined in the Constitution of our country.
In addition, a number of resolutions were adopted in this direction, including the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers "On the state programme of implementation of the Law "On state language" of 1990, the Law "On introduction of the Uzbek alphabet based on Latin script" (1993), the Law "On amendments and additions to the Law "On state language of the Republic of Uzbekistan” dated 1995, resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers from 1996 on introducing appropriate amendments in the above-mentioned state programme and other documents related to the development of the sphere.
The available legal framework guarantees all representatives of different nations and peoples living in our country their constitutional right to development and the free use of their native languages, which surely deserves special attention.
Due to the available wide opportunities for the development of national languages in the country today, training in educational institutions and the activity of media is conducted in seven languages, which serves as an important factor in strengthening inter-ethnic harmony in our society.
Meanwhile, it is necessary to mention the comprehensive system of learning foreign languages, including English that ensures a deeper integration of Uzbekistan into the international community.
At the same time, important researches are conducted on such vital issues as the place and role of the Uzbek language and literature in the development of our society and the people, dictionaries, encyclopedias, monographs and textbooks are published. Great attention is paid to training, retraining and advanced training of scientific and pedagogical staff, specialists of the Uzbek language and literature.
However, as noted in the presidential Decree, we still have much work ahead to remove existing in this area deficiencies. First of all, today's urgent task is the deep study of the historical roots and the full development of the native language on a scientific basis, as well as the expansion of its application, primarily in these extremely important areas and directions, as fundamental science, modern information and communication technology, industry, financial and banking system, law, diplomacy, military affairs. In this regard, one of the important tasks facing us, is the publication of modern textbooks, etymological and comparative dictionaries, the development of relevant terms, concepts and categories.
In the current age of accelerated globalization, the need for in-depth study of specific features of the native language and literature, its historical development, current state and perspectives is rising. The adopted presidential decree "On establishment of the Tashkent State University of Uzbek language and literature named after Alisher Navoi” should serve to increase the effectiveness of the research work in this direction, radically improve the quality of teaching of Uzbek language and literature at all stages of the education system.
In accordance with the decree, the new University is to be established on the basis of the faculty of Uzbek Philology of the National University of Uzbekistan named after Mirzo Ulugbek and the faculty of Uzbek language and literature of the Tashkent State Pedagogical University named after Nizami, as well as the Institute of language and literature named after Alisher Navoi of the Academy of Sciences.
The newly formed University will have three faculties: Uzbek Philology, teaching of Uzbek language and literature and the faculty of Uzbek-English translation, as well as the research Institute of Uzbek language and literature.
The new University will become the basic higher educational institution on training of specialists in philology, the teaching staff, highly qualified translators, conducting research works, retraining and advanced training of workers, development of scientific and educational materials in the Uzbek language and literature.
The Decree of the head of state has defined the main tasks of the University:
- training of highly qualified scientific and pedagogical personnel meeting the requirements of time, have a deep understanding of specific features of scientific-theoretical, philosophical and aesthetic foundations of the Uzbek language and literature, possessing modern educational technologies;
- training of interpreters, capable of exercising high-quality translations of scientific, artistic and other literature from Uzbek to English and other languages, as well as from world languages into the native language;
- educating students in the spirit of love and devotion to the Motherland, national and universal values, with a broad outlook and independent thinking;
- the study of a historically formed linguistic and literary schools, classical and modern Uzbek language, literature and folklore, the contributions of our great ancestors in the development of Uzbek and world linguistics, their scientific heritage and values of our native language in the world, its relations with other languages, as well as scientific issues concerning prospects of its development;
- preparing evidence-based proposals for the creation of a new academic and teaching grammar that fully meet the peculiarities of the Uzbek language, to improve the phonetic system and the rules of spelling, the publication of dictionaries, encyclopedias, and textbooks on various subjects and areas;
- conducting research on new and effective teaching methods of Uzbek language and literature, introduction of advanced educational technologies in general education schools, academic lyceums and professional colleges, higher educational institutions;
- preparation of scientific and methodological developments, practical recommendations aimed at ensuring a worthy place of the native language in the world information network, creation of software for Uzbek language and linguistic translation, as well as electronic textbooks, comparative vocabularies on the basis of the Uzbek and world languages.
A national Commission led by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan Sh. Mirzieev has been set up according to the presidential decree, which will address organizational issues related to establishment of the institution.


— под таким названием в Сурхандарьинской области прошел молодежный фестиваль, организованный ОДМ «Камолот» совместно с рядом министерств, ведомств и организаций.
Для участия в беседах за «круглым столом», творческих встречах, гала-концертах, спортивных соревнованиях из столицы прибыла большая группа артистов кино и эстрады, обладателей государственных наград, молодых ученых, поэтов и писателей, спортсменов, а также представителей общественности. Всех их объединяет цель — ознакомить молодое поколение с общественно-политическими и демократическими преобразованиями, осуществляемыми в республике. 
Местом основных событий стали молодежные центры, колледжи и лицеи, детские школы музыки и искусства, спортивные комплексы, которые собрали в своих стенах более 300 тысяч юношей и девушек. Так, в Узунском районе познавательно прошла встреча «Хоким и молодежь», продемонстрировавшая стремление юных граждан быть в курсе происходящих событий и дальнейших перспектив района, где они родились, выросли, а теперь учатся. В рамках проекта 
«Ветераны в почете» патронажные группы навестили пожилых людей, вручили им подарки и помогли с уборкой в домах.
В Байсунском районе темы для разговора были выбраны следующие: «Ваши любимые герои» и «Молодежь за живое исполнение», где учащиеся колледжей охотно общались с популярными актерами, известными литераторами и звездами эстрады. Большую аудиторию собрали футбольные матчи столичных гостей с активистами ОДМ «Камолот», а также гала-концерты с их участием.
— Рад, что участвую в столь масштабном и интересном фестивале, — говорит обладатель нагрудного знака «Узбекистон белгиси» Хусниддин Кодиров. — Здесь мы не только прониклись размахом созидательной работы, проводимой в республике, но и поделились своими идеями и мнениями. Благодаря проведению подобных мероприятий мечты молодежи реализуются в практические дела, формируя прочный фундамент для будущих свершений во имя процветания Родины.


On April 15 of this year Tashkent hosted a seminar on the theme "Improvement of official websites of state bodies and the order of rendering of electronic state services". The event was organized by the Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis (Parliament) of the Republic of Uzbekistan jointly with the Ministry for the Development of Information Technologies and Communications.
The seminar was attended by members of the lower house of parliament, representatives of various ministries and departments, journalists, national and regional media. They discussed the issues of creation and regular update of the electronic portals of governance institutions, as well as further improvement of the order of online provision of public services to citizens.
Speaking at the meeting Chairman of the Committee on ICT of Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis I.Abdullayev, First Deputy Minister for Development of Information Technologies and Communications A.Fayzullayev and others stressed the effectiveness of the reforms conducted in our country on this direction which contribute to the consistent strengthening of cooperation between the state and citizens, improving the management.
One of the important tools of wide public awareness about the work of state bodies is their official websites.
According to the information announced at a seminar today 114 organs of state agencies have their electronic portals. 79% of them have mobile versions which create additional convenience for the public. In addition, the websites of ministries and departments possesses the opportunity of subscription which allows automatically receive e-mail news on relevant information about their activities.
During the event it was separately noted the expansion of the range of services in electronic form by state and economic management bodies in places. In this regard, it was emphasized the high efficiency of the Single Interactive State Services Portal (, which has become an important means of operational reception and transmission of individuals and legal entities applications to the relevant structures.
Currently, the portal covers more than a hundred of state and economic management bodies, departments and organizations.
It provides 269 services on healthcare, communications, transportation, labor, social security, taxes and business. Applying person, depending on the content of an application or complaint has the opportunity to send it to the appropriate structure. There is no need for citizens to visit departments, carry paper and spend money. Only in 2015 through it was made more than 450 thousand applications of citizens who promptly received answers to their requests.
During the seminar, presentations were made by representatives of the Ministry for the Development of Information Technologies and Communications, which brought the attention of the audience on the legal requirements for the structure and content of the official web sites of government agencies. It was announced recommendations to improve the effective use of e-portals of ministries and departments as the mechanism of public awareness about their work. It was accentuated the need for coordinating the efforts of IT-departments of public administration institutions and their press services in order to ensure well-coordinated work of official information resources.
During the interview with Jahon Information Agency a deputy of the Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis of Uzbekistan, a member of the Committee on Information and Communication Technologies Shukhrat Sharofutdinovnoted that in December 2015 it was adopted the Law "On e-government" which is coming into force on June 10, 2016. In this regard, MP underlined the importance of informing the executors on the main provisions of this legal act, the requirements contained therein in respect of the work of ministries and departments with the citizens, including providing them with public services via the Internet.  
- Today's seminar was one of a series of events conducted throughout the country to familiarize specialists with the innovations in the legislation in ICT field, - said the deputy. - This meeting broadens the knowledge of state and economic management employees in the use of modern technologies in order to ensure the rule of law, openness and transparency of their activities. They were provided with the necessary guidelines and clarifications regarding the implementation of the optimization of process for electronic public services introduction, improvement of the functioning of official web-sites.
Jahon Information Agency


Uzbekistan has been constantly moving towards building a democratic state and strong civil society during the years of independence. The system of organizational and legal safeguards is formed to ensure the participation of citizens in public administration, the independent decision of local issues through the unique institution of mahalla.
As the President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov emphasized: “Self-government bodies - our future. If we want to build civil society, these bodies are the foundation of its bases. Today we began to lay these foundations... Civil society is self-government. This is its first and fundamental principle”.
Today, broad legal conditions for mahallas’ full activity are established. Thus, article 32 of the Constitution of Uzbekistan fixed the norm that citizens have the right to participate in managing the affairs of state and society, bоth directly and through their representatives. The participation, along with the democratic formation of state bodies, as well as the development and improvement of public control over their activities is carried out by governments. Article 105 of the Main Law, in turn, reflects the institutional framework of citizens’ self-government. According to its provisions, they are gatherings of citizens, elected for 2.5 years chairman (aksakal) and his advisers, in the townships, kishlaks and auls, as well as in the communities of cities, towns, settlements and villages.
Many functions, previously conducted by the state authorities and management bodies have been gradually transferred to mahallas over the past years. They make an effective contribution to the implementation of government programs on addressing social support to the population, development of private entrepreneurship and family business, improving citizens’ welfare through the promotion of their employment, strengthening the basic unit of society, education of harmoniously developed generation.
The commissions at mahallas play huge role in addressing the challenges facing them. Their functions include working with women, youth and minors, organizing sports events, public control, consumer protection, security and others. All commissions are independent in their activities and accountable only to the citizens gathering.
The Concept of further deepening the democratic reforms and establishing the civil society in the country, put forward by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov in 2010, is a radically new stage in the improvement of organizational and legal framework for mahalla. It provides the introduction of changes and amendments to the laws “On citizens’ self-government bodies” and “On the elections of the chairman (aksakal), citizens’ gathering and his advisers”.
Within the framework of the Concept’s implimentation in 2013, these documents were approved in new edition. Innovations served to further expand mahalla’s functions, including its transformation into a center of the population’s and small business development’s targeted social support in the regions, strengthening the role of self-government in the system of public control over the state bodies’ activity. Measures to further improve the electoral system of aksakals, which ensures the election of the chairmen and their advisers the most deserving citizens, were also determined in the law’s new edition.
On the basis of the Constitution and the above mentioned legislation, Kengash of the Senate of Oliy Majlis of Uzbekistan adopted a resolution “On preparation and conduct of elections of chairmen (aksakals) of citizens’ gathering and their advisers” on March 5 this year. According to the document, May-June 2016 is defined as the election period in mahallas. It is expected that 9764 of aksakals and over 99 thousands of their advisers will be elected by their results. The Action plan on organization and holding of the important event is approved and implemented.
A special committee to assist the holding of elections, organized on the territory of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, all regions, the capital, districts and cities play a significant role in the process. Commission is acting during the vote’s organization and holding, and will cease to exist after the announcement of its results. The commission, as a rule, includes representatives of mahallas, state bodies and public organizations. It should be emphasized that the commissions are given broad powers. Thus, they enforce the laws on elections, coordinate the activities structures, involved in the conduct of the upcoming event, and take from them the documents on candidates. Particular attention is paid to the explanatory work among the population, in the case of receipt of citizens’ complaints about certain aspects of voting, the commission provide them with complete information.
At the same time, 9764 working group on preparation and holding of elections in mahallas are created throughout the country. They determine the date, time and place of citizens’ gathering, establish the voting day and report it to the relevant committee. The electoral process is conducted in rooms with all conditions.
The working group will organize general meetings of residents of households, houses, streets and mahallas to elect the representatives of the citizens, which are the most important stage of the elections. It also conducts explanatory work among the population, studies voter opinions to prepare proposals on candidates for these important positions.
The practice of the past years shows that the election of citizens’ gatherings’ assets have become into a genuine democracy school, raising legal awareness, political and legal culture of the population. There is no doubt that the next vote for of aksakals and their advisers will be held at the highest institutional level, and its results will serve to further strengthen the mahalla’s position in system of civil society institutions, the consistent implementation of principle “From a strong state - to a strong civil society”.
Jahon Information Agency

Календарь туристических событий на 2016 год

В целях повышения эффективности реализации туристского потенциала Узбекистана, развития событийного туризма в стране, увеличения потока иностранных туристов, а также обеспечения насыщенности турпрограмм различными мероприятиями культурного, спортивного, этнического, исторического, экологического и другого характера, Национальной компанией «Узбектуризм» составлен «Календарь туристических событий на 2016 год».

В календарь включены:

– национальные фестивали и праздники;

– театрализованные шоу;

– фестивали кино, театра, танца, церемонии награждения;

– модные показы;

– аукционы;

– фестивали музыки и музыкальные конкурсы;

– спортивные события;

– бизнес события (выставки, ярмарки, бизнес форумы и т.д.);

– академические и научные мероприятия (конференции, семинары);

– гастрономические фестивали;

– фестивали и выставки цветов;

– саилы бахчевых культур и других сельскохозяйственных продуктов.

Календарь будет распространяться на международных туристических ярмарках, выставках и презентациях.

Электронный вариант календаря доступен на официальном портале о туризме в Узбекистане

Пресс-служба НК “Узбектуризм”

Завершилась выставка «Мир отдыха-2016»

18-19 апреля т.г. в выставочном центре «Кўргазма савдо маркази» прошла IV Международная узбекская туристическая выставка «Мир отдыха-2016» («МУТВ-2016»).
На площади 3200 кв.м. были представлены стенды всех регионов страны и туристические программы 140 национальных и 65 иностранных компаний из 27 стран, в числе которых Малайзия, Россия, Таиланд, Турция, Чехия, ОАЭ, Сингапур, Украина, Мальдивские острова и др.
Основным мероприятием выставки стала презентация регионов Узбекистана для представителей иностранных туристических организаций и СМИ, прибывших в рамках специальной программы «Hosted buyers» («Профессиональный покупатель»), а также деловые переговоры между ними. Программа направлена на создание благоприятных условий узбекским туроператорам для установления новых контактов с иностранными компаниями и их широком информировании о туристическом потенциале нашей страны без затрат средств на участие в зарубежных туристических выставках и рекламу за рубежом.
Деловая часть выставки также включала круглый стол на тему «Состояние и перспективы развития медицинского туризма в Узбекистане», в работе которого приняли участие представители органов государственного управления, медицинских учреждений, ведущие туроператоры и СМИ. 
Услуги медицинских учреждений могут стать одной из составляющих турпродуктов, реализуемых туроператорами нашей страны, в первую очередь, гражданам стран ближнего зарубежья. Медицинский туризм предоставляет возможность туристу совместить отдых с лечением не только на базе санаторно-курортных комплексов Узбекистана, но и на базе медицинских центров.
Большой интерес у гостей выставки вызвало выступление фольклорных коллективов из регионов Узбекистана, среди которых своей самобытностью выделялись представители Наманганской, Сурхандарьинской, Сырдарьинской, Ферганской, Хорезмской областей и Каракалпакстана.
Во второй день работы выставки состоялся фестиваль национальной кухни «Вкус Шелкового пути», на котором было представлено 10 видов плова, несколько видов шашлыка, шурпы и рыбных блюд. В ходе мероприятия прошла презентация гастрономических туров для иностранных туристов.
В течение двух дней выставку «МУТВ-2016» посетили свыше 8500 гостей.

Пресс-служба НК «Узбектуризм»


The National Park of Uzbekistan named after Alisher Navoi hosted celebrations dedicated to the national holiday Navruz. 
Navruz - an invaluable heritage of our ancestors, since time immemorial embodying the best national values and traditions of our people, their good intentions and aspirations, during the years of independence has become a truly national holiday which all our fellow citizens regardless of nationality, language and religion are looking forward to.
In accordance with the Decree of the Head of our state "On the preparation and conduct of the national holiday Navruz in 2016" all-round preparation for the holiday was carried out across the country. Our people welcome this holiday with new successes, thank for the bright days and enjoy life.
March 21. the National Park of Uzbekistan named after Alisher Navoi is festively decorated.
The senators and deputies, government members, men of science, culture and art, foremost people in industry, entrepreneurs, representatives of foreign embassies and representative offices of international organizations accredited in our country, young people attend the celebration.
10:30 am. President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov arrives at the square.
Gathered people meet the Head of our state with applause.
Theme song rings.
President Islam Karimov delivered a welcoming speech at the celebrations dedicated to the Navruz holiday.
These days, when the nature awakens, flowers blossom and the entire surrounding is attired in green, I am greatly happy from the bottom of my heart to congratulate you, my dear fellow countrymen, and in your person, our whole nation on this remarkable holiday of Navruz, said the head of our state. 
Navruz is the Oriental New Year with history of several millennia, which traces back with its roots to the period of «Avesto», the ancient and truly national holiday – free from any ideological and political trends. This is our most beloved and most beautiful festival of spring for all of us. Navruz - the day of the vernal equinox, which marks the beginning of a new year on the eastern calendar, embodies the traditions and customs, the eternal values of our people. 
These days when the bright sun awakened nature each of us is unwittingly imbued with the spirit of spring, and we feel ourselves to be an inalienable and inseparable part of nature, we feel new strength and energy.
In these radiant and joyful moments in each and every community, foothills, gardens and grasslands of our country our fellow countrymen gather around the dastarkhans (festively laid national table) decorated with such rare viands as sumalak, khalim, kuksomsa and guja, and strive to share these springtime edibles with their family, kin and friends.
No one will remain indifferent that our people, irrespective of their nationality and ethnicity, indulge in festive mood and spend this wonderful holiday with profound joy and bliss. And they congratulate on such an occasion not only the people they know, but also those they don’t know by embracing and wishing them a sound health, happiness, prosperity and good luck.
Taking this opportunity, said Islam Karimov, I would like to express my sincere wishes, love and esteem to you, my dears, who have gathered in this sublime and beautiful square, and our entire nation. 
The humanistic spirit and immortal values of Navruz are carefully passed from generation to generation. No matter how many years and epochs pass by, filling with even more profound meaning and content these very idea and customs are still nowadays playing an important role in the life of our people. 
It is well-known from our millennia-old history, noted the Head of our state, in the season of Navruz any resentments and quarrels are forgotten, such humane feelings as mercy and clemency, compassion and generosity become stronger among people, nations and ethnicities.
The widespread approval of such high values of Navruz in the life, certainly would have contributed to the prevention of the tensions, conflicts and confrontations ever aggravating now in the international arena, and still ongoing bloodshed, as well as to resolving the emerging problems only by way of peace and political negotiations. Just this very approach would have met the aspirations and interests of all the nations of the world.
I am confident that in these days on the eve of the Oriental New Year, if someone asks our time-tested, kind-hearted and compassionate people, who endured so many hardships and always preserve virtue and mercy in the depth of their hearts, about their most sincere wishes in the coming year – the answer, without any doubt, will be certain: we need peace and tranquility, stressed the President of our country. 
The determining factor of such a solid position in life can be seen, above all, in our ancient history, multifaceted great culture, invaluable heritage left by our great scientists and thinkers, who greatly contributed to the progress of human civilization, and in the fact that for many centuries our Homeland has been the center of spirituality and enlightenment. 
Moreover, it is an open secret that from the earliest times such qualities pertaining to our people as magnanimity, tolerance, humaneness, kindness, and such characteristics as performing the God-pleasing deeds and providing righteous services in supporting those in need, receiving the blessings of elderly people, showing concern for ones without parental care, have penetrated deep into the flesh and blood of our nation.
All these phenomena have been passed through the centuries from generation to generation, enriched and eventually turned into kind human ideas, laid a solid foundation for high spiritual worldview and practical guideline of our people.
Naturally, our nation, who has such noble and rare features and qualities, lives with pure dreams and aspirations, strives for peace and prosperity, wishes for clear and blue sky, no doubt, will build its relations with all countries on the basis of mutual respect, friendship and accord, consideration of mutual interests. And our most important, priority task – to protect our country from any evils and threats. 
In these joyous moments, on your behalf and on behalf of our entire nation, allow me to congratulate on the holiday of Navruz, express sincere respect and wholeheartedly welcome the ambassadors of foreign countries, representatives of international organizations, foreign partners and all our dear guests who are participating at our Navruz festivities in this beautiful square, said Islam Karimov.
Our humble, generous and big-hearted people, who are greatly contributing by their courageous work and steadfastness to make Uzbekistan more prosperous and flourishing, are making the world community surprised by their accomplishments and achievements, and are firmly resisting any forces of evil, steadily following the chosen path, highly appreciating and preserving their independence, evoke admiration by all. Standing on this high rostrum, I consider it my duty to bow low before and render homage to our people, who feature such noble qualities, said the Head of our state. 
Addressing the Uzbekistan’s youth, who are our support and buttress, Islam Karimov said: the severely changing time that we experience and which is becoming more complicated puts forward before all of us the following tasks: first of all, my dear children, you are required to thoroughly master the modern knowledge and professions, utilize the intellectual wealth. Along with this, the time requires to take the competitiveness of our country in the international arena to a new level, continue modernization and diversification of our economy, and turn it into a locomotive of our progress.
Along the path of achieving these very great objectives, I believe that you, my dears, are able to justify the confidence of our people and Motherland, and I stand ready to always support all of you, stressed President of our country.
At the end of his speech, Islam Karimov from the bottom of his heart once again congratulated all people of Uzbekistan on the holiday of Navruz and wished all compatriots peace and tranquility, happiness and good health, prosperity and abundance.
... The bright sun is shining in a clear sky. Huge balloons are floating in aloft around the majestic square. Variegated flags and colorful flowers gladden the eyes.
Verdant trees, flowered decoration around a scene remind of the abundant gardens and fertile fields of our country. The sight which is familiar and close to the heart of each of our compatriot, gives upbeat mood. 
Sounds of karnay-surnays ring over the square. In such life-asserting moment the hearts of our compatriots whose aspirations and thoughts are in tune with the process of awakening and renewal happening in the nature, overfill with joy and boundless gratitude for the fact that they are lucky enough once again to meet Navruz in a health, for a peaceful and prosperous life. 
Navruz – messenger of any novelty and goodness. In 2015, a few days after Navruz, on March 29 an important political event in the life of our country took place - elections of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan were conducted. In this process which took place in full accordance with democratic principles, 90.39 percent of voters voted for Islam Karimov. This proves that our people adequately assess the enormous merits of Islam Karimov in comprehensive development of the country, building a democratic state and civil society, and improving the quality of life, and they support the continuation of ongoing reforms in all spheres.
... Under the sounds of beautiful melodies which awake spring mood in the hearts, beautiful nature and modern look of our country, the unique ancient monuments and magnificent buildings, well-planned and prosperous towns and villages appear before our eyes. Folk songs are sounded, the folklore and ethnographic ensembles perform. Sumalyak is prepared in Kazans (spots), hot cakes are taken out from tandyrs, the young men and women sing and dance around. 
In Uzbekistan the peace and tranquility, interethnic accord are recognized as a supreme value. The atmosphere of kindness, mercy, harmony and generosity is approved in our society. 
Due to the peace and stability the prestige of our country in the international community is increasing. Most developed countries and leading international organizations are cooperating with Uzbekistan. 
Another proof of this is an official visit of the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to our country in June 2015.
Uzbekistan's initiatives on ensuring the peace and security in the region, the fight against terrorism and crime, solving the environmental issues, health promotion, development of science, culture and art are widely supported by the UN. Our country is effectively cooperating with this organization and a number of its structures. 
An international music festival "Sharq taronalari" organized on the initiative of the President of our country took place for the tenth time in 2015. This musical forum conducted under the auspices of the UNESCO, serves for the development of cultural dialogue among peoples, peace and tranquility.
Our country is committed to the course of peacefulness.
The peace - is the main factor of development. There is advancement, where peace and tranquility are, and people live with the spirit of creativity and kindness. The stable economic growth of our country confirms this.
During the years of independence Uzbekistan's economy grew by almost 6 times, real income per capita - more than 9 times. Despite the ongoing global downturn our country is among the few countries in the world which are developing steadily. The growth rate of gross domestic product has been exceeding 8 percent over the past eleven years. A balance of macroeconomic indicators, the sustainable performance of a surplus of the State budget and balance of payments, growth of export and foreign exchange reserves are being ensured. 
This is the result of the "Uzbek model" of development initiated by the President of our country which was fully supported by our people and has been widely recognized in the world. These achievements - the result of selfless labor of our people - are appreciated worldwide. International expert organizations, prestigious rating agencies highly estimate the current state and prospects of development of our country.
Last year, a ranking of countries with rapidly growing economies was announced at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland. In the list on the basis of the forecast of the World Bank "Global Economic Development" Uzbekistan took the fifth place among countries with the highest annual growth in 2014-2017 years. 
Structural reforms, modernization, technical and technological renovation of sectors of the economy have been consistently continuing. In 2015, investments in the amount of 15 billion 800 million US dollars were attracted for these purposes at the expense of all sources of financing. Furthermore, 158 large manufacturing entities totaling 7 billion 400 million US dollars were commissioned. 
Together with South Korean investors and specialists the Ustyurt Gas Chemical Complex worth more than 4 billion US dollars was built on the basis of field Surgil, the "Afrosiyob" high-speed electric train service was established on a railway section Samarkand – Karshi. All these cause us great satisfaction and pride. 
Growth and development in all areas are also reflected in the new image of our country. A large-scale creative work is carried out in towns and villages. Last year, dozens of modern multi-storey buildings, new roads and bridges were built in Tashkent. 12 000 houses on standard projects and about 170 infrastructure facilities were built in the countryside. As a result of this work the face of our cities and villages is changing and improving the life quality of the people. 
According to the program of support of young people, young families receive apartments in buildings "Kamolot" which are a great help in finding a worthy place in life and upbringing children with harmoniously developed personality.
In the days of Navruz the inherent qualities of our people, as kindness, mercy, magnanimity and generosity become more stronger. All people visit each other, promote the health of patients. Venerable aksakals and mothers are under special attention and honor. 
The announcement of 2015 as the Year of Attention and Care for the Older Generation on the initiative of the President of our country further increased the efficiency of work on the provision of respect and honor for the elder people, moral and material support to the veterans, strengthening their health, creating them even more convenience.
The amount of pension is increased by more than 20 percent for the purpose of financial support of the older generation. Pay rise of 100 percent of the minimum wage to the pensions of centenarians who reached 100 years of age, are introduced. Participants of the Second World War and the rear of the front received free treatment in sanatoria and health resorts.
... The children appear on the scene, and the square is filled with their joyful laughter. Merry songs and fiery dances even more raise the festive mood.
These are children who were born in the years of independence, using the special attention and care of the state grow up healthy and strong. In Uzbekistan, the idea that our children should be a stronger, better educated, wiser, and certainly happier than us, is set as a priority.
Under the guidance of President of our country in the first years of independence, special attention was paid to the upbringing of healthy generation, and this noble work continues sequentially. All conditions for strengthening maternal health, birth and formation of healthy children have been creating. Reforms on the improvement of the quality of life, the enhancement of health systems, the development of children's sports serve these high goals.
Upbringing of our young people as inferior to no one is also reflected in international competitions and contests. Last year alone, our athletes participated in 165 international competitions and won 983 medals. Young musicians and artists got 137 prizes at prestigious international competitions.
On the initiative our President 2016 was declared as the Year of a Healthy Mother and Healthy Child in our country, and this serves as yet another clear proof of special attention to this area.
… Classical music sounds over the square. Opera arias and ballet numbers, songs performed in different languages rejoice participants of the festival and foreign guests.
- Navruz is celebrated in Uzbekistan with great festive and joy, - said Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Japan to our country Fumihiko Kato. - It is noteworthy that your national traditions are perceived with great pride by the people, especially the youth. We were very pleased with the consistent development of cooperation between our countries in all spheres in the spirit of friendship and mutual trust on mutually beneficial basis. Taking this opportunity, I congratulate the people of Uzbekistan on Navruz!
... Festive celebration is in full swing. National game Ulak-Kupkari, rope-walker performances, tug-of-war games, competitions of wrestlers, weight lifting contests and a lot more are demonstrated on the monitor. Singers of lapars (national folk song) and national storytellers wish good luck to the farmers and sing about Navruz and the nature.
As a result of the development of market relations in agriculture, empowerment farmers' movement the high yield is achieved annually. Last year, our country took more than 7.5 million tons of grain, more than 3 million 350 thousand tons of cotton, about 14 million 500 thousand tons of vegetables and melons, 4.3 million tonnes of horticultural products. Therefore, during winter and summer there are abundance and price stability in our markets.
In our country, the export of finished industrial, textile, agriculture, including fruit and vegetables, products increases every year.
- Navruz - a wonderful holiday, - said Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Germany to Uzbekistan Naythart Höfer-Wissing. - These celebrations give people joy, strengthen the atmosphere of harmony, unity, kindness and mercy. Participating in this festival we are also meet with representatives of various professions, foreign guests, and colleagues, watch the festive program with great pleasure. Upbeat mood in celebration, the joy in people's eyes are evidence of well-being, prosperity, peace and quiet life in your country.
In the days of Navruz people feel even sharper themselves as an integral part of nature, are deeply aware of the need to protect the natural world, his native land, the current peaceful life.
Since ancient times our people have been prepared for the celebrations and holidays with a special mood and spirit of creation. Our ancestors met Navruz with pure thoughts and good hopes. After all, where cleanliness and order are, there will be sufficiency, health and prosperity.
This year, as always, work on landscaping and gardening is started from the very first days of spring. During the last 12-13th of March in a national charity hashar throughout the country the mahallas and streets, alleys and landscaped parks, business areas and organizations were put in order. Places of worship and cemeteries were cleaned, and flower seedlings, fruit and ornamental trees were planted. The people visited low-income families, single elderly, people with disabilities and helped in the household works, holiday gifts were presented.
On the eve of the holiday enterprises, medical and educational institutions, service centers are put in commissioned. These objects multiply the beauty of our country, serve to further improve the level and quality of our fellow citizens life.
- Attending at the celebration of Navruz, I am convinced again that under the leadership of the President, our country is developing dynamically, the lives of our countrymen are improving, their world is changing - says private entrepreneur of the Namangan region Gani Umarov. - It is clearly felt in the spirit of today's celebrations and in a joyful mood of people. We thank for those bright and happy days. Let always in our country peace and tranquility, and our lives be better and well-maintained.
... Festive show is still in full swing. Cheerful songs performed by artists and hot dances excite the heart.
The exhibition of products of folk artists and craftsmen indicates the richness of our cultural heritage and a continuation of centuries-old traditions, and this evokes a feeling of pride and admiration.
Navruz celebrations were broadcasted via satellites in dozens of countries around the world, and with the help of the Internet people in all corners of the planet were able to watch it.
Sounds of lyrics and melodies in the square are spread to all corners of our country, the atmosphere of high festive spirit reigns everywhere.
Celebrations, festivals and sayils (outdoor fete) continue in all the cities and villages of our homeland.

The International Conference dedicated to adoption of the Corporate Governance code

The International Conference dedicated to adoption of the Corporate Governance code
On February 23, 2016 at the Scientific-Educational Center of Corporate Governance, the International Conference dedicated to adoption of the Corporate Governance Code arranged  by the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Uzbekistan, State Competition Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Scientific-Educational Center of Corporate Governance.  
The main aims of the Conference were explanation and discussion over:
modern trends in improving the corporate governance system in the Republic of Uzbekistan and abroad;
the key guidelines and provisions of the Corporate Governance Code, aimed at improving the effective management of the joint-stock companies with achieving the balance of interests of the management bodies, shareholders and the employees of the company;
tasks and practical recommendations on accelerating the implementation of the international standards and norms in at sphere of corporate governance into activities of the joint-stock companies.
The event was attended by over 100 participants, including representatives of the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, International Finance Corporation, the United Nations Development Programme, the diplomatic corps in Uzbekistan, international experts of the European School of Management and Technology and "Indekon Consulting" company (Germany) as well as the heads of joint-stock companies and joint ventures.
In course of the Conference the open dialogue with representatives of the business circles and discussions over implementation practices of the adopted laws and Decrees of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, topical problems and issues related to improvement of the joint-stock companies’ management system aimed at enhancing the effectiveness of the joint-stock companies, ensuring reliable legal protection of the shareholders, were arranged.
At the plenary session the representatives of the European School of Management and Technology and "Indekon Consulting" company (Germany), heads of the ministries and institutions, as well as the joint ventures made their speeches and reports.
The speakers stressed that based on the thorough analysis of the ongoing processes taking place in the global economy, the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov elaborated and adopted the important decisions on further implementation of the radical reforms aimed at providing the steady economic growth as well as creation of a solid economic foundation for the future development of the country.
One of the important areas of the Program on reforming, structural transformation and diversification of the economy during the years 2015-2019 is being the Decree by President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated April 24, 2015 № UP-4720 "On measures aimed at introduction of the modern methods of corporate governance in the joint-stock companies", by which the basic guidelines on improving the corporate governance system and strengthening the protection of the shareholders' rights were defined.
It should be noted, pursuant to the Decree, the Commission for Enhancement of Efficiency of the Joint-Stock Companies’ Activity and Improvement of the Corporate Governance System has approved the Corporate Governance Code, which foresees introduction of the advanced corporate governance methods, including:
defining the development strategy and goals for the long term, the internal control system and mechanisms for effective interaction of the executive body with shareholders and investors;
introduction of the standard organizational structure with taking into account of the scales, industry specifics and the scope of activities performed by the joint-stock companies;
rise of transparency in the joint-stock companies’ activity, publication of information by them based on international auditing and financial reporting standards.
The Conference participants noted that Uzbekistan is actively working over the radical change in the principles and approaches to the corporate governance, introduction of the advanced international standards of corporate management related to production, foreign trade and investment processes, formation of new corporate entities to replace the old, outdated management practices.
Special attention is being paid to the wide attraction of foreign investors and managers into the joint-stock companies, creation of favorable conditions for their active participation in corporate governance, modernization, technical and technological re-equipment of production processes, arrangement of output of the high-quality, competitive products and their promotion into the external markets, as well as the radical reduction of the State’s presence in the economy at cost of decrease in the state-owned assets and shares at the Charter capital of the joint-stock companies.
Thus, in accordance with the Decree by President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated December 21, 2015 No PP-2454 “On the Additional Measures Aimed at Attraction of the Foreign Investments into the Joint-Stock Companies” the order was introduced in compliance with which the share of the foreign investors at the joint-stock companies’ Charter capital shall constitute not less than 15 percent.
The Conference participants heard and discussed the reports and speeches made in course the Conference, noted the following basic guidelines and recommendations for improvement of the corporate governance system:
to accept the recommendations of the Corporate Governance Code for the purpose of achieving the balance of interests of the public authorities, the shareholders and the workforce of the company;
to define as the strategic goals of the joint-stock companies maintenance of  financial stability, increase in labor productivity, growth in production and export performance indicators, achievement of energy efficiency, implementation of modernization, technical and technological renovation of production processes, leading to increase in the shares’ value;
to implement the effective internal control mechanisms, inclusion of independent persons into membership of the Supervisory Board, performance of analysis on conformity of the business processes and projects to the goals of the company’s development, establishing as one of the priority objectives, the protection of the rights and legitimate interests of all shareholders, including the minority ones;
to elaborate the Provisions on the order of steps to be undertaken at the occurrence of a conflict of interests for prevention and settlement of the disputes arising from occurrence of a conflict of interests;
to create by the Supervisory Board of the joint-stock companies, the committees for identifying and resolving the conflict situations with membership of the governing bodies, joint-stock company personnel representatives and involved outside experts in them;
to implement measures aimed at transition of the company to publishing the information based on international auditing and financial reporting standards;
to elaborate and get approved the Regulations on information policy with the aim to provide transparency of the company’s activities;
to apply widely the management techniques, successfully proven in the international practice, including SWOT, the GAP analysis and other approaches and the special software;
to improve the skills of the joint-stock company officials through their participation in training courses, seminars and others.
Participants of the International Conference concurred that the elaborated Corporate Governance Code summarizes the best international corporate governance practices those having been adapted for use in the joint-stock companies of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Conference held will, in the whole, enhance the level of knowledge and skills in the field of the corporate governance.

Press Service of the State Competition Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Uzbek agriculture: progress and achievements

Saturation of the domestic food market, achievement of production self-sufficiency in domestic market and food security are priority directions of development of agricultural sector, which is an important sector of Uzbekistan’s economy. Effective implementation of these tasks will allow solving such pressing social issues as employment of population, their well-being, urban and rural development.
Over the years of independence Uzbekistan's agricultural policy went through significant changes. State’s and collective sectors’ agricultural enterprises were abolished. Instead of them they have established farmer enterprises who have implemented advanced technology management. This allowed it to diversify the agricultural sector, to develop animal husbandry, poultry farming, fish farming, horticulture, gardening and beekeeping.
Currently, more than 67,800 farms operate in the country. Their activities are regulated by the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On farmer enterprise" and President’s Resolution "On measures for further improvement of the organization and the development of farming in Uzbekistan".
Last year, our country has developed more than 17,500 farms and more than 250 thousand new jobs. The largest number of farms established in Tashkent, Jizzakh, Namangan, Samarkand, Kashkadarya, Ferghana, Andijan regions and the Republic of Karakalpakstan.
The introduction of system of preferential crediting of agricultural projects and expanding service networks in rural areas became real support for farmers through the supply of fuel and lubricants, biological and chemical fertilizers, plant protection products, seeds and others.
Since late 90s the country achieved stable growth of agricultural sector, constituting an annual 6-7 percent Over 24 years, the volume of agricultural products increased more than twice. This, in turn, allowed saturating the market and increasing the consumption of basic foodstuffs several times. For example, last year, it is grown 12.592 million tons of vegetables, including potatoes, 1.85 million tons of melons, 1.556 million tons of grapes, 2.731 million tons of fruits.
The average yield of wheat in the country reached 55 quintals per hectare, and in some areas it totaled 60-77 quintals per hectare, which is a great success of our farmers. Their invaluable contribution to replenishment of treasury of our country have made and cotton growers of the country, brought together more than 3 million 350 thousand tons of raw sugar. In 2015, total volume of agricultural production increased by almost 7 percent.
High yields were provided mainly due to intensification of agricultural production, improvement of selection and implementation of recognized varieties of cotton and cereal crops, development of modern agricultural technologies.
Along with this, high quality structural changes in agriculture in the next four years. In particular, planned gradual reduction of the volume of production and procurement of raw cotton from 3 million 350 thousand tons to 3 million tons. This will free up about 170,500 hectares of irrigated land where cotton yield does not exceed 12-15 quintals per hectare, while yields in the country an average of 26.1 quintals per hectare. As a result, fruit and vegetables will be sown and planted on unleashed cotton fields.
As noted at the final meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan, up to 2020 it is provided to bring the production volumes of cereal crops up to 8.5 million tons with an increase of 16.4 percent, to increase potato production by 35 percent, other vegetables - by 30 percent, fruits and grapes - by 21.5 percent, meat - by 26.2 percent, milk - by 47.3 percent, eggs - by 74.5 percent, fish - 2.5 times. At the same time significantly increase the volume of exports of these types of food.
Increase in productivity of agricultural crops puts in the forefront further industrialization of agriculture and processing of this raw material base, establishment of appropriate infrastructure to ensure preservation of quality of harvest. Thanks to the selfless work of all rural workers in 2015 built and refurbished 230 enterprises in industrial processing of agricultural products, commissioned 114 new cold stores with a capacity 77,800 tons. Thus, the total capacity of storage of fruits and vegetables increased to 832 thousand tons. This helps to ensure the population on a regular basis in agricultural products, increasing their exports and maintain price stability.
However, special attention is paid to the welfare of rural workers, creation of favorable living conditions that meet the modern requirements, improvement of quality of housing and communal services.
As a result of implementation of State Program for construction of rural individual housing on standard projects for 2009 – 2013, in 159 rural areas 1248 new complex residential areas have been created, where more than 33.5 thousand modern and comfortable individual houses have been built on an area of more than 4.6 million square meters. 1677 kilometers of water supply networks, 1,039 kilometers of electric grids, 1346 kilometers of gas supply networks and 981 kilometers of roads have been put into operation, as well as more than a thousand objects of social and market infrastructure.
In the current year, 13 thousand individual houses in 305 residential communities will be built in the republic. In the process of construction of new residential communities 300.5 kilometers of water networks, 296.3 kilometers of electric networks, 307.5 kilometers of gas networks, 264.8 kilometers of access roads will be constructed. Here will be built 175 objects of social and market infrastructure, including 35 guzars, 25 shopping malls, 34 markets, 36 bakeries, 39 complexes of consumer services and 6 mini-banks.
Implementation of these and other projects in rural area, of course, will enhance the welfare of population, and as a result will lead to further development of agriculture and growth of productivity in this area.

Jahon Information Agency

ICT an important factor of national progress

From the first days of independence Uzbekistan has paid great attention to the comprehensive development of information and communication technologies and their wide application in all spheres of life of state and society.
Over a short period the authorities created the legal framework conducive to further formation and progress of market of IT-technologies.
In particular, in 1992 the Law "On telecommunications" was adopted, which established general principles of progressive promotion of the industry. Issues of ICT legal regulation received further development in the Law "On information" dated December 11, 2003. President's Resolutions "On measures for further implementation and development of modern information and communication technologies" dated March 21, 2012 and "On further development of computerization and introduction of information and communication technologies" dated May 30, 2002, became important documents in this direction.
At present the Complex program of development of National information and communication system of the Republic of Uzbekistan for 2013-2020 is being implemented. This program was approved by President's Resolution dated June 27, 2013.
Making a statement at enlarged meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers dedicated to the socio-economic development in 2015 and the most important priorities of economic program for 2016, President Islam Karimov noted that in today's conditions in the era of Internet and electronics, the widespread introduction of information and communication technologies in the fields of economy, radical acceleration of creation of system "Electronic government" are of priority significance. As the head of our state underlined, development of ICT has a direct impact on the level of competitiveness of the country, allows you to collect and summarize vast amounts of information, offers great opportunities for management at strategic level.
The task of regular improving of the governance, strengthening the capacity of IT-industry was entrusted to the Ministry for development of information technologies and communications, created by the Resolution of the Head of our state dated February 4, 2015. In addition, since 2002 a Centre for development and introduction of computer and information technologies UZINFOCOM operates, which assists in the development and implementation of national programs of computerization and introduction of ICT in all sectors of public administration, economic and social spheres.
Over the past years, the country carried out systematic work on development of Internet, mobile communications and other areas, on formation of high-tech base of modernization of national economy.
The basis for development of ICT in Uzbekistan is the telecommunications infrastructure.
The current stage of development of telecommunications technologies, networks and communication infrastructure of the country is characterized by expansion of fixed and mobile broadband access, increase of switching centers for data transfer and voice traffic, modernization of trunk lines, as well as creation of infrastructure for development of multimedia services.
Over the past 20 years in many regions of the country more than 2,000 kilometers of fiber-optic cables have been laid. They are designed for broadband access to modern technology and provision of converged services such as video telephony, high-speed Internet, watching HDTV-channels and others. Due to the measures taken in 2015, the overall rate of use of international information networks increased by 42.3% compared to 2014 and amounted to 15.5 Gb/s.
Today, all mobile operators operating in our country, consistently introduce the fourth generation network 4G LTE, which allows to handle a large volume of information on Internet quickly and efficiently, download and view video streaming and high-quality photos, use online applications in education purposes and for business. All of these technologies enable Internet users in Uzbekistan to expand their usual ability to work with ICT.
In 2014-2015 Program of development of broadband access networks on Wi-Fi technology has been implemented successfully in the Republic of Uzbekistan. As a result of comprehensive measures at airports, railway stations, places of frequent-stay travelers, parks, shopping malls and other public places of the capital and each administrative center of republic Wi-Fi points have been created.
The high development rates of national Internet segment should be separately noted. Uzbekistan has 10.2 million web users. According to UZINFOCOM center, in January 2016 the number of websites in the UZ zone exceeded 25 thousand, while growth totaled more than 30% compared to same period of last year.
The use of ICT and software products in the management and production processes plays a major role in the development of sectors of the economy and the domestic industry. For instance, in 2014-2015 in the framework of a special state program 86 projects have been realized in order to introduce information systems in large joint-stock companies, associations and organizations totaling more than 330 billion soums.
Particular attention is paid to development of national market of software products.
In order to stimulate domestic programmers the National register of software developers has been created, which already included 69 companies. A directory of software manufacturers has been developed that provides necessary information to citizens and businesses.
According to the Resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On measures to further strengthen the incentives of domestic software developers" dated September 20, 2013 new benefits and preferences for members of software industry were introduced. Thus, they are exempt from customs duties for imported equipment for their own use, components, parts, technical documentation and software until January 1, 2017.
It is known that interactive public services are of particular importance in protection of human rights and freedoms, saving time and expenditures for obtaining necessary information and services.
A consistent work on formation of "Electronic government" is carried out in the country. The activity of the Governmental portal of the Republic of Uzbekistan ( and the The single portal of interactive state services (SPISS), located on the Internet at, has been established.
Functional of SPISS expands dynamically, 235 kinds of interactive services are being rendered through it. Over the past five years this system received in total more than 200 thousand electronic applications of citizens and businessmen. Making an online appointment with the heads of government agencies, receipt of information on their activities, various inquiries and sending requests became popular. In January 2015, the portal has launched a new system for discussion of draft legal acts related to business activities, and evaluation of existing documents. To date, 80 draft laws have been discussed through this system, 9 of them have been improved taking into account the opinions of citizens. At this time, the discussion of more than 20 legal acts continues.
Information system E-Sud for electronic proceedings is functioning effectively since 2004. Through its implementation, procedures such as keeping registration books, document management within court, direction of judicial notifications and procedural acts, familiarization of sides with case are completely automated now.
All educational institutions of the republic are connected to ZiyoNET network, which is functioning since 2005.
In the library of portal, which was updated in 2014, has more than 75 thousand units of informative-educational resources, including textbooks, dissertations, research papers and others.
As part of implementation of resolution of Head of our state "On measures on further improvement of foreign language learning system" dated December 10, 2012, "Foreign Languages" section has been created on ZiyoNET, which includes over four thousand materials such as textbooks, interactive lessons, games, relevant video and audio.
The country regularly hosts major events dedicated to the development of hi-tech industry.
In particular, Week of information and communication technologies ICTWeek Uzbekistan is being held since 2004.  Traditionally it is opened with national exhibition of information technologies ICTExpo, which takes place once in two cities - Tashkent and Samarkand. The exhibition presents existing and future forms of ICT-based services, oriented to business community and authorities, and general population. Among the important events of the week - The Forum for Information and Communication Technologies ICTForum, wh ere representatives of leading companies, industry experts and foreign experts discuss state and prospects of progress in this sphere.
As part of the week conferences BestSoft Uzbekistan are also being held, during which they demonstrate the latest achievements of software developers, and e-Government Uzbekistan dedicated to the strategic objectives in the field of "e-government", results of implemented projects, exchange of experience and ideas in this direction.
Training of personnel in the development of ICT sector is topical.
Currently, major domestic centers of integration of education, science and industry - Tashkent State Technical University (TSTU) and Tashkent University of Information Technologies (TUIT) - train specialists in technical direction and for IT sector. In 2013, TUIT opened two new master's direction - management of the system "Electronic Government", and library science. At the same time, these universities carry out scientific research on the basis of active cooperation with leading industrial enterprises of the country.
From October 1, 2014 the branch of the prestigious South Korean Inha University began its activity in Tashkent. Professionals in areas such as computer and software engineering, computer network engineering are trained here.
Thus, the domestic IT-industry is developing successfully, joint ventures are being created, new software projects are being developed and implemented, Internet is gaining more space. Ongoing consistent measures in this direction contribute to further development of information society in Uzbekistan and its integration into the global information space.

Jahon Information Agency

Zakhiriddin Muhammad Babur

Uzbekistan celebrates the birthday of the great poet and educator, a talented military leader and statesman Zakhiriddin Muhammad Babur on February 14. He made a significant contribution to the development of world science and art.
“Kabul divans” and “Indian divans” (poetic collections), memoirs “Baburnama” and his other works had a decisive influence on the formation of the Uzbek literary and artistic thought. The scientific works of Babur allowed creating a comprehensive view of geography, ethnography, flora and fauna of Central Asia, Afghanistan, India at the end of 15th - beginning of 16th centuries.
Zakhiriddin Babur was born in 1483 in Andijan, when he was 12 he became the ruler of Ferghana. He founded a centralized state in 1526 in India, which lasted more than three centuries. Babur ruled this empire only five years, but during this period, he held numerous progressive reforms: prospered Agra and Delhi, built palaces on the banks of Yamuna river, cut taxes, upgraded the water supply system.
Among the scientific works of Babur “Treatise on aruz” is of particular importance; the work is devoted to the study of philological poetry foundations. “Baburnama” is considered rightly as the pinnacle of his creativity, a work which depicted historical events, outstanding personalities, and natural scenery. In addition, it is a kind of encyclopedia, containing scientific information on many aspects of life of that era. Also “Baburname” used tradition and other elements of folklore, is about descriptions of traditions and rituals.
Uzbek people are proud of the outstanding poet and brilliant scientist Babur’s masterpieces, which still are the link of cultural relations between the peoples of Central Asia, Afghanistan and India. In these countries, subject of hundreds of scientific and literary works, movies are dedicated to our ingenious countryman.
The poet’s script works are kept in museums of France, Britain, the United States and other countries. For example, a unique copy of the work “Vakoyi-i-Baburi” was discovered in Iran, which includes “Mubayin”, a treatise on Islamic jurisprudence. The manuscript, accompanied by commentary and a Persian translation, served as the object of further research as an example of calligraphy and book art. Unknown lists of Babur’s divans manuscript were previously found in the funds of Salar Jung Museum of Hyderabad (India).
As a result of Uzbek and foreign scientists’ joint scientific and practical research, copies of the principal manuscripts of our illustrious ancestor’s works were delivered to Uzbekistan, so “Paris list of Babur’s divans”, album “Miniatures for “Baburname” – a winner at international book fairs, “Treatise on aruz” and many others were published here.
Independence gave us unlimited opportunities to explore deeper and fuller precious facets of Zahiriddin Muhammad Babur’s creativity, to make his heritage a property of the international community.

The pride of Uzbek people

Alisher Navoi was one of great people, who has had a profound effect on formation of people’s spirituality. If we call him great holy man, he is the most holy among the saints, if we name him the thinker, he is the best among them, if to name him a poet, then he is King among the poets.

 Islam Karimov,

President of the Republic of Uzbekistan


 February 9 is the birthday of Alisher Navoi, the glorious son of the Uzbek people. This date is annually widely celebrated in all cities and regions of the country. In Tashkent, the poet’s admirers, as usual on this day, will gather at the foot of the majestic monument to Alisher Navoi, which is located in the National Park of Uzbekistan named after him, to pay tribute to the great ancestors.

The biography of the talented poet and an outstanding thinker has long attracted the attention of many historians and orientalists and literary critics. The whole works are dedicated to its research; even schools of Navoi stydies are established. But the relevance of the study is not reduced over the time, because every Navoi’s work deserves volume analysis. His poetics is extremely interesting, diverse with techniques and attitudes are an unusually progressive.

He was born in 1441, Herat, one of the main cultural centers of the East at that time, and since childhood absorbed the beauty and refinement of literary language Farsi, Alisher very early realized his mission to become the founder of Uzbek literature. While studying at school, he was fond of reading poetry, especially admiring the lines of Saadi’s “Gulistan” and “Bustan” and Farid ud-Din Attar’s poem “The conversation of the birds."

The future governor of Khorasan Hussein Baykara was among Navoi’s schoolmates, who came to power in 1469. The years of his reign were a time of flourishing of Uzbek literature. The Sultan himself contributed a lot to it; he was a poet, author of interesting gazelles. Since that time, a new stage in the life of Navoi had begun. He was actively involved in the country’s political life. At the same year, the governor of Khorasan appointed Navoi to the position of Keeper of the state’s seals (muhrdar), and Vizier in 1472. Being on this position, he made a great contribution to cultural and scientific intelligentsia of the country.

The poet on his savings erected over a hundred objects in Herat and other cities, including madrassas, mosques, baths, bridges, khanaka, hospitals, bazars, developed many of the streets. The great poet, a wise statesman was fully connected with the people only and lived with his dreams and concerns. In particular, he directed most of the own funds to charity.

In 1487-1489 years, Alisher Navoi had served as head of the city Astrabad then returned to Herat. Since then, a new era began in the poet’s life; he was more concerned with creativity. The bulk of his works was created during this period.

Navoi wrote his greatest work “Hamsa” (“Quinary”), which consists of five poems – “Abrar ul-Khairat” (“The confusion of the righteous”), “Farhad va Shirin” (“Farhad and Shirin”) “Layli va Majnun”, “Sabai Sayar” (“Seven Planets”) and “Saddi Iskandari” (“Wall of Iskandar”) in 1483-1485. They were created on the basis of tradition hamsawriting - creating Pyateritca (five poems). Navoi’s “Hamsa” became the first work in this genre, created in Turkic language. He proved that you can create a dimensional work in the Turkic language.

Navoi tried almost all popular genres of the East literature, and showed that he had his voice and style. Alisher Navoi lifted Uzbek literature to a new high pedestal through his poetry. In 1498, he compiled a collection of his poems entitled “Hazain al-Mahon” (“Treasury of thoughts”). All the poems of this collection have a volume of more than 50 000 lines.

Treatises “Muhakamat-ul-Lugatayn” and “Mizan al-Awzan” are considered as Priceless scientific works of Navoi, in which he examined versification, linguistics, and then on the basis of his research convincingly proved the Turkic language’s benefits and richness. Navoi also created scientific works. They include the works of literary criticism “Majalis al-nafais” (“Collection of refined”), “Mezan al-Awzan” (“Libra size”) on the theory aruz, “Mufradat” on the theory of muamma genre. He also wrote treatises on historical subject “Tarixi muluki Ajam” (“History of Iranian kings”) and “Tarixi anbiya va hukam” (“History of the prophets and the sages”). The latest work of Navoi is “Mahbub ul-qulub” which expressed his views on social and political topics.

Thus, Alisher Navoi was the first outstanding poet who discovered colorful, unusually shaped world, the world of the Uzbek language, its richness and elegance. This world was captured in considerable legacy of poet and thinker - nearly 30 poetry collections, major poems, prose, and scientific treatises.

Alisher Navoi’s creativity is still of interest throughout the world, it is evidenced by the works of the great poet which are ctranslated into English, French, German and many other languages. Deep philosophy of his work, rich in metaphor, a variety of poetic images attract the fans of literature. In other words, the secret of undying fame of Navoi’s works lies in their high artistic level.

During the years of independence, Uzbekistan has paid special attention to the detailed study of the poet, publishing his works. At the initiative of the Head of State the Year of Alisher Navoi was declared in 1991. The complete works of the poet were published in twenty volumes. Numerous majestic monuments of our ancestor were built over the past period in the country and abroad. A large number of international conferences, devoted to the works of Alisher Navoi were held in the republic, as well as in the countries such as France, Belgium, Japan, Russia, USA, Germany, Kazakhstan and many others



Muhammad Ali,

Chairman of Writers’ Union of Uzbekistan,

People’s writer of Uzbekistan

The great Uzbek poet revered worldwide

From the first days of independence under the leadership of President Islam Karimov Uzbekistan carries out extensive work on revival and enhancement of national values, to perpetuate memory of our great ancestors, who made an invaluable contribution to world civilization, study and promotion of their rich heritage. A prominent Uzbek poet, thinker, statesman Nizamiddin Mir Alisher Navoi occupies a special place in their series.

Such high qualities, as equity, mutual acceptance and generosity, respect for parents, compassion and desire to help the needy, friendship between the peoples, contribution to prosperity of the motherland, education of the young generation as harmoniously developed person find their place on the current stage of development of our country, in particular during ongoing socio-economic, spiritual and educational reforms.

As President Islam Karimov noted in his book "High spirituality is an invincible force", the history of world literature knows few such poets as Alisher Navoi, who earnestly expressed all the joys and sorrows of human soul, humanity and essence of life. Love to the native language, a sense of awareness of its immense wealth and greatness are formed in us primarily due to the works of Navoi. The more our people, young people will become involved in this priceless heritage, the more successful will be the process of forming good humanistic qualities in society.

His works have been widely studied in secondary schools, colleges and high schools, universities, serve as an inexhaustible source of inspiration for composers, musicians and artists. New songs on ghazals (poems) of poet, literary and artistic works, devoted to his art are represented for attention of our people. This plays an important role in educating younger generation in spirit of patriotism, dedication, sense of belonging to the fate of the Motherland.

Extant literary heritage of Alisher Navoi is large and varied – nearly 30 books of poetry, poems, scientific works and poetic treatises that fully reveal the spiritual life in Central Asia at the end of 15th century. In the years of independence his complete works in 20 volumes published in our country.

The peak of creativity of Navoi is considered to be the famous "Khamsa" ("Quinary") - a collection of five poems "Confusion of righteous", "Leyli and Majnun", "Farhad and Shirin", "Seven Planets", "Iskander’s Wall" based on the national epic - popular at that time the form of exposition of philosophical and artistic outlook. This monumental epic cycle is considered to be an invaluable example of Uzbek classical literature, which became a great monument of world literature.

Another undoubted contribution was Alisher Navoi’s introduction of old Uzbek language along with Persian in creativity of literary men. Before him no one has written in this language, believing that it’s too rough for poetry. Thus, the work of the poet has had an undeniable impact on development of not only Uzbekistan, but also on other Turkic-speaking literatures.

The fact that National Library of Uzbekistan, State Academic Bolshoi Theater of Opera and Ballet, Institute of Language and Literature under Academy of Sciences, Museum of Literature, a leading industrial center - city of Navoi, station of subway, streets and neighborhoods have been named after Alisher Navoi testifies that our country carefully honor the memory of this great son of Uzbek people.

In addition, in accordance with Resolution of President of our country "On measures to encourage students of Uzbekistan", a scholarship named after Alisher Navoi has been established for talented senior students of humanitarian faculties with excellent performance and participating in creative work.

Merits of brilliant Uzbek poet have been assessed adequately not only by our people, but by entire enlightened world, which widely celebrates 575-anniversary of his birth in these days. Works of Alisher Navoi are truly precious pearl of world treasury of knowledge. They still provoke genuine interest in the world, which is evidenced by works of poet translated into English, French, German and many other languages.

In various countries out of respect for memory of poet his monuments have been built, once again emphasizing the global importance of a rich spiritual heritage of our great ancestors, great creative potential of the Uzbek people. At present time, in recognition of outstanding thinker the streets in Almaty, Baku and Ashgabat, Prospect in Kiev are holding his name. A crater on Mercury is named after him. Monuments of outstanding poet set up in Moscow, Tokyo, Baku, Osh, bas-relief in Mazar-e Sharif.

In order to further study and microfilming of manuscript monuments of Uzbek literature, namely to identify the works of Alisher Navoi, State Museum of Literature and Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan organized scientific expeditions and trips to the most famous storerooms of the world.

Thus, from the libraries of France and England brought photocopies of the rare instances of literary heritage "Kulliyat" of Alisher Navoi, as well as artistically decorated manuscripts of his works. Miniatures for books of Navoi published by scientists have been awarded medals at international book fairs. In addition, as a result of archaeographic expeditions to foreign countries copies of manuscripts of works of Uzbek literature brought from National Library of France, British Museum, libraries "Indiana Office" and "Bodlenskoy", Windsor Royal Library and Library of University of Oxford, book funds of Afghanistan, India, Iran, Turkey and United States, including works of Alisher Navoi, which today are the heritage of Uzbek people.

Thus, the world of images and feelings of Alisher Navoi spiritualized poetry of many peoples, especially the Uzbek literature, the first great representative of which he was. After several centuries, his works remain attractive and relevant, so far as ideological basis of his creativity present humanism, justice, thoughts and aspirations of happy life for all people, faith in mind and progress.

Jahon Information Agency

Доклад Президента Республики Узбекистан Ислама Каримова на расширенном заседании Кабинета Министров

Доклад Президента Республики Узбекистан Ислама Каримова на расширенном заседании Кабинета Министров, посвященном итогам социально-экономического развития страны в 2015 году и важнейшим приоритетным направлениям экономической программы на 2016 год

Наша главная цель – несмотря на трудности, решительно идти вперед, последовательно продолжая осуществляемые реформы, структурные преобразования в экономике, создавая еще более широкие возможности для развития частной собственности, предпринимательства и малого бизнеса

Уважаемые участники заседания! 

В повестке дня сегодняшнего расширенного заседания Кабинета Министров – итоги экономического и социального развития страны за истекший 2015 год и утверждение важнейших приоритетов развития экономики страны на 2016 год. 

Анализируя поступательное продвижение страны по пути демократических преобразований и устойчивого развития, мы имеем все основания заявить о том, что в истекшем году сделаны решительные шаги в осуществлении принципиально важных реформ, направленных на достижение нашей главной цели – выйти на уровень развитых демократических государств мира с сильной социально ориентированной экономикой, обеспечивающей достойный уровень и качество жизни наших людей. 

Речь, прежде всего, идет о реализации всесторонне продуманной Программы, направленной на обеспечение глубоких структурных преобразований, надежной защиты интересов частного предпринимательства и малого бизнеса и, что принципиально важно, – в законодательном, нормативно- правовом и практическом, как это предусмотрено в нашей Конституции, обеспечении приоритетной роли частной собственности, поступательного сокращения присутствия государства в экономике Узбекистана. 

Признано целесообразным на этом этапе нашего развития под прямым управлением государства сохранить только предприятия, осуществляющие добычу и переработку углеводородного сырья, драгоценных и цветных металлов, урана, а также стратегические инфраструктурные отрасли естественных монополий – железные и автомобильные дороги, авиационные перевозки, генерирование электроэнергии, электрические и коммунальные сети. 

Была поставлена задача и созданы условия для массовой продажи государственных активов, в первую очередь иностранным инвесторам. Так, по «нулевой» выкупной стоимости было реализовано на конкурсной основе новым инвесторам 506 имущественных комплексов с принятием инвесторами инвестиционных обязательств в размере около 1 триллиона сумов и 40 миллионов долларов США, а также созданием около 22 тысяч новых рабочих мест. 

Полностью ликвидированы 245 низкорентабельных и бездействующих организаций. 

Снесены предусмотренные в программе приватизации 353 неиспользуемых и с незавершенным строительством объекта государственной собственности. В результате высвобождено 120 гектаров земельных участков, около 80 из которых отведены предпринимателям для организации производства и оказания услуг. 

Завершена инвентаризация и выставлены на торги для реализации полностью в частную собственность 319 неиспользуемых объектов государственной собственности, 102 из них в прошлом году реализованы новым собственникам. Произведена оценка и выставлены на публичные торги государственные доли в 378 акционерных обществах для их реализации стратегическим иностранным инвесторам. Необходимо особо подчеркнуть, что на продажу выставлены государственные доли в достаточно успешных, динамично развивающихся предприятиях – таких, как акционерные общества «Навоиазот», «Ферганаазот», «Ургенч экскаватор», «Кызылкумцемент», «Джизакский аккумуляторный завод», «Алокабанк», «Туронбанк», страховая компания «Узагросугурта» и других.
Из выставленных на торги государственные доли 52 акционерных обществ уже реализованы в частную собственность. В частности, акции АО «Кукон ёг-мой», принадлежавшие государству, проданы на сумму 2,5 миллиона долларов. 

И это только начало широкомасштабной работы по коренному изменению структуры собственности. 

Принципиально важное значение для наведения должного порядка и повышения ответственности руководителей и должностных лиц правоохранительных, контролирующих и административных структур за незаконное вмешательство в предпринимательскую деятельность имело принятие ряда законов и законодательных актов. 

Введен принцип приоритета прав предпринимателей в их взаимоотношениях с государственными, правоохранительными и контролирующими органами. 

В более чем 40 нормативно-правовых актов внесены изменения и дополнения, связанные с упрощением и облегчением создания и осуществления деятельности субъектов предпринимательства. В частности, введен новый порядок, в соответствии с которым уголовное дело не возбуждается и лицо освобождается от ответственности, если оно впервые совершило преступление, предусмотренное в случае уклонения от уплаты налогов или других обязательных платежей, но полностью возместило нанесенный государству ущерб в течение 30 дней после обнаружения правонарушения. 

В решении вопросов укрепления гарантий и защиты законных прав частных собственников и предпринимателей первостепенное значение придается усилению роли судебных органов.Суды вправе приостанавливать исполнение решения контролирующего органа, обжалуемого со стороны субъекта предпринимательства, на период рассмотрения соответствующего иска. 

Законодательно введена норма, что только по решению суда может осуществляться изъятие имущества субъектов предпринимательства в связи с нарушением ими налогового и таможенного законодательства, существенно сокращены сроки рассмотрения искового заявления. 

Теперь проверка деятельности микрофирм, малых предприятий и фермерских хозяйств будет осуществляться в плановом порядке не чаще одного раза в четыре года, а других хозяйствующих субъектов – не чаще одного раза в три года и только по решению Республиканского совета по координации деятельности контролирующих органов. 

При этом срок проведения плановых проверок, не связанных с финансово-хозяйственной деятельностью, сокращен с 30 до 10 календарных дней. Важно отметить, что эти нормы установлены и в отношении частных банковских и финансовых институтов. 

Усилены меры административной ответственности за нарушение порядка проведения проверок и ревизий финансово-хозяйственной деятельности предприятий правоохранительными и контролирующими органами, нарушение порядка оказания государственных услуг, незаконное приостановление деятельности хозяйствующих субъектов и операций по их банковским счетам, необоснованное истребование информации о наличии денежных средств на их счетах, принудительное привлечение предпринимателей к благотворительности и иным мероприятиям, связанным с отвлечением денежных средств, и другие. 

Наряду с этим законодательно внедрен механизм возмещения в полном объеме, включая упущенную выгоду, вреда, причиненного субъекту предпринимательства в результате незаконных решений государственных органов, органов самоуправления граждан или действий (бездействия) их должностных лиц. 

В отношении должностных лиц контролирующих, правоохранительных и иных государственных органов, которые неоднократно нарушили законодательство в сфере защиты свободы предпринимательской деятельности, будут применяться меры уголовной ответственности. Соответствующие нормы уже внесены в Уголовный кодекс Республики Узбекистан. 

В отчетном году на базе единого центра обслуживания вызовов АК «Узбектелеком» и «телефона доверия» Генеральной прокуратуры внедрена система круглосуточного приема обращений субъектов предпринимательства по вопросам необоснованного вмешательства в их деятельность государственных, правоохранительных и контролирующих органов, воспрепятствования предпринимательской деятельности и нарушения прав собственников. Только за полгода с момента введения этой системы в органы прокуратуры обратилось свыше 1,5 тысячи предпринимателей. Что особенно важно – около трети всех обращений было решено в их пользу. 

Благодаря внедрению электронных форм взаимоотношений между государственными органами и субъектами предпринимательства в 2015 году 42,8 тысячи субъектов предпринимательства зарегистрированы через сеть Интернет на Едином портале интерактивных государственных услуг, обеспечивающем доступ к 260 различным видам интерактивных услуг. Если в 2013-2014 годах предпринимателям и гражданам было оказано чуть более 102 тысяч услуг, то только за 2015 год их количество превысило 420 тысяч. 

Сегодня 100 процентов налоговой и статистической отчетности сдается в электронном виде через сеть Интернет. 

С 1 января текущего года Единые центры по оказанию государственных услуг субъектам предпринимательства по принципу «одно окно» начали функционировать во всех регионах республики, внедрен также абсолютно новый механизм подключения субъектов предпринимательства к инженерно-коммуникационным сетям, предусматривающий передачу территориальным предприятиям эксплуатационных организаций полномочий по осуществлению всех процедур на условиях «под ключ» – начиная от получения технических условий до подключения к инженерно-коммуникационным сетям. 

Дорогие друзья! 

Хотел бы с удовлетворением отметить, что проводимая нами работа по улучшению делового климата находит свое позитивное отражение в рейтингах деловой среды международных экономических организаций. В октябре прошлого года Всемирный банк опубликовал рейтинг «Ведение бизнеса», где Узбекистан всего за один год поднялся на 16 пунктов и занял 87-е место. Особо следует отметить, что по таким критериям, как «поддержка нового бизнеса», Узбекистан в настоящее время занимает 42-е место в мире, по обеспечению исполнения заключенных договоров – 32-е, по эффективности системы банкротства экономически несостоятельных предприятий – 75-е место. По индикатору «предоставление кредитов субъектам малого бизнеса» Узбекистан за последние три года поднялся со 154-го до 42-го места, улучшив только за прошлый год свой рейтинг на 63 позиции. 

Как отмечено в докладе Всемирного банка, Узбекистан в настоящее время входит в первую десятку стран мира, которые за последний год достигли наилучших результатов в области улучшения деловой среды для предпринимательской деятельности. 

Хотел бы отметить, что благодаря принимаемым мерам доля малого бизнеса и частного предпринимательства в валовом внутреннем продукте возросла с 31 процента в 2000 году до 56,7 процента в настоящее время, или в 1,8 раза. В этой сфере сегодня производится треть всей промышленной и 98 процентов сельскохозяйственной продукции. В ней трудится более 77 процентов всего занятого населения. 

Уважаемые участники совещания! 

В 2015 году проделана большая работа по коренному изменению принципов и подходов в системе корпоративного управления, приданию ему подлинно рыночного характера. 

Проведена полная инвентаризация деятельности всех акционерных обществ, на основании которой по 462 обществам, или 43 процентам от общего числа, приняты решения об их ликвидации или преобразовании в другие организационно-правовые формы. 

На основе изучения передового международного опыта корпоративного управления предприятиями была разработана и утверждена новая типовая структура акционерного общества. На ее базе с учетом современных подходов к корпоративному управлению разработан и утвержден новый Классификатор должностей и профессий, с включением в него 566 новых категорий, соответствующих требованиям рыночной экономики. 

Исходя из данного классификатора проведена аттестация руководящих кадров на предмет знания ими современных методов и принципов корпоративного управления, менеджмента и маркетинга. По результатам аттестации из 721 руководящего работника, подлежащего аттестации, только менее половины, или 49 процентов, аттестованы, каждый третий – аттестован условно, а 20 процентов, или каждый пятый руководитель, признаны не соответствующими занимаемым должностям. Эти цифры говорят сами за себя и лишний раз подтверждают, насколько своевременно мы начали кардинально менять структуру управления акционерными обществами. 

На высвободившиеся руководящие должности пришли молодые, хорошо образованные, на практике владеющие методами современного менеджмента и маркетинга специалисты. 

Для организации на системной основе подготовки и повышения квалификации руководящих работников и специалистов акционерных обществ, овладения ими современными методами корпоративного управления при активном участии Европейской школы менеджмента и технологий (Германия) был создан Научно-образовательный центр корпоративного управления. 

Уже в прошлом году с широким привлечением профессорско-преподавательских кадров ведущих образовательных учреждений Германии и других экономически развитых стран было организовано повышение квалификации в сфере корпоративного управления более 160 руководителей акционерных обществ, банков, крупнейших предприятий республики, половина из которых прошла стажировку на немецких предприятиях. 

Дорогие друзья! 

Самого серьезного внимания заслуживает работа по привлечению инвестиций, направляемых на реализацию проектов по модернизации, техническому и технологическому обновлению отраслей, структурным преобразованиям в экономике страны. В этих целях в 2015 году было привлечено и освоено инвестиций за счет всех источников финансирования в эквиваленте 15,8 миллиарда долларов США, или с ростом против 2014 года на 9,5 процента. При этом более 3,3 миллиарда долларов, или свыше 21 процента всех инвестиций – это иностранные инвестиции, из которых 73 процента составляют прямые иностранные инвестиции. 

67,1 процента всех инвестиций направлены на производственное строительство. Это позволило в 2015 году завершить строительство и обеспечить ввод 158 крупных производственных объектов общей стоимостью 7,4 миллиарда долларов. 

В их числе – строительство парогазовой установки мощностью 370 МВт на Ташкентской ТЭС, модернизация гидрогенераторов Чарвакской ГЭС, расширение производства кальцинированной соды на Кунградском содовом заводе, организация производства новых сложных удобрений в АО «Самаркандкимё» мощностью 240 тысяч тонн, тракторных прицепов, в том числе с увеличенной емкостью, компонентов для бытовой техники на базе бездействующих производственных площадей АО «Моторный завод» и другие. 

Среди введенных в строй объектов особо хотел бы отметить построенный совместно с южнокорейскими инвесторами и специалистами Устюртский газохимический комплекс на базе месторождения Сургиль. Этот комплекс стоимостью свыше 4 миллиардов долларов является одним из самых современных высокотехнологичных и крупных производств в мире. Его ввод в эксплуатацию позволит получать ежегодно 83 тысячи тонн полипропилена, который до этого импортировался в республику, увеличить объем производства полиэтилена в 3,1 раза, трудоустроить более 1 тысячи высококвалифицированных специалистов. 

АО «GM Uzbekistan» в Хорезмской области запущено серийное производство мини-грузовика «Шевроле Лабо», общая стоимость проекта составляет около 6 миллионов долларов, а годовая мощность – 5 тысяч машин, необходимых для фермеров и частных предпринимателей. Следует отметить, что это третья модель, выпускаемая на новом заводе «Хорезм Авто», где уже налажено производство автомобилей «Дамас» и «Орландо». 

В Папском районе Наманганской области была введена в эксплуатацию солнечная фотоэлектрическая станция мощностью 130 кВт. Пока этот проект носит тестовый характер, но к 2020 году в республике планируется ввести в строй еще три солнечные электростанции мощностью 100 МВт каждая. 

Открыто скоростное движение пассажирских поездов на участке железнодорожной линии Самарканд-Карши, что позволило организовать курсирование высокоскоростных электропоездов «Афросиёб» по маршруту Ташкент-Карши. В результате в 2 раза сокращено время перевозки пассажиров из столицы в Кашкадарьинскую область и обратно. 

Глубокие структурные изменения происходят в сельском хозяйстве. Благодаря самоотверженному труду и мастерству фермеров и дехкан, несмотря на сложные погодные условия, в республике выращен и собран богатый урожай сельскохозяйственной продукции – произведено более 7 миллионов 500 тысяч тонн зерна, более 3 миллионов 350 тысяч тонн хлопка.

Следует отметить, что полученные высокие урожаи обеспечены в основном за счет интенсификации сельскохозяйственного производства, улучшения селекции и внедрения районированных сортов хлопчатника и зерновых колосовых культур, освоения современных агротехнологий. 

Средняя урожайность пшеницы по стране достигла 55 центнеров с гектара, а в отдельных районах она составила 60-77 центнеров с гектара, что является огромным достижением наших фермеров. 

Наряду с этим ускоренными темпами развивались такие отрасли сельского хозяйства, как плодоовощеводство, садоводство, виноградарство и животноводство. В прошлом году выращено 12 миллионов 592 тысячи тонн овощей, в том числе картофеля, 1 миллион 850 тысяч тонн бахчевых, 1 миллион 556 тысяч тонн винограда, 2 миллиона 731 тысяча тонн фруктов. 

Исключительно важное значение мы придаем углублению промышленной переработки сельскохозяйственного сырья, развитию инфраструктуры хранения выращенной продукции. В истекшем году созданы и модернизированы 230 предприятий по промышленной переработке сельскохозяйственной продукции, созданы и модернизированы 114 новых холодильных камер емкостью 77,8 тысячи тонн. Общая мощность хранения плодоовощной продукции в республике доведена до 832 тысяч тонн, что позволяет в течение года бесперебойно и без резких сезонных скачков цен обеспечивать население страны основными видами сельскохозяйственной продукции, расширять ее экспортные поставки, сохранять устойчивость цен. 

Все это – результат самоотверженного труда наших дехкан и фермеров, всех тружеников села. 

И мне доставляет огромное удовлетворение выразить им свою искреннюю признательность. 

В истекшем году была продолжена системная работа по обеспечению динамичного развития сферы услуг и сервиса как одного из самых важных факторов и направлений углубления структурных преобразований и диверсификации экономики, повышения занятости, доходов и качества жизни людей. 

В 2015 году сфера услуг обеспечила более половины прироста валового внутреннего продукта. В настоящее время ее доля в ВВП достигла 54,5 процента против 49 процентов в 2010 году. В этой сфере работает более половины всего занятого населения. 

Опережающими темпами развиваются банковские, страховые, лизинговые, консалтинговые и другие виды рыночных услуг, способствующие развитию частного сектора и малого бизнеса в стране. В этой отрасли действуют 80,4 тысячи субъектов малого бизнеса, что составляет более 80 процентов от общей численности предприятий сферы услуг. 

Особое внимание уделяется развитию данной сферы на селе. В рамках реализации Программы по ускоренному развитию сферы услуг и сервиса в сельской местности за последние три года на селе реализовано более 22,8 тысячи проектов, объем оказываемых услуг вырос в 1,6 раза, а их потребление на одного сельского жителя – в 1,5 раза. 

Уважаемые участники заседания! 

Подводя итог сделанному за истекший 2015 год, сегодня есть все основания сказать – нами осуществлена огромная по масштабам и глубине работа по обновлению и реформированию страны, достижению стабильных и устойчивых темпов роста и макроэкономической сбалансированности экономики. 

Несмотря на продолжающийся мировой финансово-экономический кризис, в отчетном году валовой внутренний продукт вырос на 8 процентов, объем производства промышленной продукции – на 8 процентов, продукции сельского хозяйства – почти на 7, строительно-монтажных работ – почти на 18 процентов. 

Годовой бюджет выполнен с профицитом в размере 0,1 процента к ВВП. Уровень инфляции составил 5,6 процента, то есть в пределах прогнозных параметров. 

Согласно рейтингу авторитетного Всемирного экономического форума Узбекистан входит в пятерку стран с самой быстро развивающейся экономикой в мире по итогам 2014-2015 годов и прогнозам роста на 2016-2017 годы. 

Кроме того, в 2015 году Узбекистан стал одной из 14 стран, получивших награды за достижение Целей развития тысячелетия в области обеспечения продовольственной безопасности государствами-членами Продовольственной и сельскохозяйственной организации ООН (ФАО). 

В 2015 году было обеспечено дальнейшее укрепление банковской системы, повышение уровня капитализации и расширение инвестиционной активности банков. Совокупный капитал банковской системы увеличился по сравнению с 2014 годом на 23,3 процента и достиг 7,8 триллиона сумов. За последние 5 лет данный показатель вырос в 2,4 раза. Уровень достаточности капитала нашей банковской системы составляет почти 24 процента, что в 3 раза превышает общепринятые международные стандарты, а ее ликвидность – в 2 раза выше самых высоких индикаторных оценок. 

Несмотря на существенное замедление темпов роста мировой торговли и сокращение внешнего спроса, снижение мировых цен на важнейшие экспортные товары, нам удалось достичь положительного сальдо во внешнеторговом обороте, что позволило обеспечить рост государственных золотовалютных резервов. 

О достигнутых результатах и укреплении макроэкономической стабильности в стране свидетельствует низкий уровень государственного долга, который не превышает 18,5 процента к ВВП. 

Уважаемые соотечественники! 

Устойчиво высокие темпы роста экономики и сферы услуг создали необходимые условия для реализации важнейшей приоритетной задачи – обеспечения занятости населения, прежде всего трудоустройства выпускников профессиональных колледжей и высших учебных заведений. 

В 2015 году создано свыше 980 тысяч рабочих мест, из них более 60 процентов – в сельской местности. 

Трудоустроено свыше 480 тысяч выпускников колледжей. Коммерческими банками им выданы льготные кредиты на организацию собственного бизнеса в объеме около 280 миллиардов сумов, что в 1,3 раза больше, чем в 2014 году. 

Достигнутые в 2015 году устойчиво высокие темпы экономического развития создали прочную базудля дальнейшего роста доходов населения, повышения уровня и качества жизни наших людей. 

Заработная плата работников бюджетных организаций, пенсии и стипендии были увеличены на 21,9 процента, а реальные совокупные доходы на душу населения повысились на 9,6 процента. 

Хотелось бы отметить, что доля доходов от предпринимательской деятельности увеличилась до 52 процентов против 47,1 процента в 2010 году, что существенно превышает аналогичный показатель в странах СНГ. 

В нашей стране особое внимание уделяется снижению уровня социального расслоения общества. Соотношение доходов 10 процентов наиболее обеспеченного населения и 10 процентов наименее обеспеченного населения – так называемый «децильный коэффициент» – имеет устойчивую тенденцию к снижению и в 2015 году составило 7,7 по сравнению с 8,5 в 2010 году. 

Сложившийся международный показатель, характеризующий расслоение по доходам, – индекс Джини в 2015 году составил 0,280 против 0,390 в 2000 году и по своему уровню значительно ниже, чем во многих экономически развитых и развивающихся странах мира. 

Рост доходов населения способствовал повышению внутреннего потребительского спроса. Объем розничного товарооборота возрос за год более чем на 15 процентов, а платных услуг – на 10,8 процента. 

Качественные изменения произошли в уровне и структуре обеспеченности населения товарами длительного пользования, большинство из которых сегодня производится у нас в стране. В частности, обеспеченность семей легковыми автомобилями достигла 42 на 100 семей, что в 1,5 раза больше показателя пятилетней давности, персональными компьютерами – 47 с ростом за этот период в 3,9 раза, кондиционерами – 31, или, соответственно, в 1,7 раза, мобильными телефонами – 234, или в 1,6 раза. 

С удовлетворением хочу отметить, что по проведенным под эгидой ООН с участием группы независимых организаций и международных экспертов в 2015 году рейтинговым оценкам 158 стран мира по такому показателю, как «индекс счастья», характеризующему способность страны обеспечить своим жителям счастливую жизнь, Узбекистан занял 44-е место против 60-го места в 2013 году. 

В центре нашего внимания в истекшем году были вопросы дальнейшего реформирования и совершенствования системы образования. Ежегодные расходы на образование в Узбекистане составляют порядка 10-12 процентов к ВВП, что почти в 2 раза превышает соответствующие рекомендации ЮНЕСКО (6-7 процентов) по размерам инвестиций в образование, необходимых для обеспечения устойчивого развития страны. 

В 2015 году были осуществлены работы по дальнейшему развитию и укреплению материально-технической базы 384 объектов в сфере образования на общую сумму 423 миллиарда сумов, в том числе построено по типовым проектам 29 новых общеобразовательных школ, реконструировано 219 школ и капитально отремонтировано 136 школ. 

В Узбекском государственном университете мировых языков построен новый современный учебный корпус на 2,2 тысячи учебных мест, спортивный комплекс, а также гостиница для привлеченных иностранных специалистов. Завершено строительство нового учебного блока в Навоийском государственном горном институте. 

В сфере высшего образования внедрена принципиально новая, усовершенствованная система регулярной переподготовки профессорско-преподавательского состава вузов. В 15 базовых вузах организованы курсы переподготовки и повышения квалификации руководящих и педагогических кадров вузов, на которых уже прошли переподготовку около 2,7 тысячи преподавателей. 

В 2015 году на строительство, реконструкцию, капитальный ремонт и оснащение 141 учреждения здравоохранения было затрачено около 500 миллиардов сумов. Завершены работы по реконструкции и обеспечен ввод Республиканского детского костно-туберкулезного санатория, Ургенчского филиала Ташкентской медицинской академии, областных многопрофильных медицинских центров в Андижане и Бухаре, областных детских многопрофильных медицинских центров в Карши и Самарканде, а также медицинских объединений в ряде районов республики. Завершена оптимизация сельских врачебных пунктов с оснащением их современным диагностическим и лечебным оборудованием. 

В результате осуществляемых мер за последние пять лет материнская смертность на 100 тысяч новорожденных сократилась с 23,1 до 19 случаев, смертность детей в возрасте до 5 лет – с 14,8 до 13,9, а младенческая смертность – с 11 до 10,7. По этим показателям наша страна полностью достигла соответствующих Целей развития тысячелетия ООН. 

Особое внимание в нашей стране уделяется развитию физической культуры и спорта, являющихся важным и эффективным фактором укрепления здоровья населения. В 2015 году в рамках реализации адресной программы строительства и реконструкции детских спортивных сооружений за счет средств Фонда развития детского спорта сданы в эксплуатацию 35 типовых спортивных объектов, 12 плавательных бассейнов, 174 школьных спортивных зала на общую сумму более 225 миллиардов сумов. 

В 2015 году спортсменами Узбекистана на чемпионатах мира, Азии и других международных турнирах завоевано свыше 860 медалей, из них 311 золотых, 274 серебряных и 276 бронзовых. Особенно успешно наши спортсмены выступают в таких видах спорта, как легкая атлетика, художественная гимнастика, бокс, борьба, дзюдо, таэквондо, конный спорт. 

В центре нашего внимания на протяжении всего прошлого года было обеспечение полнойреализации принятой Государственной программы «Год внимания и заботы о старшем поколении». 

В реализацию программы были вовлечены все министерства и ведомства, предприятия и организации всех секторов экономики, общественные структуры, в первую очередь фонды «Нуроний» и «Махалла», чтобы ни одна сфера жизни старшего поколения ни осталась без должного внимания и заботы. 

Более 215 тысяч пожилых людей в прошлом году прошли бесплатное медицинское обследование. Нуждающиеся инвалиды имели возможность бесплатно получить свыше 11 тысяч протезно-ортопедических изделий и технических средств реабилитации высокого качества. Около 70 тысяч ветеранов были охвачены медицинским осмотром и оздоровлены в стационарных и санаторно-курортных учреждениях. Всем долгожителям Узбекистана, достигшим возраста 100 лет, к пенсии добавлены специальные надбавки в размере одной минимальной заработной платы. 

Кроме того, с 1 сентября прошлого года введен новый перечень основных продуктов питания и товаров гигиены для бесплатного ежемесячного обеспечения одиноких престарелых и инвалидов, нуждающихся в постороннем уходе. 

Всего на реализацию мер, предусмотренных в Государственной программе «Год внимания и заботы о старшем поколении», за счет всех источников было затрачено 2 триллиона 246 миллиардов сумов и более 225 миллионов долларов. 

Уважаемые участники заседания! 

Определяя основные приоритеты социально-экономического развития нашей страны на 2016 год, мы не можем не учитывать серьезные проблемы, возникающие в связи с продолжающимся глобальным кризисом, резким сокращением спроса, неопределенностью и существенно возросшей жесткой конкуренцией на мировых рынках, падением темпов роста производства и всеми вытекающими отсюда последствиями, коснувшимися большинства государств в мире. 

В этой связи непростые проблемы, стоящие перед нами в 2016 году, диктуют необходимость полного отказа от изживших себя методов инерционного прогнозирования от достигнутого уровня, полагаясь на средние показатели развития. 

Главным ориентиром для нас должно быть непрерывное технологическое и техническое обновление производства, а также постоянный поиск внутренних резервов, осуществление глубоких структурных преобразований в экономике, модернизации и диверсификации промышленности. 

Важнейшим направлением реализации наших внутренних резервов и возможностей должно стать поэтапное увеличение глубины переработки отечественных сырьевых ресурсов минерального и растительного происхождения, которыми богата наша земля, а также расширение объемов и номенклатуры производства продукции с высокой добавленной стоимостью. 

Иначе говоря, само время требует перейти на последовательные 3-4-стадийные циклы переработки сырья в востребованную на мировом рынке продукцию по схеме: базовое сырье – первичная переработка (полуфабрикаты) – готовые материалы для промышленного производства – готовая продукция для конечного потребления. 

При этом возникает необходимость при разработке и реализации программ проследить полный цикл глубокой переработки по каждому виду первичного сырья – полуфабриката вплоть до готовой продукции конечного потребления. 

Словом, нужно обеспечить прогнозирование всего цикла организации производства – от сырья до готовой продукции с обоснованием целесообразности и окупаемости затрат. 

Как показывают расчеты, в результате выпуска продукции с высокой добавленной стоимостью объемы производства нефтегазохимической продукции могут быть увеличены с освоением новых ее видов к 2030 году в 3,2 раза, изделий из цветных металлов – в 2,2 раза, из черных металлов – в 2,3 раза, продукции химической промышленности, включая минеральные удобрения, – в 3,2 раза. 

Углубленная переработка хлопкового волокна, фруктов и овощей по современным технологиям позволит увеличить к 2030 году объемы производства востребованной на внешнем и внутреннем рынке экологически чистой готовой продукции текстильной и легкой промышленности в 5,6 раза, плодоовощной продукции – в 5,7 раза. 

Этот перечень можно продолжить. 

Наряду с этим рост производства современной готовой продукции с высокой добавленной стоимостью, востребованной на внешних рынках, станет основой устойчиво высоких темпов роста ее экспорта. 

Надо сказать, что эта работа в стране уже начата. Однако она требует кардинально нового программного комплексного подхода, с тем чтобы по каждому перспективному виду сырья и полуфабрикатов, обладающих высоким потенциалом, иметь конкретную программу глубокой переработки, рассчитанную на 2020, 2025, 2030 годы. 

У нас сегодня есть все основания, исходя из глубокого анализа тенденций развития мировой экономики, реальной оценки наших ресурсов и возможностей, поставить перед собой целевую задачу – не менее чем в 2 раза увеличить к 2030 году объем валового внутреннего продукта нашей страны. За счет кардинальных структурных преобразований – обеспечить ускоренный рост промышленности и довести ее долю в ВВП до 40 процентов против 33,5 процента в 2015 году, а долю сельского хозяйства снизить с 16,6 до 8-10 процентов, сократить энергоемкость ВВП примерно в 2 раза в результате широкого внедрения современных энергосберегающих технологий. 

О реальности поставленной задачи можно судить исходя из следующих расчетов. Для того чтобы добиться роста ВВП за 2016-2030 годы в 2 раза, достаточно обеспечить среднегодовые темпы прироста на уровне 4,8 процента, тогда как за истекшие 11 лет среднегодовые темпы роста ВВП в стране составили не менее 8 процентов. 

Дорогие соотечественники! 

Важнейшим приоритетом предусмотренной на 2016 год экономической программы должно статьбезусловное продолжение начатых системных демократических реформ и модернизации страны, глубоких структурных преобразований в экономике, прежде всего в промышленности и сельском хозяйстве, опережающее развитие и защита интересов частной собственности, предпринимательства и малого бизнеса, обеспечение макроэкономической сбалансированности. 

Мы поставили перед собой задачу обеспечить в этом году прирост ВВП на уровне 7,8 процента, объемов производства в промышленности – 8,2 процента, в сельском хозяйстве – 6,1, розничного товарооборота – 14 и услуг – 17,4 процента, сохранить инфляцию в пределах 5,5-6,5 процента, обеспечить рост реальных доходов населения на 9,5 процента, средней заработной платы, пенсий, стипендий и пособий с учетом предоставляемых налоговых льгот – на 15 процентов. 

Исключительно важная роль в реализации этих задач принадлежит выполнению Инвестиционной программы на 2016 год как важнейшего инструмента структурных преобразований промышленности и экономики в целом. 

Следует принять безотлагательные меры по обеспечению безусловного ввода в установленные сроки, предусмотренные на 2016 год, 164 крупных инвестиционных проектов общей стоимостью более 5 миллиардов долларов. 

Это, прежде всего, завершение строительства: скоростного движения поезда «Афросиёб» до Бухары, двух парогазовых турбин мощностью по 450 МВт кажд

Festive Greeting to the Defenders of Homeland

Festive Greeting to the Defenders of Homeland on the Occasion of the 24th Anniversary of Establishment of  the Armed Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Dear soldiers and sergeants, officers and generals, veterans of the Armed Forces, esteemed compatriots!

It gives me an enormous pleasure from the bottom of my heart to congratulate you on the landmark date in the life of our country – the Day of Defenders of Homeland and the 24th anniversary of establishment of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan!

Looking back at uneasy path traversed during a quarter of a century, we have all grounds to declare that, thanks to implementation of the timely adopted and deeply thought-out program of reforms, at present Uzbekistan possesses professionally trained and well-equipped army devoted to its Homeland and people, capable to effectively tackle the broad range of tasks in terms of ensuring security, territorial integrity of the country, inviolability of its borders, protecting peaceful and tranquil life of citizens.

The elaboration of a principally new approach to the military development based on resolute refusal of the obsolete and routine decisions, comprehensive consideration of peculiarities of a possible theater of war operations and rapidly changing situation in our near and far surrounding, as well as in-depth practical assimilation of achievements of foreign experience became to much extent a decisive factor in establishing the modern Armed Forces of our country.

Today we can proudly declare that our army has assimilated the best experience of the world’s military development and art, preserving our historical and national traditions, and has become a reliable guarantor of ensuring security of our borders. The image of a modern serviceman of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan is embodied, above all, in his comprehensive knowledge and intellect, devotion to Homeland, his firm will and strong readiness to fulfill his sacred military duty.

Dear friends!

We have always realized and now comprehend that the time, which we live in, keeps flowing. The rapidly changing situation in the world and aggravating state of affairs in its certain regions, ever growing confrontations, conflicts and bloodsheds, increasing threats of international terrorism, extremism and radicalism, unremitting military standoffs in our near neighborhood cannot but raise a deep feeling of concern and alarm in us.

The unfolding complex and hard-to-predict situation requires of all of us to maintain high vigilance and constant readiness, reinforce attention to further reforming our army, equipping it with modern weaponry and military hardware, raising efficiency of combat training of troops, and on the whole – comprehensively strengthening the potential and combat efficiency of our Armed Forces.

In this regard, at the modern stage I deem it exclusively important to implement the following tasks:

First, further improvement of the organizational structure and combat strength of the army, system of commanding troops taking into account the unfolding military and political situation, achievements of modern military art and experience of military development accumulated by us, as well as peculiarities of a possible theater of war operations.

In the conditions of increasing threats and constantly changing situation in the regions neighboring on Uzbekistan, which doesn’t rule out the possible intrusion of various bandit formations and subversive groups into the territory of our country, further reinforcement and concentration of troops, in the first instance, at the vulnerable operational directions require a special attention.

It is greatly important to raise attention and radically revise the principles and approaches to military exercises, maximally approximate them to the real conditions of locality and region, identify a possible character of actions of a probable enemy, train the command personnel and headquarters  to comprehensively assess the situation and make well-grounded decisions, practice the rapid redeployment of troops, increase the individual skills of each serviceman to confidently handle weaponry and military hardware, survive in the conditions of critical physical pressure and high moral-psychological stress.

For these purposes it is significant to ensure a full-fledged functioning and broad use of training grounds while continuing a comprehensive development of their infrastructure and training material-technical basis.

Second, the step-by-step implementation of the program of supplying troops with cutting-edge weaponry and military hardware, which allow us to tangibly increase the combat capabilities of our Armed Forces, their mobility and promptness, practice the ability to deliver lightning strokes on vulnerable positions of an enemy exploiting the capabilities of the Special operation forces, helicopters and other available hardware.

Third, there must be an unremitting attention to the issue of training, retraining and raising qualification of the command and sergeant personnel. In this regard, it is of an urgent significance to continue a consistent work in terms of improving the system of training at the Academy of Armed Forces, military colleges and sergeant schools, where our servicemen have all opportunities to continuously raise their professional, theoretical and applied knowledge, acquire experience and skills necessary in service and combat activity.

Along with this, it is expedient to constantly renew and specify the list of specialties, methods and technologies of teaching the military disciplines and curricula taking into account the gradual equipment of the national army with modern weaponry and military hardware, alterations in its combat strength and structure, as well as changing nature of military conflicts.

Further raising qualification of the teaching staff at military training institutions, mastering by them the foreign languages and advanced foreign experience of handling a teaching process and application of the latest information and communication technologies also remain to be a priority task.

Simultaneously, it is necessary to systemically and consistently reinforce our activity related to broad attraction of professors, experts and specialists from leading foreign military educational and research centers to teaching at the Academy of Armed Forces and other core educational institutions of the country on the most in-demand and acute directions of the military science.

Fourth, given the rapidly changing conditions of the modern world, when the attempts are on the rise to impose the alien destructive ideas in the society, which absolutely contradict the spiritual values, culture and traditions of our people, when there is an ongoing struggle for the hearts and minds, especially of a young generation, the role and place of educational work and moral-psychological training of servicemen and pre-conscription youth become very important.

In this respect, it acquires an exceptional significance to enhance the work to organize and hold the events of military-patriotic nature at educational institutions, military units, workplaces and makhallas (neighborhood community areas) with an aim to bring up in our youth the deep feelings of love to Homeland, pride for its Armed Forces and respect for a military service.

The Public Council at the Ministry of Defense, Public Youth Movement «Kamolot» and other public organizations and structures, as well as the renowned representatives of culture, art and sport are called upon to play a special role in addressing these long-term and urgent tasks.

Avoiding formalism and perfunctory approach, we should also broadly use the mass media and national segment of the Internet in this most important cause.

Fifth, there must be an unconditional implementation of state programs on social and medical care of servicemen, as well as providing them and their families with housing. In the framework of the governmental resolutions and state programs adopted on the occasion of announcement of 2016 as the «Year of Healthy Mother and Child» the set of concrete measures should be realized on material and social support of servicemen’s families.

The decent conditions of service and social protection, as well as well-being of servicemen and their families stand as the key factors to further reinforce the authority of the Armed Forces of our country.

Dear compatriots!

Taking this opportunity, I would like to once again underscore that our Military Doctrine has a defensive character and reinforcement of the country’s Armed Forces, in the first instance, is aimed at protection of its state sovereignty, territorial integrity, peace and tranquility of our people.

It is for this very reason that Uzbekistan, as a non-bloc state, undertook a conscious and comprehensively thought out step, making a principle choice for itself, i.e. to conduct a peace-loving policy and not to join the military-political alliances and coalitions, not to allow deployment of foreign military bases and facilities in its territory, and not to participate in peacemaking operations abroad.

In this festive day I would like to express the words of sincere gratitude, above all, to the parents – the mothers and fathers of those who now with dignity fulfill their honorable, noble and responsible duty– protect Homeland!

I wish all servicemen – the privates and sergeants, officers and generals a sound health, big successes, strength and energy in serving Homeland, as well as happiness and prosperity to your families in the New Year 2016!

President of the Republic of Uzbekistan - Supreme Commander - in - Chief of the Armed Forces

Islam Karimov

Winter tourism in Uzbekistan

There is an erroneous opinion that autumn and winter are not the best season to make a tour of Uzbekistan. Meanwhile, thousands of tourists, availing themselves of seasonal discounts, make amazing tours to Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva – the ancient cities and towns, which are located along the Great Silk Road. Making a tour at this time of the year gives you certain advantages: you are not bored by huge crowds of sightseers; escorted by helpful and erudite guide all to yourself you can view historical and architectural monuments known worldwide, as well as to choose a cultural program to your liking; you can wander along bustling oriental bazaars that are no less exotic and colorful than those in summer time.
        Uzbekistan is particularly attractive for devotees of mountain skiing. Some eighty kilometers from Tashkent in the western spurs of Tian-Shan, “Sky Mountains”, there is Ugham and Chatkal National Wild Park with the resort area “Chimghan-Charvak-Beldersay”.  
        On the beautiful mountain slopes of Chimghan tract, located at the height of 1600 – 2400 meters above sea level, the blanket of snow lies from October till May and the local skiing routes meet the requirements of the International Mountain Skiing standards. 
        Comparatively mild climate, almost windless weather, availability of three hundred sunny days a year, big choice of routes for skiing, slalom and downhill racing create good conditions for winter recreation. Here, on the slopes of Big and Small Chimghan, at the skiing lodge “Twelve Sources”, the Olympic national team of Uzbekistan on skiing is coached; here Lyna Cheryazova has developed into an Olympic champion in freestyle. 
        Hotel “Chimghan Oromghohi”, with its bars and restaurants, tourist equipment and outfit rental station, welcomes the guests. Ski lift and chair lift tracks lead to the top of the route. Here on the top there are easy “blue” routes for beginners who are not confident about their skiing or for those who like tobogganing. Patient instructors can teach the newcomers the basics of mountain skiing techniques on the training slopes. Experienced sportsmen prefer downhill racing on the well-equipped more complicated “red” and “black” routes. And the most adventurous ones make unbelievable turns on snowboards. 
        Crystal-clear frosty air, glaring snow and alpine sun empathize the majestic beauty of snow-covered mountains.      
        Escorted by a guide one can make a walking tour along the snow paths to the birch grove and to Ali-Baba gorge. Skiers can follow a romantic route in the Nurekatasay tract. There, right on the snow, one can set up a camp, lay a fire, and if in luck, one can watch curious ermine or wary fox. Those who fancy horse riding can betake themselves to riding. In “Chimghan Oromghohi” newcomers would be trained to keep steady in the saddle, to manage a horse, while the experienced riders would make long riding tours along the most picturesque sites. 
        In search of extreme adventures there come to Chimghan valley numerous mountaineers, eager to surmount the peak of the Big Chimghan which is 3309 meters high (10850 feet). Numerous hindrances lurk in the blinding blanket of loose snow in which deep abysses and steeps are concealed. The route lies through the relic woods of alpine juniper; sportsmen have to overcome rocks and glaciers where there can be found flocks of argali and snow leopards. But all these efforts will be rewarded with the magnificent view of Tian-Shan spurs and the valley with the mirror-like surface of Charvak reservoir. Of course only well-trained mountaineers, who have certain skills in handling the outfit and who are supervised by experienced instructors, can cope with such a travel. 
        When the night falls and myriads of stars show up on the black fathomless sky above the Chimghan tract one can relax in sauna, spend the night in a discotheque or home video theatre of hotel. 
        At a distance of only three kilometers from the Chimghan tract, on the territory of about forty hectares, there was built all-the-year-round mountain resort complex “Beldersay Oromghohi”. Here the most demanding guests can enjoy the comfort of a 4-star hotel, fitted up in accordance with the European standards, and 16 cozy family cottages. In all the rooms and apartments modern system of heating and conditioning has been installed as well as satellite television and international telephone connection. The resort complex also includes a conference hall, two swimming pools and sauna, tennis courts and a badminton playground. 
        From the territory of “Beldersay Oromghohi” there is a direct access to the ski-lift and chair-lift roads 2225 meters long, that take you up to the “Kumbel” mountain skiing route starting point. From here you can see the wonderful view of the snowy peaks of the Big and Small Chimghan. Here, too, a helicopter is at the disposal of those who like to make an aerial tour of the most beautiful sites of western Tian-Shan. The helicopter can land at the very top of the mountain and the sportsmen who are fond of extreme types of sport can make heliski – a breathtaking downhill racing, or they can make a fantastic low-level flight on a paraplane, wing shaped parachute, over the Kumbel route. 
        Stable snow blanket, that lies on the mountain slopes till mid-April, and first-rate Kumbel mountain skiing route, which has the length of 3500 meters and the steep drop of 565 meters, have made Beldersay the favorite place for the skiers who are enthusiastic about downhill racing and slalom. Less trained tourists make five or ten kilometers cross-country skiing along the surroundings of Beldersay. The qualified guides and rescue team ensure the safety of sportsmen. Alongside with recreation Beldersay offers its guests aero therapy and phyto therapy, which are rather effective in treatment and prophylaxis of many diseases. 
        Wintertime tourism is the festival of health. A famous French mountain-skier, who won the Olympic Games thrice, Jean Claude Killie once said that the “skiing is not happiness but it can replace it”. The joy and intensity of life, which you experience on the ski routes of Chimghan, make you feel self-confident and happy.

Expanded localization, strengthened cooperation

IX International Industrial Fair and Cooperation Exchange completed its work in the Expocentre in Tashkent.
It was attended by about 2,000 local enterprises and companies of which more than 1000 - small businesses and private entrepreneurship. They exposed to more than 20 thousand items.
The traditional forum of industrialists of Uzbekistan was carried out in the framework of implementation of tasks set by the President Islam Karimov to build a modern, diversified and competitive economy through active continuation of structural reforms, modernization, technical and technological renewal of the most important industries, accelerate the development of industrial and social infrastructure, especially in rural areas, and full support for domestic producers, small businesses and private entrepreneurship.
At present the International Industrial Fair and Cooperation Exchange clearly demonstrated great potential and opportunities of the basic industries, the production of new items. Leading enterprises of the industrial complex exhibited their products at the manufacturing sector. Enterprise areas such as utilities, transport, capital construction and building industry, mechanical engineering, standardization of production, geology, chemical, electrical, petrochemical and metallurgical industries, agriculture, water management, health and social protection, information systems and telecommunications were widely represented.
IX International Industrial Fair and Cooperation Exchange covered more than 1,300 representatives of companies from 50 countries, including Germany, Italy, India, UK, South Korea, China, Russia, Turkey and others.
The stands of companies and organizations acquainted with the products that are currently imported, offered to the development of localized products based on the use of local raw materials, technical and technological modernization of leading branches of industry and the development of cooperative ties.
Thus, the company "Toshshahartransxizmat", including "Toshavtobustrans", «Mercedes-Benz», "Toshelektrotrans", "Tashkent subway", "TRANSSNAB», «Amorant» and others, presented spare parts and supplies more than 150 items, special equipment for the repair of buses, produced a catalog of spare parts, a wide range of services for passengers, preparation of drivers for different categories, the implementation of monthly travel cards, dispatching management of passenger transport.
According to the "Toshshahartransxizmat” participation in the industrial forum creates opportunities for effective cooperation with related industries. For example, 24 contracts for more than 181 billion Uzbek soums were signed on a sectoral industrial fair and cooperation exchange of companies. Their main part came in the "Toshavtotamirxizmat" and other subordinate enterprises of the company.
Uzbek-German joint venture «JV MAN Auto-Uzbekistan» actively participated in the forum, which produces trucks and special equipment. If before our specialists primarily purchased equipment abroad, but now most of them is produced at the plant «MAN» in Samarkand. Also, the plant mastered the production of tankers and other special equipment for civil aviation of Uzbekistan.
Forum participants also had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the activities built in 2011 in Samarkand plant «UzAuto Trailer», which became the finishing touch in the creation of the complex for the production and maintenance of heavy trucks «MAN» in Uzbekistan. The main task of the company - the release of mounted and trailed equipment bodies and semi-trailers, container trucks, car carriers, semi-trailers and etc. The design capacity of the plant is planned for 3000 units: 2000 and 1000 semi-mounted equipments, also plans to release a wide range of automotive equipment for various sectors of the country, including tippers, trailers, containers, awning, Isothermal trailers and vans.
In addition, the International Industrial Fair and Cooperation Exchange widely presented the potential of small businesses. After all, experience has shown that a small business is able to provide high production figures for the production and supply of the most popular and high-quality products.
For example, Samarkand Scientific-Production Enterprise "Marakand - MSM" offers products for the oil and gas industry and utilities. The company under the localization program, arranged production sensors for the detection of combustible gas leakage. They had signed contracts for the supply of the largest refineries during the forum.  «Uzsalaman» made lucrative contracts at the end of the event. Among the customers were "Shurtanneftegaz", "Ferghanaazot", "Maxam-Chirchik".
As the representatives of the joint venture «Uzsalaman», a regular customer of the company is JSC "Maxam-Chirchik". Every year, it concluded contracts for the supply of 600 million Uzbek soums. This year a contract for the supply of 40 thousand pairs of winter shoes for the employees of the Interior Ministry. As part of this year's fair it was agreed to buy the natural raw materials from local producers for 2 billion soums. This is a clear confirmation of the strengthening and expansion of cooperation ties of the enterprise.
It is important to emphasize that the forum also conducted 70 presentations of centralized industries and enterprises, which have been shown their technical and technological capabilities. Great interest was the presentation of each region of our country. They contributed to the establishment of new and expansion of existing relations between producers and consumers. There were signed contracts for the supply and purchase of materials, components and finished products for industrial purposes. It should be noted that the purchase of products, recycled raw materials was carried out for all domestic consumers on the basis of direct contracts without further tendering.
Online consultation of experts of ministries and departments, customs and tax committees in our country, banks, insurance companies and others were presented for the participants. Attendees and visitors of fairs and exchanges, in turn, were able to assess the needs of related industries, and on this basis to develop a portfolio of orders for the products supply, including for export.

Results of IX International Industrial Fair and Cooperation Exchange, the highest results of territorial and sectoral industrial fairs indicate that the cooperative ties of domestic enterprises have been strengthening and enriching with new content every year.

Expo Milano-2015 completed its work

A large-scale world exhibition Expo-2015, which launched on May 1 of this year in the Italian city of Milan, ends on October 31.
It was attended by 145 countries, including Uzbekistan, three international organizations (the UN, the EU and the Caribbean Community) and 18 NGOs.
The International Exposition was held under the theme: “Feeding the planet. Energy for Life”. The main purpose of the event was to inform the world community that food should be available, safe and in the required quantity.
A large area of more than 1 million sq. m. was given for the exhibition halls. According to preliminary estimates of the organizers, during the 6 months of the exhibition almost 30 million people visited to this event.
Multiple exposures, thousands of interesting events, including cultural events and meetings in the picturesque Italian city focused on traditions and innovations in food production and security. World Food Day, celebrated annually on October 16, was held in Milan for the first time in its history. 
Expo seminars and discussions were dedicated to several topics, connected with the nutrition: improvement of products quality and guarantee their high quality, the prevention of epidemics, the fight against incurable diseases, the spread of effective treatments, informing people about the benefits of and the need for a healthy lifestyle, popularization it among children and young people, the preservation of cultural traditions in cooking and agriculture, the fight against hunger, infant mortality and droughts.
National pavilion of Uzbekistan was also demonstrated throughout the World Expo, occupying 500 square meters. It was attended by about 700 thousand visitors from around the world.
Uzbekistan was able to demonstrate its high potential in the development of the agricultural sector, the production of organic fruit and vegetables, as well as the potential of the food industry by participating in this important international exhibition.
In addition, the participants were able to get acquainted with the achievements of the country during the years of independence and its economic and investment opportunities in the exhibition, as well as provided with information about the conditions of doing business in the free industrial economic zones and a favorable business environment, infrastructure advancement, transport and logistics, rich cultural heritage and history of the Uzbek people.
The successes of Uzbekistan in ensuring food security have gained international recognition. In particular, awarding ceremony for the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals was held during the 39th session of the FAO Conference in June 2015. Our country received a special award for outstanding progress towards the eradication of hunger and ensuring food security.
Part of our state’s exposition at the Expo was devoted to a description of the national cuisine, its history, traditions, used technologies, main dishes recipes, bakery and confectionery products. It also presented a wide range of quality wines manufactured in Uzbekistan.
In addition, visitors better acquainted with extended nomenclatures of traditional Uzbek clothes, which attracted the attention via its subtlety and bright colors. In this context, the whole range of the process from cotton production to tailoring.
Booklets and brochures, containing useful information and contacts of the Uzbek producers and exporters of agricultural products, were distributed among the visitors.
As part of the exhibition, a series of presentations were also demonstrated for the Italian public. In addition, the delegation of Uzbekistan took part in the international agricultural forum “From Expo Milano-2015 in the future: to feed the planet” in June.
Participation in the World Exhibition in Milan, along with a demonstration of our country’s economic potential across the globe, contributed to finding new partners, expanding the geography of exports and further advancement of trade-economic cooperation between Uzbekistan, Italy and other countries. 

IA “Jahon”, Milan

Factors of business attractiveness of Uzbekistan

Improving business attractiveness is an important component of economic advancement of each country. It is a major contributing factor, which attracts foreign investments into the national economy, and in turn, if acquires great significance in the creation of high-tech industries, saturation of domestic market with high-quality, marketable products, and broadening the product mix of national exports.
From early days of independence, leadership of the Republic of Uzbekistan adopted a policy on attracting the most advanced technologies and foreign investments in the country. To this end, regular and systemic work is carried out to improve business environment and enhance the country’s investment attractiveness.
Thanks to the improvement of legal framework, 160 licensing procedures and requirements for obtaining a license for 19 types of business activities have been canceled, statistical and tax reporting has been reduced in the last few years.
Measures on improving the investment climate contribute to the growth of attracted direct foreign investments into the national economy. For example, in 2014 the volume of attracted foreign capital has exceeded 4.5 billion US dollars. 
Today, nearly a thousand enterprises established with participation of foreign investments, including the world famous corporations, such as "General Motors", "MAN", "Knauf", "Itochu", "Rieter", "Klaas", "Nestle", "Coca-Cola", "Kogas", "Sasol", "Ariston", "CNPC", "Indorama", "Gazprom", "Lukoil", "Algie", "Lotte", "Sumitomo", "Korea Telecom" and others have already appreciated the competitive advantages of Uzbekistan and favorable investment climate of our country.
With the participation of foreign partners numerous investment projects on high-tech industries producing demanded and competitive production for foreign markets have been realized and implemented. Projects such as the production of cars and engines together with "General Motors", trucks with "MAN", the construction of Ustyurt Gas Chemical Complex at Surgil deposit on gas processing and production of polyethylene and polypropylene, plant for the production of synthetic liquid fuel based on GTL technology in Kashkadarya region, organization of full-scale production of modern textile equipment from the Swiss company "Rieter" and many others are the models of successful cooperation with foreign partners.
What attracts foreign investors to Uzbekistan?
First, it is political and macroeconomic stability. Comprehensive measures taken by the government ensure sustainable economic growth in the country and contribute to dynamic advancement of sectors of the national economy.
Despite global financial downturn, annual GDP growth of Uzbekistan exceeds 8% over the last 10 years, which is one of the highest rates in the world. Over the past decade, the economy of Uzbekistan has doubled.
Since 2005, Uzbekistan maintains a positive trade balance, government budget surplus and balance of payments.
According to the forecasts of leading international organizations and financial economic institutions, the high growth trend will remain in the future. 
Second, an important advantage of our country is that Uzbekistan is one of the few countries in the world economy with absolute energy independence. 
Uzbekistan possesses huge reserves of minerals and natural resources. The country occupies leading positions in the world in terms of gold, uranium, copper, silver, lead, zinc, tungsten, rare metals and other resources.
The country is among the top ten countries on reserves of oil and gas, coal and uranium. The electricity price is 4 times lower than the average price paid by industrial customers in developed countries.
Third, the country has the most diversified economy in Central Asia. Uzbekistan is the only Central Asian state producing a wide range of modern cars, trucks, high-quality agricultural machinery from the mini-tractors to harvesters, the region's largest producer of chemical, textile, food, building materials, electronics and electrical engineering products.
Fourth, the presence of significant human and intellectual potential meeting modern international standards of education. More than half of the population of our country is young people who take the mandatory 12-year education and receive in-depth knowledge of at least 2 modern professions, information technologies, and learn at least two foreign languages.
Uzbekistan created a number of branches of leading European, Asian and Russian universities, in particular the British Westminster University and Singapore Institute of Management and Development, Turin Polytechnic University, Moscow State University and others.
Fifth, the advantageous geographical location and proximity to major markets is another attractive factor of Uzbekistan for foreign investors. The country possesses the largest consumer market in the region with more than 30 million people. It is about half of the total population of Central Asia.
Thanks to well-developed transport infrastructure, enterprises of Uzbekistan have the opportunity to enter the largest and fastest-growing markets in Central Asia and Afghanistan (with a population of over 90 million people), CIS countries (with a population of over 300 million people), West and East Asia, as well as Europe.
Free trade agreements on with 11 CIS countries provide duty-free importation of Uzbek producers’ goods to these markets.
Uzbekistan also has agreements with 45 countries on providing Most Favored Nation treatment, which improves the competitiveness of Uzbek products on foreign markets.
Sixth, banking and financial sectors of Uzbekistan also serve as an important link in the implementation of active investment policy for realization of strategically important projects aimed at modernization, technical and technological renewal of leading sectors of the economy, the financial support of small business and private entrepreneurship, providing high quality banking services to individuals. 
Consolidation of banking system has created prerequisites for reducing the Central Bank refinancing rate from 12% to 10% in 2014, and corresponding reduction in interest rate on loans of commercial banks.
In recent years, the leading rating agencies such "Moody's", "Standard & Poor's" and "Fitch rating" evaluated the activities of Uzbekistan’s banking system as "stable". If in 2011, 13 commercial banks received the highest rating scores, at present, all 26 banks of the country have been awarded such an assessment.
Seventh, unprecedented benefits and preferences provided to investors in "Navoi" Free Industrial Economic Zone and Special Industrial Zones "Angren" and "Jizzakh". Residents of these areas are exempt from almost all types of taxes, depending on the amount of investments - from 3 to 15 years (FIEZ "Navoi"), and from 3 to 7 years (SIZ "Angren" and "Jizzakh").
Today, Uzbekistan’s most promising areas for foreign direct investment are oil and gas sector, first and foremost it is in-depth processing of hydrocarbon raw materials and production of high value added products; chemical industry, in particular, the production of polyvinyl chloride, plastics, new types of chemical fertilizers; mechanical engineering; electrotechnical field; production of construction materials; textile industry; mastering of mineral resources, including search and joint development of new deposits of natural resources; introduction of alternative energy sources; information technologies.
In general, Uzbekistan may offer foreign investors not only rich natural resources but also other benefits, such as political and economic stability, conducive business climate, significant human and intellectual potential, favorable geographic location and advanced infrastructure.

International Investment Forum – 2015

International Investment Forum Announcement The Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan is pleased to announce that it will host an International Investment Forum on November 5-6, 2015 in Tashkent city. 

The main objective of the event is to present the leading enterprises of the Republic of Uzbekistan, included in the state program of privatization, and to sell them to strategic foreign investors capable of ensuring modernization and technological renewal of production, manufacturing of goods competitive in both domestic and external markets, as well as introduction of modern corporate governance practices. 

The Forum will be attended by members of the Government, heads of ministries and departments of Uzbekistan, official foreign delegations, executives of major foreign companies, investment funds and banks, as well as international financial institutions: the World Bank, the International Finance Corporation, the Asian Development Bank and others. 

The agenda of the event includes plenary sessions, presentations by major foreign investors on their experience in doing business in Uzbekistan, panel sessions on various economic sectors with presentations of specific privatization objects, visits to enterprises, as well as cultural program with trips to ancient cities including Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva, which will complement the business part of the event. 

The International Investment Forum will allow foreign investors to establish mutually beneficial business contacts and to open up new growth opportunities in the promising and fast-growing market of Uzbekistan. 

To participate in the event a registration form should be submitted at Detailed information about the Forum and documents about enterprises of the Republic of Uzbekistan offered to strategic foreign investors are also available at the abovementioned website. For more information please contact Uzinfoinvest Agency by phone: (998-71) 238-5222, 238-5137 or e-mail:

Program of the International Investment Forum - 2015

November 4-5, 2015 (Wednesday – Thursday) 

Arrival of forum attendees. Visit to factories and enterprises in Bukhara, Navoi, Samarkand, Fergana, Khorezm regions and Tashkent city that are offered to foreign investors. 

November 6, 2015 (Friday) 

 09.00 – 09.30 Registration of forum attendees 
Venue: Alisher Navoi National Library, Symposium Palace, Tashkent 

Opening Ceremony 

09.30 – 09.45 Welcome address 

I Plenary Session 

09.45 – 10.00 Video presentation about economic and investment potential of the Republic of Uzbekistan and enterprises offered to foreign investors 

10.00 – 11.30 Speech by Heads of delegations of the UN institutions, World Bank, ADB and other international financial institutions 

11.30 – 11.45 Coffee-break 

11.45 – 12.45 Presentations by Executives of foreign companies operating in Uzbekistan 

13.00 – 14.30 Lunch 

14.30 – 16.30                                  Sectional Meetings 
Venue: International Business Center 

Section No.1 Investment projects in Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical and Metallurgical industries 

Section No.2 Investment projects in Engineering and Electrical industries 

Section No.3 Investment projects Construction materials industry 

Section No.4 Investment projects in Textile, Leather and Food industries 

Section No.5 Investment projects in Infrastructure and Services sectors 

16.30 –16.45 Coffee-break 

II Plenary Session 
Venue: International Hotel Tashkent 

17.00 – 17.30 Reports by section chairpersons on the outcomes of sectional meetings 

17.30 – 17.40 Official closing of the International Investment Forum 

17.45 – 18.00 Briefing for mass media 

19.00 – 21.00 Gala Reception for forum attendees on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan